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Sunday 29 January 2012

Lancaster Tan Maximiser Aftersun Review

As you may or may not know, i'm jetting off to Lanzarote in a couple of weeks for a little holiday, so my attention at the moment is focused on skin products, SPF lip balms and holiday make-up. One thing i can't live without on holiday is aftersun. I must admit i am one of those annoying people who will happily sit on a sunbed with a book for the whole day (who now and again ventures to the poolside to grab a cocktail or two and dip their toes into the swimming pool). I do tan quite easily but the only thing i struggle with is keeping it. I also find my skin often feels dry, and after working so hard on my tan for a week i don't really want it to disappear when i get home.

I first discovered this on the flight back from a holiday 2 years ago. Now, this was the product they were trying to sell over the speaker systems and it was the one that had the full page advertisement in their flight magazine (oo i love those flight magazines..crammed full of beauty/perfumey goodness). Me being me, if any product claims to 'maximise my tan' in any way shape or form, i'll 'av it.

I was in two minds whether to buy it or not. Lancaster isn't the cheapest of brands on the market and i really didn't know whether spending that much on an aftersun was really worth it. But i bought it anyway, being the reckless little female i am and still being very much in a 'holiday mood'.

Let me tell you
It was worth it.

I definitely notice a difference when i use this (I remember one holiday i didn't use it and i noticed that my tan faded quicker, and didn't look quite as 'intense' as it does as when i've used this). It has no hint of self tan in it, which is why i'm so surprised at the results. It obviously won't transform you from pale to bronzed goddess but it really does deepen the colour that you have by a few shades, and gives it more of that nice 'olive' tone. 

The lotion sinks in effortlessly and leaves it feeling soft and moisurised without feeling greasy (i can't stand greasy creams and lotions), It just leaves it feeling fresh, moisturised and 'plump'. I use it very sparingly as i find the tiniest amount still provides results.

It also smells amazing. It is very perfumed so if you're a bit wary of strong smelling products then i'm not sure you would be a fan of Lancaster - it does seem to have a signature smell but it's not overpowering. 

As for being an actual aftersun, i'm not so sure. If your skin is really dry and a little bit sore after being in the sun then i wouldn't opt for this. If you've got a touch of sunburn then this isn't going to do you any favours. I alternate it with an intensive moisturing one with aloe vera (for when i've stayed in the sun a little bit too long - we've all been there, done it and got the tan lines).

Overall, i love it. I only have the tiniest amount left now, so i'm off to buy some more next week (or i may risk it and see if i can hunt some down in duty free).
I believe you can get these products from Selfridges and other department stores and higher-end cosmetic-y places  :)

I believe i bought mine for £16 so definately shop around and see where's cheapest as prices do vary.

Have you tried any aftersuns like this before? 

Lots of love

Saturday 28 January 2012

Nars Laguna Bronzer/Orgasm Blush Combo

 Nars 'Laguna' Bronzer

As you may or may not know, i love a bit of a golden glow now and again; i often have a bronzing powder lurking somewhere in the depths of my make-up bag. The only thing that puts me off most bronzers on the market is the fact that they tend to be rather shimmery and false-looking (i've tried them all, face powders, creams, lotions, bronzing pearls and all sorts of pigments - you name it, i've tried it!) But i think i've finally found the holy grail of all bronzers, Nars 'Laguna'.

I'm sure you're all aware of this little beauty, and it's probably not the first review you've read on it either, so i shan't bore you with endless details. The bronzer comes perfectly packaged in Nars' trademark black packaging and smooth, luxurious feeling compact. I really don't know why i've never discovered it until recently, i guess i've always been put off slightly with the price tag.

As with all Nars products the bronzer is perfectly pigmented - i literally only need one swipe of a contour brush and thats all i will need.  I tend to use bronzers to define my cheekbones rather than to fill in the apples of my cheeks; something with too much shimmer just looks a bit false when contouring. Laguna does have some shimmer in it, it's not completely matte, but once it's on it is barely noticeable and looks nice and natural looking. 

It also blends like a dream. I often find that some bronzers and blushers just take ages to blend, sit on top of the skin and just look overall quite false, and as a consequence go rather patchy towards the end of the day. This little beaut stays on all day without the need for a top up (which is a good thing because there is no way i'm putting this in my handbag only to lose it! It's staying safely in my make-up drawer).

I'm just in love with this product. I would even go as far as to say it's the best bronzer i have ever owned and i don't think i'll ever go back to drugstore brands after being spoilt with Nars' wonderful-ness. Yes, they're pricey. But you get quite a decent bit of product for your money and a little definitely goes away. 

Nars - 'Orgasm' blush.
(apologies for the state of the powder - i decided to apply it with a cheap make-up brush when on the go once - and look what happened. Gutted)

I've also discovered that the Laguna bronzer goes perfectly well with their 'Orgasm' blush (i've since discovered they do a compact of the two - DOH - that's what you get for not doing your research enough..but to be honest i'd have probably bought them separately anyway - you get much more product)

This is the most perfect blush. Ever.  I find it looks best on me when i have a bit of a tan, but i've been using it again the past week or so to brighten up my cruddy pale wintery skin and it does seem to brighten my complexion quite a considerable amount.  It's the perfect complimentary colour to the 'Laguna' bronzer and i've been pairing the two together for ages now.  

If, like me, you've always been unsure of Nars, then i would highly recommend them. As a high-end product they do actually perform extremely well and fear not, you will not be wasting your money. This is something i've never really got from any drugstore products; the pigmentation is outstanding and they blend so easily and effortlessly.

It's also a bonus that they look rather swish sitting in your make-up bag...

I've since discovered that ASOS now sell Nars. Which has made me a very happy girly as i tend to get quite a few discount codes from them and it means you're more likely to get a few pennies off. 
(I've popped a couple of links if you want to have a look through colour swatches ect..ASOS tend to be quite good with their photos of their products..)

You can also find their 'duo' compacts on there but they haven't got many in stock right now. Your best bet is Space:nk or department stores.

What's your opinion on Nars face products?
Has anyone ever tried their highlighting blushers? I'm tempted to try one but i've heard they're slightly sparkle-overloaded? 

Any other Nars products you can recommend to me?
Lipsticks..eyeshadow..anything :)

Lots of love

Thursday 26 January 2012

The Most Bargainous Holiday Shoes. Ever.

I realised something this week. I need some shoes for my holiday. I already have a wardrobe full of wonderful shoe-y goodness, but i just fancied buying a new pair. I swear everytime i book a holiday my bank balance just gets rinsed by me buying stuff i don't really need (it does anyway but going on holiday seems to set me off on crazy shopping sprees).  However, being a student + crappy wage slip this month + purchasing more dresses off ASOS = No Topshoppy for Beth. So, i did what any other girl would do, i headed to Primark like the little pauper that i am. 

And i'm going to sound even more of a cheap little peasant when i tell you that i found them in the sale section.. for only £6. Normally, they never have my size but i spotted one right at the back and grabbed them before anyone else could get their filthy mitts on them, and dashed to the tills with a tenner quicker than you could say 'bargainous'.

I've been wanting a cheap pair of brown wedges for ages now to take away with me. I already have a couple of pairs but they're just not high enough for me to wear with certain outfits, and trust me, with stubby excuses of legs like me i need all the platform-y help i can get!

I thought i'd wear these for going out at night. They're suprisingly light considering they're quite a high platformed wedge (they don't look as high in the photos but they're quite a decent bit of tall-ness). Also, those streets abroad can often be quite wobbly and uneven - and my trusty high heels don't fair well (i've lost count of the number of times i've fell over unexpected drains/out of place cobble stones/stray cats etc...)

They're also suprisingly comfortable.. Which is a mahoosive plus for me as i have a bit of a habit of wearing shoes that hurt my feet in the name of looking a few inches taller.. 

And all for £6.
Well done Primark. 
You've satisfied my shoe cravings without any feelings of spending-guilt whatsoever...


Wednesday 25 January 2012

Camera/Photography Whizzes..I'm in need of your help..


Apologies for the lack of beauty related posts just recently. But, i've decided i want to save up to treat myself to a new camera. Now, i only really dabbled in photography in college and that was mainly spent in a darkroom developing photographs the old-school way (which i loved so much i basically lived in the dark every Tuesday afternoon..), so this means i'm a little bit clueless when it comes to cameras of the 'posh kind' :)

I want a DLSR, ideally fairly small in size and fairly lightweight and compact so that i can carry it most places with me. I'll be using it for blogging so i want something with an immense bit of focus, but also something that would be ideal for taking on holiday (being shoved in my flight bag means it does need to be quite small so i can still cram in spare pairs of shoes and other stuff i can't fit in my already overflowing suitcase..)


I also want something fairly simple, because to put it politely, i'm not exactly the brightest crayon in the box when it comes to working stuff and a shit load of settings and buttons isn't going to do much for me. Obviously i do know certain things, i'm not that stupid.. i can handle certain amounts of camera related stuff (after studying photography i have got quite a good grasp of most things but i just don't do confusing things..)  I basically want something that will take some really good quality photos but something that i won't need to sell my parents house in order to afford..

That said,
Any suggestions?

If you have a link to your blog with your photographs or camera related info then that would be very much welcomed :) 

Tuesday 24 January 2012

Feeling A Little Bit Under The Weather..

Just a little personal, ramble-y post today. Apologies if you've arrived here for beauty related chirpings...but i'm not feeling too 'chirpy'. 

I shall begin with ranting about last night.
Last night..

Now, i know most people say this when they've had less than a sufficient amount of kip, but i actually mean it...

I didn't sleep. 
At all.
I basically did an all nighter. 
*Without the involvement of alcohol*
On my own. 
In my pyjamas.

I wanted to sleep, but for some reason i just couldn't. I never really have a problem sleeping; once my head hits the pillow i'm off like a light. But very rarely i get these awful nights where i just cant shut off and things run through my head and i just can't drift off (in this case the annoying song from the IKEA advert and various other things). 

 I dabbled with the idea of not going to Uni this morning (and i cannot explain the size of the bags beneath my eyes), but i decided against it.  My general rule with 'if i should have a day off uni or not' is: If i would go to work, then i will go to my lessons. I try and think of it like a job, i don't really want to be one of those annoying people in life who take a day off sick just because they can. 

So, i've made it through today - albeit a little over-tired and giggly and a little bit 'away with the fairies'. 

But generally i'm just not feeling 100% recently.
I just want to have a rant about everything.
Every little thing that annoys me.
Probably due to the lack of sleep..

Does anyone else ever just get these days where all you want to do is have a good rant about things you hate? :)
I do :)

Sunday 22 January 2012

The Cute Blog Award


Yaay. Today i received another blog award from the lovely Andrea which of course has made my day. Thankyou very muchies.  As you know with these awards comes a selection of questions to answer before passing the award on to fellow-bloggy-lovelies..

The Rules
- Link back to the person who awarded you
- Answer award questions
- Share something you haven't shared about yourself on your blog
- Award as many blogs you think are worthy of this award

I realised i've answered a couple of the questions before on other blog awards so i've just answered the ones that i haven't already...(I've put the 2 questions at the end just incase you haven't answered these)

The Questions

1. What is your 'go to' make up product?
Concealer. If i have a touch of concealer on under my eyes it makes me look so much brighter and ready to face the day.

2. What was your favourite fashion trend of 2011?
Peter pan collars. Sheer panelling and the leather & lace trend. 
I'm glad that they're here to stay for a little while longer..

3. Favourite colour?
Pink. And the blue of the sea.

5. What was the last song you listened to?
Drunk - Ed Sheeran (I'm in love with his album)
Currently raving to a bit of Avicii - Levels.

6. Cats or dogs?
Oo very controversial ;) I'm such an animal lover so it's difficult to choose. But i must admit i am a bit of a cat person.. I just adore them - probably because i've always had cats in my family. I'm the type of person that sees a cat in the street and goes over to give it a cuddle..  

The questions that i've already answered but you might not have:
Whats your favourite desert?
Whats your middle name?

My 'Share'
I don't really think theres anything interesting about me that i haven't shared on my blog! Personally the thing i find hardest to share with anybody and tend to keep to myself is the fact i suffer from panic attacks. But i've already done a post on them.. (click here). Oherwise, i'll guess i'll just share the fact that i'd lovee to be an illustrator of children's books when i grow up (hahaa..'when i grow up' - love using that phrase).. I'm always sketching/doodling/drawing something. And i have a love of making my own stuffed toy characters.. :) I'd love to post a few pictures of the stuff i've done but i always feel like it doesn't really 'fit' with my blog..

The Blogs i award are 
(there's no number given so i've decided to go for 10)

Lots of love

What's In My Make-Up Bag?

Thought i would finally get round to doing my 'Whats in my make-up bag' post. I rarely take my best products out with me, just because i'm clumsy, forgetful, and i have a tendancy to lose things. This isn't what i necerssarily apply each day, it's just stuff i carry around in my bag to work and uni if i need any touch ups throughout the day. So please excuse the state of some of these products. As you can imagine, living in a bag as messy as mine each day isn't going to bode well for the standard of the packaging.. 

So, that said. I shall kick off with a picture of my make up bag...

The bag is by Cath Kidston and it came with a matching mirror (Ohh don't we just love matchy-things). It's oil cloth so it's really handy as any marks just come straight off (i'm doing a design course at uni and i love to fling paint around and stuff like that.. so things getting ruined is part of every day life for me..) I also have a bit of a love for all things Cath Kidston so this is the definition of my perfect make up bag.


Garnier BB Cream in 'Light'
If you're a regular reader of my blog you will know i don't often wear foundation as i don't like the feeling that i'm clogging up my pores. So the Garnier BB Cream has been the little gem in my make-up bag since it was launched and i've loved it ever since. You can read my review here.

Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer in '02 Light'
I don't need to say a word about the concealer. It's a firm favourite amongst the beauty-blogging community so i'm sure you are all aware by now that it's amazeballs.

 Rimmel - Professional Eyebrow Pencil  in '002 - Light'
I use my Sleek Eyebrow palette to define my brows in the morning (review here), but i use this for touch ups towards the end of the day if i find it wears off slightly.

Barry M - Kohl Liner in Black
Barry M - Kohl Liner in Brown
Really good budget eyeliners. I use the brown one on my brows sometimes. (oof it needs sharpening..excuse the bluntness of my pencils please..)

Natural Collection - Lip Liner
Not sure of the exact colour of this. I carry this around with me sometimes if i'm wearing neautral coloured lipstick, as it helps to give my lips some definition!

Mac lipstick in "Saint Germain"

Usually my Mac stuff doesn't get a space in my daily make up bag just because i lose things all the time and if i lost one of my best products i reckon i would cry actual tears of sadness. However, i just can't live without this at the moment so for the time being it's in there. I've had a couple of heart-stopping moments where i thought i'd lost this but so far i'm doing well and it's still in my life..
(Review here)

Barry M Lip Paint in '129'
 My fail-safe little touch up lipstick for when i'm travelling. It's cheap and cheerful and it applies like a dream.

Rimmel Lipstick in '006 - Pink Blush'

Amazing lipstick. The colour pay off is buildable and it seems to stay for ages on me. Will be repurchasing after this one finally runs out..

MUA Blush in 'Shade 1'

I RAVE about this. I know it's been quite a love it or hate it product but personally i love the MUA blushes. This shade is perfect for my disgustingly pale January skin tone and seems to brighten up my complexion. 
If i ever lost this then i'm not going to cry tears over ONE POUND.. (and i'd just go and buy another one with my spare change in my purse..)

Palmers Cocoa Butter - Lip Butter
Smells amazing. Keeps my lips moisturised throughout the day.
(Review here).

Loreal - Volume Million Lashes Luminzer -  for 'Green Eyes'
I never thought i'd see the day when i cheated on my Maybelline Falsies with another mascara...but i have. I won't say anything else because i will hopefully have a review of this coming soon..

Loreal - Super Liner Carbon Gloss
Best liquid eyeliner i've ever used. 

Sephora Lipgloss

My favourite lipgloss at the moment. I'm not really a lipgloss person just because i always feel like i've dipped my face in chip fat or something.. but i make an exception for this. Smells delish - lasts forever - it's pink - it glitters - and it's really light and non-sticky.

 So there you have it. My make up touching up essentials. 
I realise i do have 3 lipsticks in there but as a self-confessed lipstick-addict, i like to have a little bit of choice when it comes to my lip-colour..

I'm planning to do a post on what's in my vanity bag - as that's where i keep all of my best stuff for my every day make up. Either that or a make-up storage post featuring all of my favourites..

Hope you've all had a lovely weekend.
Lots of love,

Friday 20 January 2012

My phone turned into a bear.. :)

Ok, so my phone didn't really turn into a bear, but I was an extremely happy girl when my boyfriend bought me my bear ears phone case for Christmas. I first heard about them through BeautyCrush, and i've had my eyes on the bear one ever since. The cases are by a company called "Rilakkuma" and are available to buy on Amazon, (and they also have lots of other designs for you to get your mitts on). I also have the black cat version:

I believe Rilakkuma is a Japanese company, and they have quite a large selection of little 'characters' for you and your phone to love and cherish :)

 The cases are quite soft and the ears are quite securely on, so if i ever happen to drop my 'bear', i'm pretty sure his ears will stay put. I really want the brown bear version too.  I just think they're so cute.

I must look like a strange little person walking around talking into a bear, but personally i think they're adorable.  And i shall be adding to my collection of these soon.

I loves them. 

Thursday 19 January 2012

Ramblings: Working in a shoe shop is good because...'s full of all sorts of cardboard-y things to get crafty with! 

001. That is where the good reasons to work in a shoe shop end, unfortunately. Infact, if ever i have children in the future and they say to me "when i grow up, i want to work in a shoe shop", i will tell them ever so simply "You don't". (Obviously i'm not that evil - if it really was their dream to work in a shoe shop i'd tell them to go for it.. I don't want any comments saying i'm going to be a horrible future mother.. :))

002. One would think that being surrounded by shoes every day of my life would be a dream come true for any female. It's not. I can tell you. I've seen grown women get rather nasty over a pair of flip-flops.

003. BUT, being the arty little person i am, i find that working in a shoe shop is helpful with sourcing crafty-materials. Shoe boxes often contain all sorts of wonderful things to be creative with. I often come home with a shed-load of crap under my arm - For example, tissue paper (unbelieveable amounts of this i might add..), foamy stuff, bubble wrap (Woo! Free bubble wrap!), cardboard cuttings and - best of all - EMPTY SHOE BOXES GALORE.

004. Some of these boxes being very pretty.. I have about a million of these at home (i say a million, i mean like 3):
 Yes..Lelli Kelly boxes. If you have a little girl you will know that they go crazzy-crazzy for these little sequined, sparkle-overloaded shoes of magical-ness. I personally get a bit happy when they decide they don't want the box...

This is because they are the actual perfect size for housing all of my arty-materials; felt tip pens, crayons - ha that makes me sound a little bit childish doesn't it?.. 'I like Lelli Kelly boxes to put my crayons in them'...

005. They're also the perfect size for MAKING THINGS! My current project idea at Uni requires me to make something with a box, so i'm hoping that i walk in on Saturday morning to find a shit load of these little beauties (or similar sized boxes) waiting for me in the rubbish pile.. OOO I cannot contain my excitement..

I have quite a few posts planned for the next few weeks. As some of you may know i'm off on holiday - so im hoping to do a posts on all sorts of stuff from holiday essentials, my makeup/outfits and how i pack my suitcase..  *Watch this space*

Lots of love,