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Tuesday 29 May 2012

A Few New Clothes & Accessories...

Headbands - Primark
Studded Ballet Pumps - New Look
Bikini - River Island
Nyx Nail Polish - River Island

I love little headbands like these for summertime as they're great to dress up a simple up-do when the weather is a warmer and you just need to get your barnet out of your face, or too add a bit of cute-ness to a particularly 'standard' outfit. The Nyx polish was of course an impulse buy at the till (River Island always do this to me at the do Toppyshoppy) - i've been loving blue nails at the moment so i thought this would look lovely over Models Own 'Balearic Cool' (seen here - its my current favourite shade and i'm addicted..) The bikini (blue , of course - my most favourite-ist colour right now) is for my potential summer holiday. I've been after a decent pair of ballet pumps for ages and was extremely chuffed to see these beauts in New Look - just a little bit more interesting than yer average Primark cheapys! They also have a teeny-tiny little wedge so they aren't completely flat.

Denim Playsuit - Miss Selfridge (sale)
Puffball Skirt - River Island
Lace Chiffon Dress - A boutique near me, but it's by the brand 'Glamorous' and they also stock at Ark.

This playsuit was BARGAIN-OUS to say the least. I grabbed it in Debenhams with their 25% off event, and it was already in the sale for £12 - so i ended up getting it for around £9.50 - i just love the little pockets and lightwashed denim looks great in summer. The puffball skirt was an impluse buy and although its more of a winter piece i quite liked it - it's very 'puffy' when on though so i reckon it would be for a night out rather than an average day at uni! I love the fabric - in some lights it looks leather-y and it's quite a statement piece without being too over the top. And i was so happy to find the little yellow dress; yellow just looks amazing with a deep summer tan and i'll be wearing this on my jolly holidays.

Saturday 26 May 2012

Soap & Glory Kick Ass Concealer | Review

It will come as no suprise that I'm a very big fan of Soap & Glory's beautifying body products (who isn't?), and i've been wanting to test their makeup range ever since they launched it. Now, as far as concealer goes i always find myself reaching for my trusty Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection, however, the beauty blogger in me occasionally wants to branch out from the norm, test products on the market and try something new. I've heard such good things about this concealer and so decided to give it a whirl. Soap & Glory's packaging is right up my street; pink, girly and the occasional witty tagline. The packaging for the concealer is just my cup of tea and I'm sold with any product that comes in a box..

The Kick Ass Concealer is a 'Three-piece flaw camouflage kit' and contains 3 products in one (it also contains a mirror), which is all very handy for me as i like to carry my concealer with me for touch-ups on the go.

Step One: Under-eye brightening concealer with 'puffease'
Step Two: Superwear lightscramble face concealer
Step Three: Concealer sealing powder with 'Insta Fix' 

The consistency is lovely and creamy and applies with an almost mousse-like texture that can be patted into the skin for a flawless finish. It does suggest on the packaging that you apply moisuriser/eye-cream beforehand, and i must admit it does seem to make application a lot easier than just applying on bare skin - people with drier skins will definitely find is easier to apply after their daily moisturiser. If you're a fan of the Collection 2000 like me, then you will find this of a similar finish.

The pink toned concealer inparticular is amazing and instantly makes me look bright eyed and bushy tailed ready to face the day; it really does seem to counteract any purpley-dull tones that i seem to be very prone to. The general concealer does its job very effectively and covers any areas of redness (i find these concealers best applied with the fingers rather than a brush). I also blend them together slightly if i'm feeling ever so slightly devilish! Step three is a translucent setting powder which even comes complete with a little puff-pad. I tend to apply this after my whole concealer/base regime to set it all and it's come in very handy. 

Overall i'm impressed with this concealer - it offers something different to other concealers on the market and the packaging is wonderfully compact for what it is. I must admit i still find myself using my Collection 2000 throughout the day because it's still easier to throw into my bag and i find it stays put slightly longer. However, i've been using this everyday in the morning since i bought it and i'm really loving the two different tones for use on different areas on my face - the undereye concealer has been fabulous to say the least and i really like that it doesn't look as heavy or get 'cakey' as quickly as my C2000Lasting Perfection. For £10.00 it really is worth it, and if you love Soap & Glory - you'll love this.

Friday 25 May 2012

Next Tan Bag & OOTD

Bag - Next 
Vest Top - New Look
Bandeau (worn underneath) - Primark
Belt - Primark
Skirt - H&M
Nails - Models Own 'Hedonist'

Finally, we have some sunshine here in the UK - cue everybody whacking on the shorts and t-shirts and laddish hooligans sitting outside of pubs complete with pint in hand (in fact that probably includes me..) Today i've just been to renew some library books at uni and to meet my motherbear for some lunch, so i just threw on something fairly casual. 

I've been after a tan coloured bag for ages - one that was big enough for me to keep my makeup bag and a couple of books in for uni but one that wasn't so big i wouldn't be able to use it on a regular basis so I was quite chuffed when i saw this affordable one from Next for £26. It has two pockets either side which is super-duper handy for me as i tend to lose things in my bags (we are all guilty of loosing our lipgloss amongst heaps of reciepts..), and this way i can keep my books neat and away from the mess of the main section! It's also lined with lovely dotty fabric and has a section for my precious telephone device :)

Hope you are all enjoying the sunshine - lets hope it lasts!

Tuesday 22 May 2012

Models Own: Hed Kandi Collection in 'Balearic Cool'

(please excuse my shoddy nail and horrible hands..I really need to pur-chase some display-wheels.. my nails are far from photogenic..blame it on the tedious shoe shop work!)

When i first heard about the Hed Kandi collection for Models Own i was super exciteee to say the least. I spent ages choosing between the new shades (including the new summer 'Beetlejuice' collection which, as you all probably know, is absolutely gorgeous), and finally decided on 'Balearic Cool' (and 'Hedonist' - but i still have yet to try that one..)

I don't know what has got into me just lately. I'm usually a classic reds and corals kind of girl when it comes to nails but I've been really loving blues and more daring shades the past few weeks. 'Balearic Cool' is a wonderful aqua blue shade, and its rather difficult to capture it's true beauty and brightness on camera; it's one of those colours you simply have to try for yourself (if you like blue of course - if not, then i suggest you stay well clear of this eye-popping shade..) It looks even brighter in direct sunlight, almost neon (but not enough to look tacky) and adds a wonderful flash of summery colour to any boring day. It most definitely lives up to it's sunshiney-inspired name. This is my first Models Own polish, and to be honest I'm super duper impressed. The colour is fabulous, application was a doddle and the staying power is absolutely flipping excellent - this photo was taken 2 days after application with no chipping whatsoever; it lived through a weekend of work and still lived to tell the tale. In fact, I'm on day 4 now with almost no chipping at all (it could be down to the topcoat i use but usually I'm having to re-apply by now). 

A winner in my books and definately the worth it's £5 price tag. 

Saturday 19 May 2012

Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge Cream Blush in 'Fresh Melon'

Ever since I pur-chased the Real Techniques Stippling Brush (I haven't done any review on it simply because YouTube and Blogger are full to the brim of them right now) my cream blushers have been making an appearance on my dressing table more than ever before. I'm very much a powder blush kind of girl. I've tried and tried to love my Topshop cream blushes and yet i always return to my trusty powders. However, the stippling brush has inspired me to give cream formulations another go and just recently i've been loving them and the dewy glow they give that powder blushes often lack.

I love corals and peach shades on the cheeks and my motherbear was kind enough to donate this blush to me as she prefers a slightly deeper shade (yay - free product!). The formulation is amazing; really soft and smooth with a dewy finish. Whereas my Topshop blushes have a cream to powder consistency, the Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge feels moisturising and stays creamy even once applied. Personally, i liked it and despite the texture, the colour lasted for a good few hours without budging (even when it does disappear it doesn't 'melt' or go patchy - it just fades gradually). I have combination skin and i must admit i was a bit unsure at first. It does feel a bit too moisturising for me at times; i definitely won't be wearing this in warmer weather as i have the feeling it may be a bit heavy for me, however, if you often find your blush goes patchy due to dry skin on your cheeks, you'll love this.

I love that the product is multi-functional and you can also use it on the lips (it's handy to carry around in your bag as it also has a little mirror for application on the go). It applies quite sheer and can be built up for a brighter colour but it is so moisturising and looks amazing when worn as a blush at the same time. Of course, the packaging is just my cup of tea - sleek, matte black and sturdy and comes in a box (fantastico for storage purposes) and for £16.50 they're really worth it.

If you fancy dabbling in cream blush, i'd really recommend these; this one lasted me a whole day at uni without the need for any re-application at all (except for the odd touch up on my lips which understandably does fade quicker than it does on the cheeks!) However, if you do have oily skin or are prone to breakouts on your cheeks i'd probably stick to powders as it has a tendancy to feel quite heavy.  If you fancy a read up on any of my other favourites then heres a few suggestions to have a peek at (i must warn you they are all some form of coral shade - i just love coral way too much):

Illamasqua Power Blush - 'Lover' (favourite blush everr ever)

What are your favourite cream blushes of the moment?

Tuesday 15 May 2012

Lush 'Ickle Baby Bot' Bath Bomb

I must admit, I am a bit of a Lush addict (find me a blogger who isn't and I'll eat my bloggery-hat). I love going in there. It's a very happy place to be and the staff are always so chatty and helpful - if i ever fancy a treat, i pop into Lush for a natter and a copy of the 'Lush Times'. I'm very partial to a Dragon's Egg or a Comforter Bubble Bar now and again, but just recently, i have fallen in love and have gotten myself a new man in my life - the famous 'Ickle Baby Bot' bath bomb with his wonderfully happy blue face and stubby little legs. Who can resist that face? I certainly can't, let me tell you. He's fast become my new bath time chummy.

I have sensitive skin, which is ever so annoying as i have to be careful i don't overdose on Lush goodies; it's all very well and good smelling like a strawberry (or whatever scent takes your fancy) but sometimes all these fragrances and colourful glittery things make my skin rebel a little. This is when I treat myself to the robot fella. Admittedly, the Baby Bot is geared towards the smaller people amongst us and i know a lot of yummy mummys use this bath bomb to help send their little ones off to sleep. With the scent of lavender and containing essential oils, it's ingredients have been selected to be mild, gentle and soothing on the skin (lavender is also said to encourage sleepiness). But who says he's just for young'uns? Pffts. Just because I'm 21 doesn't mean this little blue-faced chap can escape me.

Needless to say, he turns your bath water a dazzling shade of blue, and fizzes like a beast (haa). The water is left feeling soft and moisturising and the smell of lavender isn't at all overpowering - it does seem to help you to relax and unwind. After a cruddy day at work, or just when i fancy a bit of relaxation, i always pick one of these up. At £1.85 he's cheap as chips too.

Whats your favourite bathbomb right now? (Im torn between this one, Twilight and Phoenix Rising...)

Sunday 13 May 2012

NOTD - Nails Inc 'Power Pink' - InStyle Magazine Freebie

This month, InStyle magazine are being rather lovely by giving away 3 summery shades of Nails Inc polishes.  Never one to pass up a freebie, i got my mitts on the shade 'Power Pink' - a mid-tone pink with undertones of purple.

I have a selection of Nails Inc polishes now and admittedly i haven't paid for any of them; I've gathered them from other magazines in the past, and my boyfriend very kindly collected me all of the free ones that came with bottles of Coke a while back (all he drinks is Coke so i was a very lucky lady that month!). I've always found the quality to be very good, and i have to say, as much as i loved the colour of this one i felt like the application wasn't great as the others in my collection. The consistency is rather thick and the brush seemed to gather a lot of excess polish. I just get the feeling that they have maybe skimped on quality slightly due to the fact it's a freebie.. either that or i just got an odd dodgy one?

Nonetheless, the consistency can be overlooked by the fact that the colour pay-off is fantastic, and one coat is enough to cover the nails to achieve a high quality opaque finish (i still applied 2 through habit...) The brush is also the perfect size and one stroke covers the whole nail - i also love the size of lid as it's very good for grasping - i do love a decent lid to grasp on to, let me tell you! I can't be doing with piddly little excuses of lids (im very clumsy) so Nails Inc have got it spot on for me. It gives a wonderful glossy finish and with an added top coat the polish looks even more amazing. I've also had this on whilst shopping all day and there isn't a chip in sight! For the price of the magazine i'm not complaining whatsoever. And even if the application wasn't the easiest I will probably be picking up the blue shade in a supermarket near me very soon...

Tuesday 8 May 2012

Summery Clothing Haul: H&M/Primark

It's only when I do these 'haul' posts i realise how much i actually spend on clothes... It's a little bit ridiculous really, and it's probably the reason why my wardrobe is overflowing constantly. My biggest downfall is spring/summer clothes. Summer is my favourite season and i often take it as my chance to get a holiday or two booked - and of course, holidays mean new clothes (i haven't booked anything yet and it's making me feel slightly nervous..i never do 'late deals' but this year i may have to take my chances and see whats left!). I'm in desperate need of some sunshine. I follow a lot of bloggyful ladiess who post from overseas, and i must admit i do get slightly very jealous when i see the copious amounts of sunshine on offer. Anyway, enough of my rambling about the cruddy UK so called 'spring' weather, here's what I've picked up this week... (prices are based on my memory as I've removed tags, so please don't hunt me down if I've missed a couple of quid..)

Summer Dress - £19.99 - H&M

I love blue and white for summertime, so this little beauty had to be mine. I'll be teaming it with my nude wedges for summery nights out sitting in pub beer gardens. 

Denim Dress - £12.99 - H&M

I've wanted a denim dress for absolutely ages.. and I've finally found one! It's a little bit 'boobylicious' but I've got a selection of those clever little inventions known as bandeau tops to throw on in such situations, so I'm sure i won't be popping out anytime soon :) (ahaa..) 

Bodycon Top/Dress - £9.99 - H&M

Bargain. They also had a lovely lilac coloured floral one that i may pop back and get. These are the sorts of tops/dresses i throw on with leggings or tights when I'm having one of those 'nothing to wear' days.

Black Playsuit - £12.99 - H&M
White Beach Playsuit - £12.99 - H&M

I have the black playsuit in the floral version and i love it so much i decided i would be a little devil and treat oneself to this one too. The white one is to shove on over bikinis on my jolly holidays or when I'm tanning in the garden with a beverage or two...

Floaty Crop Tops - £4.99 each - H&M

They're the perfect length to wear with skinny jeans without looking like you're off out for a night on the tiles. I couldn't decide whether to go for red or zebra i just bought both.

Scalloped Edge Shorts - £9.99 - H&M
Floral Beach Shorts - £4 - Primark
Pink Cotton Beach Shorts - £3.99 - H&M

Just a selection of shorts for the beach to throw on over bikinis and to pair with vest tops. Staple pieces for my casual summer wardrobe.

And there we are. My latest pur-chases. I love reading what other people have bought recently as i love seeing whats in the shops.. I enjoy doing them but i feel as if they make my blog look a bit messy? (does anyone else feel a little bit uneasy about clothing photos on their blog making things look a bit 'uneven' or is this just my obsessive side coming out?)

Hope you all had a fantastic bank holiday weekend. 
It's been my first one off in a very long time as i always used to get shoved into the rota at work...but since i've cut down my hours they don't seem to enjoy putting me in quite as much...I loved having an extra day to myself!

Saturday 5 May 2012

Superdrug Tea Tree Skincare Range: Review

I am the first person to admit I am a little bit unadventurous when it comes to skincare. I tend to stick to the things I know work for me and I am very set in my ways (I've used Clinque since i was a teenager). But just recently, a combination of late nights, early mornings and general wear and tear has meant my skin has been more prone to the odd blemish or two. I'm always a little bit unsure about skincare reviews; everybody's skin is different and what works for one person may not work for another - so i shall start by saying i have normal/combination skin and I don't suffer a lot with problem skin. However, when i do get a spot, it basically takes over my face :) LAVley.

'Tea Tree is a natural antibacterial agent known for it's antiseptic healing properties. Peppermint oil is renowned for its therapeutic effect on skin disorders and for its cooling sensation'

'With natural tea tree and peppermint oils and aloe vera extract. Enriched with Pro-Vitamin B5'

Tea Tree Moisturiser:
This feels really nice when applied, sinks in quickly and doesn't feel greasy at all. It also has a lovely cooling sensation when first applied which is great if your skin is feeling a little bit dull and tired. My skin does seem to appear 'calmed' after I've applied this and after a couple of weeks use looks generally more smooth and clear - it does contain aloe vera so it does seem to soothe any redness. I wouldn't recommend this if you have particularly dry skin as it isn't intensively moisturising and it sinks in extremely quickly. If you are put off by the smell of Tea Tree (because lets be fair it does have a tendency to knock your socks off slightly) then you may find the scent a little overpowering and it does linger for a good few minutes or so after application.

Tea Tree 'Spot Stick':
'Spot Stick'. Ew. It sounds a little bit disgusting doesn't it?  But it does what it says on the tube and that's all I'm fussed about. If i feel as if i have a particularly crafty little spot appearing, and lets face it they crop up at the most inconvenient of times..(oh hello birthday blemish... How nice of you to say hello..) i pop some of this on (usually before bed so it can work it's magic overnight). It doesn't make blemishes disappear altogether but it definitely makes them less noticeable and less 'angry' - and the healing process is noticeably sped up. It comes with a doefoot applicator, which i like the idea of but i stay away from using it to apply direct onto my skin; i hate the thought of spreading bacteria and it probably isn't the best choice of packaging, however, i just pop a little bit onto my finger and just dab a small amount on - it isn't much of an issue.

I really recommend this range if, like me, you haven't got acne-prone skin but have the odd little blemish now and again. The packaging is alright, fairly simple - it won't look exactly glamorous on your bathroom shelf, but it does the job and the products are of a nice size (and they don't break the bank - the two together must have cost me no more than £5)

Have tried any of the Tea Tree Range?
Have you tried any similar products?