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Tuesday 30 July 2013

Meet My Advertisers | July

Afternoon ladies.  Yet again we've come to the end of another month - one that has been a particularly exciting one for me to say the least! I've been to London to exhibit at a design show and made lots of fabulous business contacts, I've jetted away to Crete for a week for some much needed relaxation and chilling out time and I've now set the ball rolling for my professional website and have a work placement next month. Cripes! It's all go for me at the moment! For those of you who are interested I promise I shall provide the link to my professional website once it's all complete (I'm a perfectionist - sorry..;)) - it's taking longer than first thought but hopefully those of you who are interested in that kind of thing will hop on over and follow me on there - it would be great to see some familiar faces! 

Ramblings aside, I have had some lovely bloggers and websites sitting over in my sidebar this month - I shall be sad to see them tottle off but I really hope you've managed to find some new reads. I also have an amazing hair extension company to check out this month - you may know if you've been reading Bird's Words for a while now that I love anything hair related and have a massive interest in hair care - so I'd definitely recommend checking them out if you're a fellow hair-obsessive like myself! I say it almost every month so I must sound like a broken record but there are some fabulous blogs advertising with me this month - some new, some more established but there's no doubt I've enjoyed reading what they have to say about all things beauty - my reading list is now bursting at the seams (and so is my product wish list)! Without any further chit-chat from me (goodness I don't half harp on!) I shall introduce you to this lovely bunch...

Steph | Captivating Beauty | *July Exclusive Advertiser*
Links | Blog Bloglovin' | Twitter | Instagram |

Hi everyone! My name is Steph and I write over at Captivating Beauty.  My slice of the web is very young but I have loved blogging and can't imagine my life without it now.  I started watching YouTube beauty videos a few years ago which then expanded to reading blogs up until every evening of mine was consumed by beauty blogs and videos! Which is why i decided to break into the beauty community; which I have to say is so friendly and supportive, and start my own blog.

Over at Captivating Beauty you can expect reviews, hauls, OOTN and a few lifestyle posts popped in to give you more of an insight into my life.  I can't wait for my blog to continue to grow and would love for you all to share this time with me, you never know you may eventually see my face pop up on Youtube!

I would love for you to come over and say hey or send me a tweet.  I love nothing more than chatting to people with a common interest for anything girly!

IMAGE Hair | Luxury Real Hair Extensions
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At IMAGE we pride ourselves on supplying the best clip in hair extensions at great prices, so you can look gorgeous on any budget.  We believe strongly in only using the highest quality Remy human hair, ensuring that all of our human hair extensions are sleek, smooth and shiny.  Our hair extensions are available in a wide range of lengths, colours and weights and we have an interactive colour chart to make picking your set easy, the only thing we want you to worry about is looking amazing! So come over to our website and have a nosy and if you see some clip in hair extensions you like, don't forget we offer great customer service and a full return guarantee. 

Liv | FashStyleLiv
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Hi Lovelies, It's wonderful to say hi to all of Bird's Words blog readers and I know you all are big fans of Bird's Words because her blog is fresh and she stays true to herself and us her lovely readers plus she has amazing photos.  My blog is FashStyleLiv and I have been blogging since March.  FashStyleLiv is mainly about Beauty and Makeup products but I usually dabble into posting about other areas such as Photography, Iphoneography, Lifestyle, Food, Travel, etc.  It would be lovely if you had a little nose around my blog and let me know about yours too because I am a massive fan of blogs.  Thank you.. xxx

So there we have it - another month and another bunch of fabulous new websites and blogs to tickle your fancy! Don't forget that I also have other lovely ladies sitting over in my sidebar if this selection isn't enough to expand your reading lists this month. Don't forget I also have a giveaway running through the first half of August - if you haven't entered yet - bet sure to head over. You can find it here.

If you'd like to feature here in August or September then do get in touch - You can have a nosey at my advertising packages here.

Sunday 28 July 2013

International Giveaway! | Win a set of ClipHair Extensions (CLOSED)

Last week, I posted about a set of ClipHair extensions and was really impressed with the quality and colour choice available (I won't go on like a broken record but you can find that post here if you missed it!). For me, extensions are a must-have for that extra bit of glamour and I simply cannot have a night out on the tiles without a little bit of added 'woomph'. ClipHair extensions are all human Remy hair - meaning that they remain tangle free and softer for longer, at the same time as being superly-duperly simple to apply. The handy clips mean that it's a great way to try out thicker or longer locks without having the commitment of permanent extensions - you really can just 'whip' them in and out as you please (cue a bit of Willow Smith ;))

I've been lucky enough to be able to offer my readers the chance to win a set of ClipHair extensions themselves - yippee! I said it in my recent review but I shall say it again - I was really impressed. They really do have one of the largest colour selections I've ever seen from a hair extension company and there is a set to match even the most awkward of barnets. Without any further rambling from me, I shall get into the nitty gritty ins and outs of this giveaway and attempt to keep it short and snappy...

To enter, all you have to do is be a follower of my blog. Sound simples? Of course it is! And there's also a few other things you can do to earn yourself a couple of fruity-bonus entries. Because we all love fruity-bonuses.

The giveaway is open internationally and will run for 2 weeks starting from today, meaning that the giveaway will close at midnight on Sunday 11th August 2013.  After the giveaway has ended, both me and ClipHair will be in contact and the lucky lady will be able to select her set of extensions and colour choice.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck fellow birds!

I will choose the winner via the Rafflecopter form and will be in contact pretty sharpishly - however the winner's entry/s will be moderated and checked to make sure there's no wool pulling over anybodies eyes ;) We can't have any of that! I will contact the winner and if I receive no reply within 7 days the winner will be picked again.

Thursday 25 July 2013

Eyeco | Skinny Mini Liquid Eyeliner

Eyeco Skinny Mini Liquid Liner | Black | £10.00 (link)

You know how it is when you're walking through the airport shops before a flight - racks and racks of magazines stare back at you and somehow, you end up balancing a massive stack of them, wobbling towards the tills with your hands full of crap, boarding card in between teeth and a pack of Glacier Mints for good measure.  I often get sucked in by freebies, and this time was no exception - Marie Claire were giving away a free Eyeco eyeliner and I quite fancied something to try whilst I was away. You can take the beauty blogger out of the country, but you can't take the beauty blogger out of the girl... I certainly nabbed myself a copy and their Skinny Mini Liquid Liner became my little tester for the week.  Eyeco is a brand I've always wanted to try and I'd always heard good things about their mascaras and eyeliners. 

First off, before I even get to the product, I have to say I really like the packaging.  Yes, It's silly to take cosmetics at face value, but let's be honest - good packaging can make or break a product (and the Design student in me is fascinated by this kind of thing...)  The little box it comes in adds to it's appeal (none of that fiddly plastic over wrap that I always break my teeth on trying to rip!) and the silver pen feels sturdy and of good quality.  The product itself has a felt-tip nib, which is dome shaped with a thin tip.  This makes it really easy to create flicks and differ the weight of line you use on your eyes. It makes going from 'thin to thick' really easy and it helps create a seamless line from inner to outer corner.  I actually found it easier to draw a thin line on my eyes as opposed to on my hand, so it does depend on the angle you're used to drawing your flicks at I guess, but I found the application really swift and quick.  The nib isn't so long that it becomes flimsy, but it isn't so rigid that it's hard to manoeuvre - it's quite good balance between the two and I found applying it a doddle.

The finish is quite glossy - I'd liken it to Loreal's Super Liner Carbon Gloss (one of my favourites) - I seem to prefer a slightly glossier finish to my liquid liners as opposed to matte, so this gets a thumbs up from me.  It defines your eyes really easily and the deep black colour means you only need one coat for it to look noticeable.  Eyeco's Skinny Mini Liquid Liner is said to be long lasting, and I would agree with this.  It's not waterproof or anything, and after a fair few hours the gloss fades slightly but the line lasts all day without budging or flaking off.  Ever since Loreal's offering has been hard to come by (I've heard it's been discontinued?), I've found it difficult to find a liquid liner that gives a similar definition and finish, but Eyeco's version is so similar and actually easier to apply.  I really like the nib as you can create flicks or a thicker weight of line so much easier than with a longer tipped liner.

Overall, I really like the Skinny Mini Liquid Liner. Yes, it's easy to say that about a freebie in a magazine so the question is - would I purchase it again? And I honestly would.  I've been reaching for it so much just recently and I used it for my entire holiday. I'd love to try the different colours they offer (I'm intrigued by the brown and purple version!) and when this runs out I reckon I'll be ordering my next one.  I adore the glossy finish and instant opaque colour it gives - and the nib means that you can go as natural or as dramatic as you want just by varying your pressure.  You can purchase Eyeco's Liners on  Eyeco's website, ASOS or Beauty Bay for £10 - which isn't cheap for a liquid liner but it's certainly not completely off the mark.  If it lasts as long as my trusty Loreal - then I'd be happy to part with the pennies for it. I'm tempted to grab the brown version next... Dare I say it, but I think I've found my new favourite!

Have you tried anything by Eyeco? Would you be interested in trying their liners?

*Edit: Since writing this post, I was sad to discover the Eyeko eyeliner dried up very quickly on me and didn't last as long as I expected it to. I could have just picked up a dodgy one but be aware that although the application and pigmentation is unfaultable, the longevity of the product isn't the best.

Bird's Words has been shortlisted in the 2013 #CosmoBlogAwards in the 'Best Established Beauty Blog' category. If you enjoy reading my blog, it would mean the world to me if you voted for Bird's Words - You can cast your votes here.

Tuesday 23 July 2013

Summer Haul | New Look, Primark & H&M

So. I promised myself that I would not go shopping until late August.  I'm trying to save the pennies for a rainy day and just recently I haven't exactly been to kind to the purse strings. However, that little promise to myself flew well and truly out of the window when I decided one morning last week to have an innocent little mooch around town.  5 hours and 2 achy feet later and I found myself back in my hallway, a little dishevelled, surrounded by an array of shopping bags.  Oops.  When I was on holiday, I spent a great deal of time sat on a sun lounger, pouring over magazines and reading blogs on my iPhone.  Of course, this is never a good move when you're trying to be kind to the ole' bank balance is it? I practically burst out of the aeroplane doors, brimming with new outfit ideas and a shopping list as long as my arm. Here's the results of my naughty little shopping mission...

First things first - welcome to my back garden! Wheyheyhey! The sun was out in force, it felt like I was melting and the last thing I fancied doing was manoeuvring myself around my house attempting to get good photographs of clothes. The garden seemed a very appealing place to take some blog photographs - much to the fascination of my neighbours - never before has a washing line and a rockery been so handy!  One of my favourite purchases is this gorgeous office bag from H&M.  A while back, I treated myself to the ever-popular Zara Office City Bag in Tan, and it's been glued to my arm ever since.  As soon as I saw this black tote bag in H&M I dashed up to the shelf to grab it.  It was love at first sight.  It has the exact same finish to it that the Zara bag has, and is pretty much the same size, just without all of the sections.  As much as I love my Zara version, I figured that a black one would come in very handy for when autumn/winter roll around - the style is so classic and simple.  For £24.99 it's so worth the money and I cannot wait to wear this to uni with my blazers and midi skirts - very 'office chic'.  Of course, a trip to the shops is never complete without a scout around jewellery sections, and I picked up these two necklaces before I went away on holiday to go with various outfits.

It was my lucky day, as when I walked into New Look I discovered it was the first morning of their sale. Fat kid in sweet shop comes to mind... I spent ages trawling through the rails, and grabbed some lovely things (everything above from New Look wasn't anymore than £9!) I bought the white cropped jumper to wear with my maxi skirts when it's a little chillier, or to sling over my summer dresses and skirts. It's one of those lovely loose fitting ones that are so easy to style - I almost spent £36 on one in Topshop so I was really chuffed to find this one! Next I picked up the dungaree skater dress.  As much as I love the denim dungarees that seem to be everywhere right now, I've never seen them as quite 'my thing' - so when I saw this pretty little skater dress/pinafore I snapped it up.  It's a girly little nod to the trend and I will be wearing this over my cropped tshirts throughout the summer - I adore anything with daisys on it! I've also been after a black midi skirt for what seems like forever now!  I'm quite petite and struggle to find midi skirts that actually fit me and flatter my pint-sized little frame. This one is just the right length - finishing at the knee rather than a few inches below it - so it doesn't make me look like a hobbit and yet still looks classy.  

Primark have really been banging out the summer skirts this year! I stocked up on some lovely midi/pencil skirts before I went to London last month, and went in there with the purpose of finding some more maxi skirts for my wardrobe.  It occurred to me on holiday that I only have 2 maxi skirts - both of which are quite dressy, and I wanted something a little more casual for the daytime.  The spotted skirt is one of my favourite buys - I'm in love with anything polka-dot at the moment, so I rushed over to pick this up before anyone else got their mitts on it!  I will most definitely be wearing this with the New Look cropped jumper when the weather cools down a little - with a little flowery headband I think it will be the perfect outfit!  The black tube maxi is another lovely skirt for the daytime.  It has a split up one side but only to the knee so it's perfect for the daytime and more casual wear - it's a very versatile little piece to have in my wardrobe.  Last year, Primark bought out some lovely little summer dresses in a variety of colours and I got so much wear out of them on holiday.  When I spotted they had a similar version in green this year I snapped it up.  They're perfect for wearing over bikinis on the beach as you can whip them on and off really quickly! The colour is just so beautiful - the camera doesn't pick it up as well but it really is the most intense green - I can imagine it will look amazing with the tan I'm sporting right now!  And last but not least, I picked up this aztec pencil skirt from H&M.  It's not long enough to be a midi but it hits just above/at the knee - it looks really flattering on and the pattern is really on trend this season.  Again, it's such a versatile piece and I can see this lasting me well into winter.  You can never be without a little pencil skirt in your wardrobe!

And so there we have it. A little haul for you to sink your teeth into ;) I really don't have an ounce of willpower whatsoever, but I'm so pleased with what I managed to pick up.  I left the shops feeling rather chuffed with myself to say the least - a dose of shopping really does help to take post-holiday blues away, doesn't it?

Sunday 21 July 2013

ClipHair Extensions | The 'DIY' Set

ClipHair Extensions | DIY Clip-In Set - 24" in 'Light Golden Blonde | £54.99* | Link

One thing I spend a great amount of time on is my hair.  Whether it be simply throwing it up into a messy bun or curling it for a night out, I never feel content unless my hair is done in some way.  I have relatively thick hair although just recently it's thinned out quite considerably due to health reasons - so keeping my hair looking thick and healthy has been a bit of a kerfuffle to say the least (there's only so many volume shampoos a girl can use!) Clip-in extensions are never far from my grasp - they come in handy for nights out or 'bad hair days' when you just need a little bit of a boost. And let me tell you -  I have been needing one heck of a boost of late! My hair is quite long now as I've been growing it for a number of years, so extensions are something I reach for if I want volume as opposed to length.

When ClipHair offered me the chance of sampling one of their hair extension sets, I knew straight away I wanted to try one their 'DIY' sets.  I've had my fair share of extensions in the past, and one thing that always niggles me is ready sewn sets of hair. Don't get me wrong, it saves a great deal of time and effort and spares you the fiddly little job of sewing the clips on yourself, but I like my extensions to fit a certain way and I like to choose the length of the pieces I wear - not everybody's head circumference is the same! I also opted for the 24 inch length - which is the longest length I've ever gone for with a set of extensions - but I also wanted to cut them myself so that they appeared slightly thicker.  I like my extensions to match the length of my own hair, so I figured if I went a little longer, then I could cut an inch or two off so it matched my own hair perfectly. A few stitches and a couple of snips later and voila - hair extensions that matched my needs exactly.

The colour I decided to go for was 'Light Golden Blonde' - which I have to say is a pretty good match.  I've said it before on my blog but my hair colour is a right pain to match - it's light but has darker blonde bits running throughout it, without any bleach throughout the longer lengths, so I always choose a shade that looks light enough to blend with the top, but natural enough to blend with the bottom.  This shade does just that - and blends seamlessly into my hair.  One of the best things about ClipHair is the range of colours they stock - honestly, i was blown away by the array of shades and colour mixes they offer and it has to be one of, if not the best colour choice I have seen from a hair extension company so far.  They also offer a choice of length ranging from 10 to 26 inches, as well as a choice of singular or double wefted sets - meaning that there really is something there for everybody. 

The quality of the hair is also really good.  They feel really smooth and silky to the touch and also style really effectively.  I always curl my extensions as I rarely wear my hair straight, so a set of extensions that hold a hairstyle is important for me.  What I really love about their website is that they offer FREE worldwide delivery - which is excellent (don't we all hate dreaded delivery charges!) I've been really pleased with the DIY set (link) - it's perfect for those of you who want to experiment with their extensions a little more, or find readily sewn-sets a bit off a faff at times. It's made applying hair extensions that little bit quicker for me. I'll definitely order off ClipHair again - their website has really impressed me and the range of colour, length and weft choices is really extensive.  But don't just take my word for it! You can have a browse on the ClipHair website here.

Have you tried ClipHair extensions? Is a 'DIY' set something you'd like to try?

Friday 19 July 2013

Deborah Milano | Shine Creator Lipstick

Deborah Milano | Shine Creator Lipstick in Shade 7 'Shiny Cyclamen' | £8.50* (link)

I love a good lipstick me.  I think every beauty obsessed female has a 'thing' for a certain type of product, don't they? I'll often throw a lippie into my basket on a stroll through Boots and if I'm ever going to splash the cash on anything cosmetic then it's usually in the form of a lip colour. It's a sure fire way of changing your entire look in a flash - or swipe of a lipstick tube! Deborah Milano is a brand I'd never heard of before I had the chance to try it - but BOY am I glad I have now! Before I even got to try the lipstick I was really impressed with their website and the array of products on offer - I certainly have my eye on a few other products in the range...

I was sent their Shine Creator lipstick in the shade 'Shiny Cyclamen' - a beautiful raspberry pink shade. I'm usually one for reds and corals, so it was a refreshing change for me to receive something different to what I'd have probably picked myself. I found I actually quite like the raspberry tone - I must admit it suits me better now that I have a tan (and I was also pretty chuffed to find it matches one of my've got to love matching outfit/lipstick combos!)  What I love though, is the texture and the finish.  Now, I'm a big fan of the Revlon Lip Butters (Lollipop and Creme Brulee being firm favourites of mine - if you're interested ;)!) so I was enticed very much by the 'Shine Creator' lipstick.  It feels very smooth and buttery to apply - slightly thicker in consistency to Revlon's offering. I have to say I was impressed by the staying power. Anything with 'shine' in the name often suggests a limited wear time - but the Shine Creator actually stays put pretty well.  It doesn't smudge too easily and has a non-slip formula - it's very much a buttery, glossy lipstick. After a while, it wears off to a subtle stain - the photograph above shows the gloss finish when first applied, and then the stain after a short while of pottering around the house (excuse cruddy bathroom photograph - it often gets the best light - needs must!). Even though the gloss wears off after a while, the lipstick still has a slight sheen and isn't at all drying. The colour pay-off is quite subtle but noticeable and true to the colour seen in the tube - you can layer it up for a more intense finish or slick one layer on for a more subtle, soft effect. It's worth mentioning that the lipstick also contains SPF15 which is a lovely little addition for this sunny weather we are having recently, as well as being hypoallergenic. Bonus!

Overall, I really like the Shine Creator lipstick and am intrigued to try out a coral shade... (me and my corals - obsessed much?)  It's a really good 'everyday' kind of lipstick to have in your collection. I wore this shade to an interview the other day and it looked like a nice pop of colour without being overdone. I currently have my eyes on their 'Milano Red Lipsticks' (link) which are a more pigmented option from the range of lip products on offer - definitely will be treating myself to one of those soon!  You can find the range on the Deborah Milano website here - see what you think girls! Definitely have a nosey if you're a fellow lipstick magpie like myself...

Have you tried anything from Deborah Milano? What shade tickles your fancy?

Wednesday 17 July 2013

Holiday Haul & Ramblings

I'm back! For those of you who don't know, I jetted off to the sunny island of Crete in Greece last Tuesday for a big fat dose of relaxation and a bit of an unwind.  It was very much needed to say the least and I could have done with an extra week in the sunshine - although saying that, stepping off the plane in the UK was a bit of a surprise. I'm usually greeted by drizzle and a dash across the runway in the rain, but this time the plane doors opened and I found that the weather has most certainly followed me here! I have spent today blogging in the back garden in my bikini, ice cold coke in hand and topping up my tan.  If that doesn't kick my holiday blues in the face, I don't know what will (although I'm sure a little nosey through the late deals section for August won't go amiss either...) 

Anyway, before I ramble on, I thought I'd show you what I picked up when on holiday.  I don't tend to buy much when abroad - the craziest I ever went was when I found myself in Sephora (i need to make the point of going abroad to a 'Sephora-blessed' country again!) and the time when I bought a tonne of Mickey Mouse merchandise from Disneyland Florida (it's got to be done though?...) but aside from this, I don't really go bonkers in duty-free or with the souvenir shopping. I tend to treat myself to a perfume or a lipstick in the airport before I jet off, but I don't go mad once I'm out there... That over sized sombrero might seem like a hilarious idea at the time, but the reality hits you when you're home that it's going to have to be squished under your bed along with that plastic donkey figurine and Cypriot ceramic camel to gather dust for all eternity (this a true story by the way, I genuinely have a giant sombrero under my bed that I bought on a bit of a holiday-high...along with the donkey and the camel...I've since learnt from my impulse holiday purchasing!)

When I got to the airport in Crete, I wasn't expecting much more than a selection of knock-yer-socks-off Ouzo and a few 'Memories from Greece' chocolates - but to my surprise, they had a large shop with an array of brands including Chanel, Estee Lauder and countless perfumes - then I spied the Victoria's Secret stand! There was a large selection of bath and body products, along with a small section full of their beauty products.  Sadly, I didn't have much time to fully immerse myself in the goodies on offer, but I did manage to pick out a body spritz and a lip butter.  I spent a good while spraying all the different scents (there was so many I ran out of room on the majority of my limbs so took to spraying them in the air - it's safe to say you could smell me walking over the runway once I'd finished...) I picked out 'Sensual Blush' which smells really fresh and light - hints of floral but not too overpowering. I also picked up one of their lip butters - I'm a big fan of sheer lipsticks and buttery lip products so of course, I had to have one! I picked out the shade 'Dare to Bare', which is a lovely light warm pink shade with hints of coral.  I really wanted to pick up one of their mascara sets they had, but I didn't have time to fully choose one as my flight was called pretty sharpishly. Never mind!

When we were in Crete, we took a trip to one of the nearby towns.  There wasn't much there aside from a few bars and tavernas and typical shopping bazaars and little market stalls, but this floral phone case caught my eye.  Of course, I know the chances of it being the real deal are very slim (I might be a bit daft but I'm not stupid when it comes to these things!), but anyone who knows me knows that I'm partial to a bit of Cath Kidston now and again - I love her phone cases because I often do my nails in her 'signature' patterns and I like being all matchy-matchy (you can have a gander at my designs here if you fancy a nail art post!). For a market-stall find its pretty good quality and fits my phone like a glove - cannot grumble for under 10 euros!

Before I flew out I also picked up a massive bottle of Lancaster aftersun.  It's become a bit of a ritual now that I treat myself to a bottle every time I go away as I swear by it!  It's expensive (this bottle cost me £21.50!) but if you're a fan of having a tan then Lancaster's after sun will be right up your street. It contains no self-tan but contains ingredients that help stimulate melanin production and darken and deepen your colour, at the same time as helping it last even longer.  It smells amazing and sinks in so quickly - if you fancy a bit of luxury in your tanning regime I really recommend you try it - you can also use it on your face and as it's so light it doesn't feel greasy. I love it! (you can read an ancient review of it here..)  And of course, a holiday haul isn't complete without a sweetie or two! I slung a pack of Jelly Belly's Ice Cream Parlour mix into my basket on the way home along with the Cocktail Mix (not pictured) I love their ice cream mix and I'm a bit of an addict when it comes to flavoured beans... Such a big kid at heart!

So there we have it - a little holiday haul to welcome myself back to the world of blogging after a week away.  I had a good ole think whilst lazing around on my sunbed and I have so much planned for my blog - I've jotted down ideas for a new layout which is very much overdue.  I've also got a long list of blog posts I want to type up. I was overjoyed to realise I'd been selected for the Cosmopolitan Blog Awards Shortlist the day before I went away, so it's given me a bit of a kick up the bum! Not that I was letting my blogging slip or anything, but I want it to change slightly over the summer and I want to experiment with a bit of a new look and a spruce up when it comes to my blog navigation.  Watch this space..   If you still haven't voted and enjoy my blog - you can vote for me in the 'Established Beauty Blog' category here.

Have any of you been airport shopping recently?

Thursday 11 July 2013

Mac Vanilla Pigment

Mac Pigment in 'Vanilla' | £17

If you're reading this, then I'm probably sat on a beach somewhere topping up my tan or sipping on cocktails in some tropical themed bar... I scheduled a few posts for when I'm away so that Bird's Words keeps on chirpin'! One thing I've been sure to pack in my suitcase in Mac's Vanilla Pigment. Not the most practical product for travel I'll say, but one that I'm addicted to. A few weeks ago I decided to treat myself to this little beauty - I've had my eye on it ever since I first started blogging and thought I'd treat myself for Summer. I'm a big fan of contouring and highlighting so I decided on the shade 'Vanilla' - as it's hailed for being such a multipurpose product for use as both an eyeshadow and all over the body and face.

Vanilla is a lovely creamy milky sort of shade with teeny-tiny hints of glimmer.  It's fast become my favourite highlighter and I absolutely love wearing it in the inner corners of my eyes to brighten and highlight the eye area. I dust a little over my cheekbones, down the centre of my nose and above my cupid's bow on my lips - it just adds the perfect finishing touch to your makeup and is instantly brightening and lifting to the complexion. I can see why this product is such a cult-fave.  It's unbelievably pigmented and even the tiniest bit provides intense colour pay off - because it's pure pigment a little goes a very long way and it's still really easily blended and smoothed out on the skin.

I find it a little similar to my Nars Albatross but just a little more natural looking as it isn't as gold once blended - it's definitely more noticeable than other highlighters I own but this is what I love about Vanilla.  It's striking yet easy to work with and the glimmers in it don't look give you glitter ball face (hooray!). Yes, it's a little pricey - but my goodness it's worth it!  You only need the tiniest bit on your brush and you're good to go. It can be a little messy and you need to be careful if you're the clumsy type - but it's worth every penny. I love the fact that this shade is so versatile (I even dusted some down the centre of my legs the other day and it looked fab!) - if you're after a good inner-corner shade for your eyes or a new highlighting powder then it's worth looking into the Vanilla pigment. I cannot wait to wear it with a tan as I can imagine it will look even more striking!

Have you tried Mac Pigments? What's your favourite?

Monday 8 July 2013

I'm on the Cosmo Blog Awards 2013 Shortlist!

Howdy folks! Firstly, apologies if this post looks a little scewwiff but im currently sat blogging from my iPhone next to the pool at my hotel in Greece - cocktail in hand - not the easiest of tasks ill have you know. Anyway, I just thought I'd type up a quick post to say a big massive THANKYOU to those of you who voted for me in the Cosmopolitan Blog Awards 2013. I never expected to make it onto the short list and I was so excited to find out I had (I wondered what all the tweets were about at first - until I finally twigged!). Just being on the shortlist is a massive achievement for me and my little blog and to be honest anything else that comes from it will be a fruity bonus. I feel as if I've already won (cliche alert! But very true..) I'm by no means the biggest fish in the bloggery pond - theres some big names, extremely popular blogs and personal favourites of mine on that list, so just having Bird's Words on there with those amazing fellow bloggers means the world to me! To say I'm bouncing off the walls of my apartment right now is an understatement...

If you're one of the readers that voted for little old me then thankyou so much. BIG BIRD-HUGS being sent your way! Even if you didn't vote, thankyou for being part of my blogging journey and enjoying and reading my jibberjabber. Your support has been amazing and I will continue to enjoy writing my blog no matter what happens - id like to thank every single one of you for clicking the little follow button on my sidebar.

I'm not the type to sit here and spam your news feeds and walls with links but if you voted for me last time (or even if you didn't), it would mean so much to me if you clicked the little button for Bird's Words this time round. Every vote counts and it only takes a second. The competition this year is amazing and I have to admit I've been spoilt for choice with some of the categories - but if you have a spare vote hanging around and enjoy my ramblings then it would be fabulous of you could drop me a click in the Best Established Beauty Blog category.

If you do - drop me a comment or a tweet (@Beth_BirdsWords) and I shall send you over a big bird-hug all the way from Greece (an even bigger one than last time!)

You can vote for me here - Link

Thanks again everybody :) I'm truly overwhelmed. Lots of love x x x

Last Minute Holiday Buys

Evening my little cupcakes.  I hope you've all been enjoying today in the sunshine - it's sure been a scorcher i tells ya! I arrived back from London late last night so it's fair to say I've been absolutely cream-crackered all day. For those of you who don't know, I've been on a trip with uni to a big exhibition for 6 days and it's been so exciting to be showing my work - I've had lots of good things come from it including interest in my children's book and potential jobs for the future/placements for summer - I've even had my work featured on a very well known graphic design site so to say it's been successful is an understatement! I'm grinning like a cheshire cat right now (and a very tired one at that...that'll teach me to wear wedges for 10 hours straight ;)).  There's no rest for the wicked though - I jet off on holiday in the early hours of Tuesday morning, so I'm currently in the process of unpacking one case and packing another (nightmare! my floor has never seen so many carrier bags and clothes!) - I definitely feel as if I'm ready for a holiday - I really need to recharge my batteries. Anyway,  I took a drive down to the nearest retail park last week to pick up some last minute bits for my holiday as I won't have chance tomorrow and I thought I thought what better thing to do than show you what I picked up... Everyone loves a holiday haul right?

| St Tropez Self Tan Dark Mousse |

Call me high maintenance, but one cannot simply arrive in a sunny country looking like a milk bottle on legs.  Whenever I go away, I fake tan beforehand so that I don't stick out like a sore thumb once I arrive.  St Tropez is my go-to fake tan. I find the mousse so easy to apply and fuss-free and I like the colour it gives.  I've never tried their dark version before but I thought I'd give it a whirl. I've since tried it and I have to say I think I prefer the normal version - the dark just looks a bit too muddy on me.  I can usually get away with not washing the guide colour off the normal version if I'm going out, but with this one I absolutely have to make sure it's off before I pop out as it looks too much. Oh well - atleast I've tried it.  I'll still use it but I much prefer my St Tropez normal mousse. 

| Tangle Teezer Travel |

I cannot live without my Tangle Teezer - me and that hairbrush are like the ultimate little dream-team and without it i simply can't function and my hair has a mardy.  I travel quite a bit, so I figured I'd whack the travel version in my basket.  It's really handy because it's slightly smaller and has a little protective case so that the bristles don't get damaged in your suitcase.  I took it to London with me and it was a little life saver - it kept my hair from throwing it's toys out of the pram and going all frizzy on me! Just what you need if you're a fellow traveller like me.

| Sanctuary Pore Refining Toner- Travel Size |

Ahh mini products... Every time I go away I relish shopping for mini bottles of stuff.  They're much more interesting and cute than normal sized bottles of stuff!  Sanctuary do some lovely skin care and this is my favourite of the bunch - their Pore Refining Toner.  It keeps my skin looking and feeling fresh and gets rid of any cack (Cack - be gone!) If you're in need of a good toner then it's worth trying this one. I loves it.

| Bourjois Bronzing Primer & Maxi Delight Bronzer |

I really tried not to get sucked in by Bourjois new summer offering. I failed.  Their new bronzing range is really tempting and as soon my holiday was booked I justified grabbing their bronzing primer as I've had my eye on it for a while.  It's said to be similar to the infamous Chanel Bronzer so we will see if it lives up to those claims (i own both so I shall be testing on holiday!)  Their products were on offer so I picked up the Maxi Delight bronzer too.  It's flipping huge. Honestly, the photos don't show the size but it's almost bigger than my head (slight exaggeration there...) I have a review coming up shortly of these 2 - I'm really liking the Maxi Delight at the momento.

| Charles Worthington Mineral Hair Rescue Masque |

My hair is partial to a masque or two.  I picked this one up for my jollydays as my hair tends to get a bit straw-like in the sun. Being blonde it often has the tendency to look really brassy too so I always pick up a conditioning treatment to use half-way through the holiday to refresh and revive my poor little frazzled ends. I really liked the sound of this one.

| Soap & Glory - Archery Brow Pencil |

I've never really tried Soap & Glory's make-up offerings but really wanted to give their eyebrow pencil a whirl.  It has a pencil on one end and a brush tip on the other that works more like a pen.  I really like this so far although I have to say the colour is really light. Now, I'm not a fan of a 'scouse brow' but I do like my eyebrows to look defined and the blonde version is possibly a touch too light - but I still like it anyway as the pen works as a great base for my HD Brows.  Nevertheless, I'd definitely buy one of these again - i really like it so far.

| Batiste - Conditioning Mist with Argan Oil |

When I saw this I had to grab it.  I'm a big fan of Batiste and I'm also a big fan of conditioning hair oil so the two combined was just a must-have! I often smooth a bit of oil over any frizzy-bits after I've styled my hair so this sounded like the perfect finishing touch without the risk of over-doing it with the oil.  I haven't yet tried this but I really cannot wait to give it a spritz - It's such a good idea and something that I haven't really seen on the market yet.  Thumbs up Batiste - you have pleased me.

And so that's yer lot! I have a few reviews coming up involving some of these products I'm sure - but these are just my first impressions.  I'm currently in the middle of packing my suitcase so wish me luck with that - I'm always always overweight with suitcases - give me a weight allowance and I'll bloody well use it (and more!).  Any tips on efficient packing for a girl who loves to take everything including the kitchen sink will be welcome...

Have you tried any of these products?