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Wednesday 29 February 2012

Fairwell Google Friend Connect - Keep In Contact With Me:

I'm sure you're all aware by now that as of tomorrow, Google Friend Connect will cease to exist and you may miss out on some of your favourite reads. There's no doubt that this is going to effect each of us and blog-traffic altogether, and there is definitely going to be some impact on follower numbers and reading list updates. If you're still unsure as to how this will effect you and your blog then have a read of this:

 This has annoyed me slightly, and i'm sure the majority of the blogosphere will be effected by this change in some way shape or form.. I feel very sad for those whose blogs aren't hosted through blogger, as they are going to potentially lose every single one of the followers they have worked so hard to gain - of course, blogging isn't all about the follower number but after working so hard to build up blogger networks it just seems such a shame.

If you wish to keep in contact with Bird's Words (i would miss you very much if you never visited again..) then i would suggest following me on Bloglovin':

You can also suscribe to me via email (see my side column on my homepage)
You can also contact me through the email address: 

 I'm also planning on making a Twitter account soon, so all of you Twitter-ers can follow my antics via my profile :) I will post a link on my blog once i get it all set up.

Please pass on the word about the changes, so that nobody misses out when the change goes ahead. Hopefully it won't effect us too much and the blogging can go on... 

I will certainly miss my jam-packed reading list very much and i hope i don't lose too many of you - i've found so many fabulous blogs since starting mine in September last year and it's a very big shame that Google have decided to fix something that ain't broke! HMMPH!

7 Deadly Sins of Beauty: Tag

[Image - weheartit] 
I saw this tag on the lovely Izzy's blog and i thought i would do it myself; it's been a while since i've done any tag posts and i feel as if i need to break up all of the reviews i've been doing recently with something a little more light-hearted. Also, uni work is taking over my life at the minute (i've decided i'm having a well deserved night off tonight) and so i thought i'd 'get my blog on' and do a few posts whilst i have chance... 

1. GREED: What are your most inexpensive and expensive beauty products?
The most inexpensive is probably my collection of MUA lipsticks which cost a wonderful, purse-friendly £1. And my most expensive are probably my Nars blushes and my Urban Decay 'Naked' Palette.

2. WRATH: What product do you have a love/hate relationship with? And what product has been the hardest to find?
Benefit's Cha Cha tint. I love the colour but i just find the consistency so hard to work with. And the hardest to find is probably Rimmel's lipstick in 'Pink Blush' - it took me ages to get my hands on my first one and it took me ages to hunt it down again when i repurchased. Also Barry M's nail polish in 'Lavendar Hexograms' - have wanted it since before Christmas and i'm still on the hunt - i'm refusing to give in to ordering off the internet..

3. GLUTTONY: The most delicious product you own?
I'm not sure how to answer this as i don't really consume any beauty products i own for me to describe them as 'delicious'.. however it has to be The Body Shop body butters.. inparticular the 'Cocoa Butter' shimmery one. Oh goodness, i would devour the whole tub of it if i could...

4. SLOTH: What product do you neglect due to laziness?
Primer. I go through stages of using it every day and then none at all. I know it makes my makeup look so much better but i go through stages in life where i just can't be bothered to apply it..

5. PRIDE: What beauty product gives you the most confidence?
Concealer. Just because if i didn't use it i would look like the hagged old witch from Snow White or something.. 

Ohhh how she terrified me as a child and still does..
Or red lipstick. I feel a little bit more confident if i go for a statement lip..

6. LUST: What beauty product is currently on the top of your wish list?
 (i changed this question just because the one that currently stands has nothing to do with beauty whatsoever :))
I have 4 things which share this top position in my 'wish list' equally:
1. Butter London Nail Polish in 'Knackered'
2. Urban Decay Naked II Palette
3. Topshop Lipstick 'All About Me'
4. YSL Rouge Volupte Lipstick in 'Peach Passion'

7. ENVY: What product would you most like to recieve as a gift?
Any of the above :) Or one of the new cat-shaped Paul & Joe lipsticks.

I tag everyone who reads this to do this post.. Let me know if you do :)

What's top of your beauty wishlist right now?
And is there any Disney Characters that terrified you as a child?
Purely out of interest..haha..


Illamasqua Powder Blush in 'Lover'

I was like an over excited child when i recieved a parcel off Mr. Postie yesterday, let me tell you! I more or less snapped his hands off in eagerness and tore open the cardboard box without the aid of any sharp, 'box opening' tools as soon as i shut the front door. I ordered my first.ever. Illamasqua blush off ASOS on Saturday night and have been waiting for it to arrive ever since. I have to say, even though i've only had the pleasure of owning it for a mere 24 hours or so, i absoloutely am in love with it. The packaging itself is something that attracts me to Illamasqua as a brand. The shape of the blush compacts are just really pleasing somehow.. and of a really decent size. As a brand they just intrigue me. I love the way they marketed their "Theatre of the Nameless" collection last year: they just seem to have a bit of a quirky, dramatic edge to their brand which other makeup lines are missing. 

The colour of the 'lover' blush is something i have been after for ages. I've always wanted a peachy toned blush and have struggled considerably to find one to suit my skin tone, and more importantly, one that looks natural (they're always too orangey or too coral). This one ticks every single box for me. Infact, i think it's taken over Nars 'Orgasm' in the favourite blush stakes - i know, extremely big claims to make after 24 hours of owning it but it's not often i feel so strongly about a product after first use..
I was impressed with how soft the powder is. It blends effortlessly, feels weightless on the skin, and applies very smoothly. The powder is also amazingly pigmented and lasted me all day - i felt no need to top up, it didn't go patchy in the slightest and it still looked exactly how i'd applied it in the morning at the end of the day. The powder is of a matte finish (which i prefer in a blush - it looks more natural) and therefore it gives quite a flawless effect once applied and made my skin look radiant and smooth.

The colour really brightens up my complexion. My skin tends to have quite dull, greyish undertones in the winter months and this instantly brightened it up and made me look altogether more awake and healthy. Also, with Spring just around the corner i think this is going to be a lovely shade for the upcoming season, and will probably be a staple in my makeup bag well into Summer. 

I think it's safe to say my hunt for the perfect peach blush has come to an end. I've tried all sorts and always found them too pinky or too orange and false, but this one is just beautiful; a perfect pastel shade which i can only describe as very 'peach-melba-esque' :)
I wore it today with some mint green shorts and a neutral coloured blazer and it seemed to set off my whole 'spring pastel theme' quite well. I'll definitely be ordering another one of their blushes soon; infact my mother saw it on my cheeks this morning and it's now on her wish list (this year's Mother's day present = sorted - glad that dilemma has been solved..phew..)

Where to buy Illamasqua & Student discount with Unidays: 

I bought my blush off ASOS but i made sure i grabbed the 10% student discount at the till. If you haven't got a student card like me, then i suggest signing up to a website called 'Unidays'. If you sign up to them then you get a discount code to use on ASOS each time you shop and they often up this to 20% exclusively for their members (it's free to sign up! You just need to enter in college/university details and prove you're actually there) - theres also discount of lots of other brands and shops.


What are your thoughts on this colour for Spring?

Saturday 25 February 2012

Newest Beauty Buys

 Ohh, new purchases.
Always happens on a Saturday.
I blame the boredom of being at work; it makes me buy things.

I haven't really been in one of those 'new beauty product purchasing' moods of late. I'm not sure why this is but i seem to be ever so indecisive at the moment.. 

I am actually beginning to annoy myself because i pick up all sorts of lovely new stuff i want to try until my arms cannot physically contain any more junk. I'm one of these people who never picks up a basket. I seem to have this theory that if i can contain it all in my hands, then it won't cost as much. Of course it costs exactly the same, but it somehow feels less guilt-ridden?

and after all this tedious balancing and carrying around the various aisles.. 
i put it all back!

So, i decided i would change my ways today, and i seem to have collected a decent amount of stuff.. 

i had to use flash for these photographs as i couldn't be bothered to wait for any natural light..bare this in mind :)

 Rimmel 'Wake Me Up' Foundation in '200 Soft Beige': I don't normally use foundation. But i used the little trial sachet in a recent magazine and i actually really liked it. It smells like Boujois 'Healthy Mix' - which is my next product on the list to try. It's a light to medium coverage and it seems to last me all day - and it doesn't smell chemically and false like the majority of foundations on the market (my reason for hatred of foundation..) I use my regular tinted moisturiser then pop this on in the areas i need it and it seems to suit me just fine.

Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick in 210 'Coral in Gold': I only have one Rimmel lipstick and it happens to be from this range and it's one of my firm favourites. So thought i'd try the coral/orange version.

Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick in 240 'Undressed': Wanted to try a browny-nude colour for ages before i go splashing out on any Mac beauties. So i thought that i'd try this. I love the shade of this one because it's not too light - it looks quite natural and doesn't seem like it will wash me out too much.

*Rimmel have a 3 for 2 offer on right now which is the reason for the impulse lipstick pur-chase!*

 St Moriz Self Tanning Instant Mousse in 'Dark':  THE. MOST. EXCITING. BUY. OF THE WEEEEEK. I get so jealous when i see this in people's beauty hauls because it seems impossible to find St Moriz near me! I've heard its a good copy of the ever so fabulous St Tropez so i can't wait to try it. They only had the instant version but i still can't wait to try this on a night out. And yes i bought the Dark version because i'm just hardcore like that :) 

If you are one of these poor females like me who lives in an area with a significant lack of St Moriz - then i found mine at Tesco Direct.

Lancaster Tan Maximising After Sun: The best aftersun you will ever use if you wish to deepen a tan. I got this at duty free before i went on holiday - obvs! This is my 3rd bottle now and i'm still in love. (my review here

Vo5 Give Me Texture - Tousled Style Spray: I love wearing my hair wavy and a bit on the messy side so i wanted to try a spray like this. 

Tresemme Volumising Dry Shampoo: I can never find the 'volumising' version! It seems to be very sought after so i'm very chuffed i managed to find myself one. I'm planning on doing a review of different dry shampoos soon.. this one is my current favourite. 

Hope you're all having fabulous weekends. Sadly i'd love to pretend i'm out on the tiles having a crazy one, but i'm just sat on my sofa with 2 packs of fudge and the crumby-evidence of a chocolate cake on a plate next to my laptop, catching up on the TOWIE episodes i missed whilst on holiday.

I have also just treated myself to my first Illamasqua blush! So excited! There will be a post coming soon... 

Lots of love

 P.s It seems that people's Blogger reading lists are messing up recently, mine included. If you wish to follow me on BlogLovin' too then i've placed the link near my followers section on my side column :) If you're experiencing Blogger-y problems like me then it's a good idea to click the BlogLovin' link as well as following via Friend Connect.


Thursday 23 February 2012

Collection 2000 Lipstick: Pink Shock

For me, this was one of those lipsticks that you buy on an aimless stroll through Boots on a cruddy morning before work in a bid to perk yourself up before the even more cruddy day you are going to have, only to put it in your make-up box and forget that you ever bought it - until you re-dediscover it and wonder why the hell you've never used it before.

This was my signature lipstick for my entire weeks holiday and it's going to remain a firm favourite for quite some time. I've really been loving statement lips just recently so i put this in my holiday make-up bag along with several other pink and red varietys..

This lipstick is from their 'lasting colour' range and i now own three of the little beauties just because i find them such good value for my pennies. They're so pigmented and suprisingly moisturising, which gives the lipstick a lovely glossy sheen after application. As for being a 'lasting colour' lipstick, this shade didn't disappoint at all. Infact, it was still going strong after a fat hawaiian pizza, endless glasses of coke, pina coladas and a few pecks off the boyfriend. Impressed. Normally i'm touching up my lipstick every 5 minutes, and i actually found myself reaching for my pocket mirror and feeling slightly at a loss of what to do.. 

Yes, it is rather bright but it's suprisingly flattering. Even on my washed out, disgusting, pale February skin it looks nice. It looks even better with a tan. I haven't worn it so much since i've got home; you definitely need to be having one of those 'brave' days to wear it but it's brilliant for going out and it's even gained 'daily make-up bag' status in my life..  (if a product makes it into my daily make-up bag then it's good stuff..)

Have you tried any of the Collection 2000 lipsticks?

Lots of love

Things Boys Don't Understand: Jenna Marbles

Thought i would share with you a little video from the ever so hilarious Jenna Marbles off good old YouTube. Ohh how i love her and her way with words. This weeks comedy offering made me laugh - espesh the bit about the taking a shower thing. I often get strange looks from the 'Mr' when i say i'll have to skip washing my hair.. Just watch it :) I guarantee that you will find yourself nodding along and giggling at your laptop screens. I couldn't have worded it better myself...

I must add that if you're offended by any form of expletives.. then i would advise against watching this 


Tuesday 21 February 2012

Estee Lauder: Blush Palette Review

Estee Lauder Blushes
Left to Right: '11' Nude Rose, '01' Bronze Goddess, Shimmer Power in '01' Gold Pearl

I love Estee Lauder. My mum has always been a big fan and over the years i've often stolen borrowed her products, so i too have grown to like the brand. Yes, the products are a bit pricey but in my opinion they're so worth it and an excellent excuse for a pay day treat. If you buy 2 or more items then they often give you freebies - not of the 'sample' size either, let me tell you - i often come away with full sized lipstick tubes and lip glosses, blushes and eye shadows. 

So, i couldn't believe my luck when i came away with this lovely blush palette (i'm obsessed with trying new blushes so it made my day when the lovely lady dropped this into my shopping bag!). I don't think the palette itself is available to buy, which is a shame because the colours actually compliment one another perfectly (i'm pretty sure they will sell the separate colours..)

The blushes aren't the most pigmented powders i have ever tried, which i was a little bit disappointed in as you do have to apply quite a bit to get a decent bit of colour. However, i don't think this is necessarily such a bad thing when it comes to blush, as i prefer to build colour up. 

The colours in the palette from left to right:

Estee Lauder Signature Silky Blush Powder in '11 Nude Rose'
I love this shade. It takes a bit of building up but for me the subtlety of this colour is really beautiful on the skin. It feels soft and smooth and blends effortlessly. I've used this over my BB cream and the powder looks very dewy after it's been applied. Again, i think this is down to the subtle pigments but the overall effect is more like a cream blush rather than a powder that 'sits' on top of your makeup. I've been using this alongside the bronzer in the palette and it gives a very similar but more subtle effect when compared to my trusty Nars Orgasm/Laguna combination. Very much like a toned down more natural/nude version of the two.

Bronze Goddess - Soft Matte Bronzer in '01'
Again, very subtle but a lovely shade with a little bit of a glow. I actually apply this when i'm on the go with the handy brush that comes with the palette (normally i don't use brushes like this because i find them fiddly but suprisingly this one seems to work perfectly fine). I find this shade perfect for those 'pale days' when you just need a touch of bronzer for a bit of a glow but don't want the colour to look so harsh.

Estee Lauder Signature Shimmer Powder - 01 Gold Pearl
I am not a mahoosive fan of shimmer on the face unless it's on my eyes, so this was an interesting shade to try. I must admit that at first i set myself up to hate this, however, I actually found it to be quite flattering when used high on the apples of the cheeks and it gave my face a lovely dewy glow. I'ts not an everyday product for me but i love the shade and the sheen that this colour gives (and it looks so glittery and pretty in the palette! Eee!)

I'm still undecided as to whether i'll be buying any more Estee Lauder blushes. I like the texure and the way that they blend but it does take some time to build up the colour if you're going for a more defined cheek.  That said, i love this palette and if it was available to buy over the counter then i would maybe consider buying another once i've used this. If you're looking into any of their blushes i really would suggest asking for a sample and popping over to the counter for a cheeky swatch or two before you part with your pennies, as they aren't going to be for everyone.

A little note about Estee Lauder lipsticks..
If you're a lipstick fan (like me) then i really suggest Estee Lauder's lipstick range. I have 3 of them now and i find them to be absolutely brilliant - both in pigmentation, staying power and texture (they are lovely and moisturising without compromising the colour pay-off). I shall do a little review on one soon :)

Lots of love

Friday 17 February 2012

What's In My *Holiday* Make Up Bag? (And Holiday Chit-Chat)

Hello my bloggy lovelies and apologies for the lack of posts this week. I got back from my holiday last night, and that can only mean one thing - back to blogging! (and back to work on Saturday but we won't speak of such things just yet..)

It's not been the sunniest of weeks unfortunately - infact it's been one of the cloudiest holidays i have ever had, but nonetheless it has been a much needed break for me and i still got to see a bit of sunshine inbetween the cloudy moments. 

You may have read my last post outlining i was struggling to keep to my 20kg luggage allowance.. and lo and behold, on the way back i had to part with a hefty sum of 28 euros just for the sake of a couple of extra tops (and shoes..) I must have been unlucky with the sour-faced woman on the check-in desk as normally they seem to let me off with a bit of extra baggage...

I'm an over-packer and always will be (i always seem to get one of those bright orange 'heavy' stickers slapped onto my suitcase - the shame). Try as i might i will never be one of these ever so organised and clever people who know how to pack a 'capsule wardrobe'. I will never understand how they manage to do this..

So i thought i'd kick off with a 'whats in my makeup bag' post - but in the form of a sunshiney-holiday-version :)

So this is this years holiday makeup bag (i say this because each year i end up buying a new one for some reason). It was from good old Primark and cost me no more than a fiver.

I bought it simply because it's not too big and i needed to force myself to take less i normally go a bit crazy and take my whole entire luggage allowance in make up. Also it has two sections when opened so it was handy for separating products.


Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer - '02 Light'
Nars - 'Laguna' Bronzer (Review)
Nars - 'Orgasm' blush
Sleek Brow Kit in 'Light' (Review)
Estee Lauder Double Wear Light Foundation 
No.7 Triple Protection Tinted Moisturiser (my holy grail holiday makeup-base)
Sleek Contour Kit (Review)
Sephora Concealer Palette
Loreal Studio Secrets Professional Primer
 Garnier BB Cream (Review)
No.7 Stay Perfect Foundation in 'Buff' (matches my skin if tanned)
MUA Blush in 'Shade 1'
Superdrug 'Pro 03' Contour Brush  (Perfect for on the go).



Personally i was quite proud of myself for taking only 7 lipsticks.. If you're a regular reader you will know i love my lippie. I still found myself wishing i'd bought more along with me..

Left to Right:

Barry M '129'
Barry M '147'
Collection 2000 Lasting Colour - 'No.6 Bubblegum'
Rimmel - 006 Pink Blush
Mac - Saint Germain (Review)
Collection 2000 Lasting Colour - 'No.2 Pink Shock' 
Topshop - 'RioRio' (Review)
I also took 2 lip pencils:
Barry M 'Red'
Natural Collection 'Almond'


Urban Decay - Naked Palette (Yes it's battered but well loved atleast!)
Tweezerman Eyelash curlers (I may do a review on these soon.. best eyelash curlers ever)
No.7 Blend & Contour brush
Loreal Super Liner Carbon Gloss
Maybelline - 'The Falsies' Waterproof 
NYC Eyeshadow Palette 'Gothic Harlem'
Urban Decay - Primer Potion (the squeezy tube is amazee)
Barry M Eyeliner 'Black'
Barry M Eyeliner 'Brown'
Rimmel Eyebrow Pencil 'Hazel'

So there we have it. My rather organised holiday makeup bag. I also have a couple of other holiday-related posts planned including a little haul and a few product reviews. I also want to do a post on my outfits so let me know if you wish to see any more of my holiday-related ramblings :)

Hope you've all had lovely weeks.
I shall try and post some pictures soon.

Lots of love

Wednesday 8 February 2012

Just a little note to say..


Hey lovelies.

Just to say..
Im afraid that Bird's Word's will be a little bit empty this week, as i'm jetting away to sunnier climes in the early hours of this morning.
I did have a load of posts planned to do with my holiday makeup bag and what-not but uni work and packing my suitcase has taken over (it takes me atleast a whole night to pack a suitcase - it's always ridiculously overweight and i have to go back through and take shed loads of stuff out.. does anyone else have this annoying over-packing problem?!)

Lots of love

Sunday 5 February 2012

How To... Grow Your Hair Longer

I've always been fairly happy with my hair. I can only describe it's length as 'boob length' really..  I thought i would share a few of my tips and tricks i have picked up over the years that i use to keep my hair healthy and long.

One thing i am extremely fussy about in life is my hair. I always have been and i probably always will be. I remember going to the hairdressers when i was a young'un and feeling terrified at the thought of somebody with a sharp pair of scissors being let loose to trim my tresses. I still hate it now. I will happily go and get it coloured, but getting it cut results in me feeling extremely nervous and staring intently into the mirror whilst some poor hairdresser attempts to cut my hair to my 'half an inch' specifications. 

When all the other girls in my year at school went through that phase of cutting their hair short.. i didn't. And my hair has always remained relatively long (amidst a few layer-cutting, hair dyeing mishaps).

Here are a few things i use/swear by:

Now, i am by no means a hair expert, hair dresser or in any way a 'proffesh' but this is just what has worked for me over the years in maintaining the length of my hair. This should be quite a long post so if you're interested in growing your hair or just picking up a few tips on hair care, then grab a cuppa, get comfy and have a read. :)

  • Conditioner. This is an obvious one. Always condition your hair. I don't tend to fuss too much over what shampoo i use but i always try and use a richly moisturising conditioner to keep the ends healthy and smooth. I leave it on for atleast two minutes each time i wash my hair and i NEVER skip it. I alternate what i use quite a bit. At the moment i'm using Wella's 'Enrich' range.
  • Deep conditioning treatments. Once a month i treat my hair to a deep conditioning treatment. If it's in a particularly bad state then i'll do it twice in a week. At the moment i'm using the Herbal Essences Intensive Mask (they're so good if you're on a budget).But i really recommend the John Frieda ones. Again, i alternate this to whatever i fancy on the shelves when i need to purchase a new one..

  • Trimming split ends. I hate to admit this and theres probably a few of you that will gasp in horror, but i cut my own hair. I just know how i like it to look and my hair isn't really in a particular style anymore. If yours is in a certain style i probably wouldn't suggest this. But if you are going to take the split end matter into your own hands i would suggest investing in some 'professional' hairdressing scissors. Blunt ones from your mum's kitchen drawer will cause havoc on your poor ends and make it worse. I bought mine from Boots and they do the job for me.
  • Heat Protectant Spray. Heat in any shape or form is going to be bad for your hair. I'll be the first to hold my hands up and admit i absoloutely frazzle mine. BUT, i never ever skip the heat protectant. Ever. I use the Tresemme one because it lasts me for ages but whatever your heat protecting spray of choice - USE IT!  

    • Vitamins. Of course any form of vitamin is going to do you and your hair some good. To boost my hair's 'growing potential', i use Lee Stafford's Hair Growth Treatment. I want my hair to grow just a couple more inches but i'm struggling to get it past a certain length. I often pick this up if it's looking a bit bedraggled. For your hair to grow it needs to be healthy, so i find this gives it a boost (if you want a separate review on this please let me know - as i have quite a bit to say about it!)

    • Hair Serum/Leave in conditioner. If the ends of my hair are looking a bit dry, i use a richly moisturising leave in conditioner, and apply serum to the ends to help seal any split ends. It's usually a temporary measure but i use a Botanics one which contains nutrients for your hair. It comes in a lovely travel sized bottle and i often make most use out of this abroad when my hair does tend to feel very dry.
    "Rich in anti-oxidants it can act as a barrier against environmental damage".

    • Tangle Teezer - It's a well known fact that brushing your hair when wet has the potential to cause a lot of damage. I only ever brush it through with a wide toothed comb, or just recently i've been using the Tangle Teezer. It's so gentle on your hair and doesn't feel as if it's tugging at your scalp when you brush through.

    • Build-up removal sachets.  Like me, Every so often, my hair needs a bit of a detox! So i buy a few sachets of 'build-up removal' shampoos. I haven't got any for photographic purposes right now, but once in a while i use one of these to remove any of the product build-up that may be damaging my hair. If i find it's becoming unmanageable or unruly, then these tend to do the job. You can also buy bottles of these shampoos but i find the sachets to be enough for me when i need to remove build-up.
    • Protect your hair from the sun. If i'm on holiday i tie my hair up in a bun or plait it so that the ends aren't always being frazzled by the heat. I also protect it using one of those mini sunshine-y protecting sprays that you can get for cheap from the holiday section of Boots or Superdrug. I've used the Mark Hill one for the past 2 years and it does the job (i love the palm tree on the front..if that doesn't get you in the holiday mood i don't know what will!)

    • Cut down on Dyeing/Bleaching. I'm naturally blonde and i've always liked my hair colour so i guess with this one i'm fairly lucky. It can get a little bit 'mousey' sometimes and i will admit i do sometimes get a few highlights or use lightening sprays or blonde dyes, but just recently i've embraced my natural tones and my hair is looking much better for it. If you are going to dye your hair, try to just concentrate on your roots, or use a good conditioner alongside it.

    • Where possible, let hair dry naturally. Once or twice a month, i try to let my hair air dry as much as possible. I always use a hairdryer because if not my hair just wouldn't dry (it's quite thick), but sometimes i limit the amount of heat i use just to give my hair a bit of a break.
    • Don't overly wash your hair! I don't wash my hair every day. The more you wash it, the greasier it will be because you're constantly stripping your hair of it's natural oils and in turn it will produce more. Natural oils in your hair will help it to grow and prevent it from becoming dry. If you're an over-washer-rer.. then embrace the wonderful invention of dry shampoo! Your hair will love you for it.
    • Alternate your shampoo. I find that a good mix of shampoos works best with my hair. If it's looking brassy, i'll use a purple toned one. If it's in a bad way, i'll use a moisturising one. If i'm on holiday, i'll use a sun protection based one. If it's looking dull, i'll use one for bringing out blonde tones.
    • Tie up your hair at night. It limits any damage and if you do have long hair like me, it can prevent all kinds of hair-strangling-madness.
    • Scalp massaging. I picked this tip up from my hairdresser! Now and again if you massage your shampoo in with your fingertips and concentrate around your scalp, then it stimulates your hair follicules. Oof.
    • Hair extentions. Don't get them glued in! Your hair will be wrecked. Use clip-ins if you are going to use them and make sure you use real human hair. It's a good way to experiment with lenth and they can make your hair appear fuller too. If you're waiting for your hair to grow but want to see results in an instant, then this is a good way to do so. 

    I also have long layers at the back of my hair to help keep it looking full. Growing your hair doesn't mean your hair has to look flat and boring and keeping long layers trimmed into it can help to add movement and keep it looking healthy. I also have a little side-swept fringe to keep things a bit more interesting (what a risky little devil i am..)

    Hopefully, if you've reached the end of this post then you've picked up a couple of tips for healthy growing hair.
    What are your swear-by products or tips to keep your hair growing healthily? :)