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Monday 2 January 2012

New Jewels & Wavy Hair

Bit of random post today.. I've just spent the day attempting to do some uni work and i've been tidying up and generally just getting stuff sorted now that Christmas and New Year is over (boooo! It went too quickly.. i swear it goes quicker every year). I wish i'd done a little 'Christmas haul' post as i really enjoyed reading everyone elses... but i've put all of my presents away now and i haven't really had the time to photograph my favourite bits.. So, over the next few weeks i'm sure you'll see a couple of new products and stuff that i recieved popping up in seperate blog posts.

For ages i've really wanted one of the wrist cuffs that seem to be everywhere right now. I had my heart set on the Topshop one that's been all over magazines and all over the blogosphere..but they didn't have them in stock in either of the Topshops near me (yess im a lucky girl and i have the choice of two..!) so i kind of gave up and complained to my mother about the lack of wrist-candy in any shops in my whole entire area. However, on Christmas Day i opened one of my presents to find this..

This one is from Miss Selfridge and i believe it was £12.50? It's a bit more girly and delicate than the ones i'd had my eye on but once i put it on i really liked it. I believe they also do this in gold but mother opted for silver since i wear silver rings on both hands.. clever species she is :)

^ If you can even see it in this picture.. Its the only one i really have of me wearing it on Christmas Day. I really like it as it fits in with my style quite well.. i do tend to go for girly things so i reckon i'll be getting a lot more wear out of this one than i probably would have out of the Topshop one.

I also picked up the 'wing ring' from Primark that i've wanted for ages. I got this before Christmas and i'm in love with it. Although i always end up buying them too big and this one tends to try and escape (pesky little thing it is..)

And lastly.. My boyfriend treated me to this beautiful ring for Christmas :) He always buys me the prettiest things and i really don't know how he does it.. most men are useless when it comes to stuff like this but he always picks me out something i'd choose myself. I'm now trying to get a nail polish to match the blue stone (i got Andrea Fullertons 'Petrol in Water' for christmas which is a sparkly blue colour and i'm hoping it's a good match when i get round to trying it out!).
Oh.. That makes me sound ever so sad :| Trying to get nail polishes to match things.. 

& i thought i'd just show you how i wore my hair over Christmas and New Year. I usually curl my hair using straighteners as i find it quicker. However i find it does tend to drop out easily. So i've been using my curling tongs just recently. I prefer the look of simple waves rather than BIG curls on me (my hair is quite long so big curls mean a shit load of hairspray which in turn gives me crispy hair..eww). I pop my rollers in to give me a bit of volume, and curl the lengths of my hair before brushing through with a barrel brush and ..voila.. simple wavey/curly hair that doesn't look TOO overdone. :)
I think i'll be giving my curling tongs some more love over the next few weeks.. I'm a bit addicted to waves at the moment! 

I know i've been posting quite often just recently, hopefully i shall try and keep this up. However, i'm back at uni next week so i doubt i'll be blogging at the rate i have been this past week or so.. :(

Hope you all had a fabulous NYE and day :)

lots of love,


  1. Aw your beyond beautuful! Lucky girl :)
    Love you blog! <3

  2. Oooh, I love the wing ring, it's perfect! <3 You are SO GORGEOUS, by the way. I'm totally following your blog. :)

  3. What a gorgeous ring your bf picked out, I can only dream mine would do the same, I'm too fussy for my own good! Loving your hair, its amazing, love the colour too!

    Thanks so much for your comment on my blog also!

  4. Thankyou girlss <3 :)

    @summer - Thankyou :) I'm a follower of your blog - really liked your last post and that Orly polish is on my wish list :)

    @Jimmi Lou - I'm also extremely fussy so i really have no idea how he did it! Im just a lover of pastel pinks (and anything pink really..) so he got it in one with the pink stone! :)


  5. Your hair looks lovely! I wish I could get mine like this! :)X


  6. You're so BEAUTIFUL and that bracelet... I'm in love with it!!!

  7. You are gorgeous!! Love the hair. :)

  8. You're so pretty ! I LOVE your hair ! You make me wanna go blonde again ! xx


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