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Wednesday 30 November 2011

How To Survive a Panic Attack..

Bit of a different post today. I've been wanting to do something like this for ages but never got round to it..and i also find the subject extremely hard to talk about. I briefly mentioned in a recent post that i suffer from panic attacks. If you suffer with them too then you may find this post of interest (if not, then im ever so sorry :) but i have muchos more beauty/fashion/more chirpier things to write about later this week)..

"One of the most frightening things you may find yourself experiencing is a panic attack and it is very difficult to fully explain how it feels unless you have experienced one."
I don't remember ever not having panic attacks, and i've found them quite difficult to live with (nerve-racking things such as exams were made 10x worse for me, even things such as bus journeys and sitting in assembly halls can turn into my worst nightmare within seconds). The reason i find it even more difficult is because people just don't understand them, and i think more really does need to be done to raise awareness of this problem, because it's actually more common than people think (nobody would know that i have them unless i told them). I know when i was at school i suffered in silence, never told anyone and in turn that made the issue SO much worse. So, if you are one of those people, have a little read of this post. I've tried everything and anything to try and get rid of them, and i've picked up all sorts of 'survival' tips and tricks..

Learn what your 'triggers' are
After living with panic attacks for my whole life, i've pretty much worked out by now what sets them off and what makes them worse. I tend to find i get quite panicky if im in crowded, silent places - such as assembly halls, overcrowded classrooms (yes, school was a nightmare) and even cinemas (although i do still go, generally once i get into the film im alright). I don't like it when i can't get out of a place quickly. For example if im on the bus in the mornings and people are crammed in like sardines and standing in the aisles - oh goodness - i just want to get off. 
I also hate being locked in places and not being able to get out at all (flying..i dread it for weeks before i go on holiday and don't relax until i'm sitting on a beach somewhere with the sand between my toes, miles away from a flipping airport! arggh!)

Bach Rescue Remedy
 Ahhh what a life saver this little bottle of miracle-ness is.  I always have one of these in my bag if im travelling or if i just have a stressful day ahead. You just pop a few drops of the solution on your tongue (it tastes like alcohol - its luuurvley) or mix a bit in with your bottle of water and sip through the day. I'm not sure if it really works or not, but either way it makes me feel better knowing that it's there so surely thats a good thing.

Dont avoid things to get out of having a panic attack
Truth is, if you're going to have one, you're going to have one. I've learnt by now that i'm probably going to have to live with them, so avoiding things isn't really an option. The more you avoid things, the worse they will get, and the harder you will find it in future to go back into that situation. You have to literally force yourself to do certain things. If you find you get panicky in certain situations, the more you put yourself in those situations, the easier they will get (even though its easier said than done).

Yes. I love mints anyway (i nibble them constantly), but they also serve a purpose for when i feel a little panic coming on. Mints are proven to help with nausea, so that horrible 'sicky' feeling i get when i have one seems to go away slightly if i crunch on a mint for a while. 

Consider seeing your doctor.
There may come a point, where you feel like you spend your whole life having one giant panic attack, which is where it becomes a problem. If you get to the stage where you just can't cope with them, or you're in need of advice or reassurance, then go and see your doctor. I went through a stage where i basically couldn't go anywhere, i was waking up in the night with them too, and it was just becoming near-on impossible to do anything. It takes time to get yourself back on track, but im so glad that i went to see somebody in the end; my doctor pointed me in the direction of somebody who deals especially with people suffering from panic attacks, and it helped a great deal seeing somebody who actually understood fully what i was going through.

Tell your friends.
They might not understand, but most of my friends now know what to do if they're with me and i go into my 'panic mode'. Personally, unless i say otherwise, i like to be left alone for a little bit, and i like to sit outside whilst the effects wear off. If you tell people how to help you, you will feel reassured knowing that they know what to do in the event that you may have one around them. Generally, telling people if you're worried definitely makes things a little bit easier, after all "a problem shared is a problem halved".

Think of nice things :)
Again, easier said than done, but if i can feel one coming on then i try and think of something that made me smile recently or a place where i feel relaxed, and it makes me feel a bit better.


If there's a stressful period of your life coming up, for example exam time or any other situations where you may find your panic attacks get worse, then i sometimes take a couple of these over the course of the week or so. If you're struggling to sleep, they also do a night version to help you sleep a bit more soundly.

Remember that nothing is going to happen to you.
As much as feels like the worst thing in the world, just try to remember that nothing bad is going to happen and that it will end, (the average length of a panic attack is 10 minutes) There is no case ever found of somebody being harmed by a panic attack.

And if this didn't help whatsoever, here is a useful link:
Don't know what a panic attack is and want to know?
Click here :)

There are many more little helpful hints i could tell you but i shan't go on any more due to the fact this blog post is becoming a bit longer than i anticipated... i could write a book about this subject...

Hope you're all having lovely weeks :) I have a couple of reviews and beauty-related posts coming up soon but i thought id finally get this post done and dusted :) I will probably doing a little 'follow up' post on this subject too..just because i feel i have so much to say about it :)

If you do have any questions, please feel free to send me a little email or drop me a comment.

Saturday 26 November 2011

Topshop Lipstick: Beguilded

It's Saturday. It can only mean one thing; i will buy something on my way to work. And lo and behold, look what happened. This week, i found myself in the make-up section of Topshop, and i finally bought the lipstick i've been lusting after for weeks... "Beguilded", a deep 'vampy' red colour.

I love love LOVE Topshop's make up range. Ever since it was launched, i've been a little bit obsessed. I love the packaging. Most things come in cute little boxes (i have an obsession with their cheek tints which are packaged in little dotty cases), and the lipstick is packaged in a really sturdy tube (not plastic-y at all..unlike most brands! YAY!), it almost feels as if it's made of metal, and it feels quite 'weighty' in your hands. It also does that satisfying little 'clicky' sound when you put the lid on. Another thing i love, is that they all come packaged in boxes, which is not something you normally see with lipsticks unless you go for a more high-end product.  They also pop it in a matching spotty, black and white bag at the till, which i think adds a nice touch, and also makes you feel like you're getting something a little bit special..

 (Above: Without flash - Below: With flash)
I've been looking at this lipstick for ages, but i've never really been able to justify parting with my £8 for a lipstick that i wasn't sure if i would get much wear out of. But today, i was feeling in a bit of a RECKLESS mood (oo don't we all love feeling a bit reckless with our make-up purchasing habits now and again..) I just thought 'stuff it' and took it straight to the till before i could change my mind. I'm glad i didn't.
I've seen lots of vampy reds being advertised in magazines; they're all over the shops at the moment, and i really wanted to try a darker shade for once. I have to say, the formula of topshop's lipsticks are spot on. They're creamy, glide on smoothly and don't feel at all drying (which for a darker colour wouldn't be ideal!), they're also well pigmented and one coat drenches your lips in colour. The lipstick also gives quite a glossy finish, and feels really light and moisturising on your lips. They aren't the cheapest of lipsticks (priced at £8) but i reckon they're worth the extra bit of dollar just for the way they're packaged and for the quality.

Having only treated myself to this today, i haven't yet had the chance to wear this out; but I'm planning on wearing it at some stage next week, and possibly for my upcoming Christmas do at work. I think it's the kind of lipstick that can really add to your whole look, a definite 'statement' lip for when you're feeling a bit braver (and i will need to feel a bit brave to pull this off during the daytime - trust me!). Having said that, i'm in love with the colour and i think it's perfect for Christmas time (can see it looking really striking on cold, frosty mornings).
I shall attempt to get some photos when i finally decide to wear it out. 

What do you think to this season's 'Vampy' lip trend? (I've gone a little bit mad on red lipsticks just recently!) 
And has anyone got a favourite Topshop lipstick? Mine is currently "Infrared" and "Desert"..but i'm currently lusting after "Muted"... 
Opinions please! :)

Hope you're all having a fabulous weekend.

Friday 25 November 2011

Review: Barry M - Lash Modelling Mascara

Hey everyone. First off, my apologies for being an absolute rubbish excuse of a  blogger this week, i have had a muchos tiring week full of late nights, stressing and general lack of sleepy time. And i now have a lovely late shift at work tomorrow to look forward to. Yipee.

Anyway, i may not have been blogging away this week, but i have been testing the Barry M 'Lash Modelling' mascara. Now, i never really pass a second glance over Barry M mascaras, or many other mascaras for that matter, purely because i love my Maybelline 'The Falsies' too much to care about any other mascara (that's commitment for you).  I usually don't see buying mascara as a 'treat', i see it as more of a necessity and once i find one i like, i stick to it for quite some time.

My mum actually bought this. She's a little rascal with mascara purchases - if there's a new one out, she'll 'av it! But like me, she tries them once and always goes back to the one she's used for years. She had left this on top of her make-up bag and never used it, so i thought i would make use of it and give it a little test for you lovely lot :)..

Barry M being one of my favourite drugstore make up brands, i was expecting great things. And to be honest i haven't been disappointed. The packaging is obviously fairly cheap and a little bit too 'plastic' for my liking, but aside from that i actually quite like it. Eek. I think it's probably down to the fact it's pink and looks quite cute :)

The brush. Personally, i don't like plastic brushes. I feel that they separate my lashes but don't help whatsoever to build volume. I prefer a more 'meaty' brush (haha..meaty..who uses that word to describe mascara brushes?). This was exactly what i found with this mascara. I always curl my eyelashes before applying (Tweezerman eyelash curlers - best curlers EVERR..they're an investment but they really do work like a dream), but this mascara just seemed to leave them looking a little bit flat. However, they were separated really nicely and the black was quite pigmented, so my eyelashes did look really defined.  I also liked the size of the brush, it wasn't too big or too small.

I've got into the habit of using this on my bottom lashes now, to help avoid clumpiness and to help separate them a bit more. I still use my trusty Maybelline on the top lashes (no mascara is ever going to be able to separate me from my trusty Maybelline), but if i feel like they don't look defined enough, then i apply the Barry M one as a second coat, and it leaves them feeling less clumpy and altogether more defined and separated. I did notice the odd little flake throughout the day but nothing terrible, and it does stay on pretty well. 

I do tend to find that mascaras have more 'hold' after i've used them for a couple of weeks or so probably due to the formula drying up slightly (i always HATE new mascaras)... so i may change my mind on the 'volume' side of things later on next week..

Of course, this isn't waterproof so if you do find yourself in a teary situation or giggling so much it makes your eyes water, this mascara isn't really going to be your friend (not a downside though - i knew it wasn't supposed to be waterproof).

Overall, Barry M hasn't let me down. I'm still unsure as to whether i'd make a re-purchase on this yet.. I just know i will end up at the Maybelline section as always. We shall see.

Just a little note to say..

Im a sucker for new flavours of Vaseline. The cocoa butter one has been my faithful handbag companion for an extremely long time now, but this one is my new best friend. I always find myself sniffing it several times before i apply it.. hmm... must look like a right weirdo on the bus in the mornings! 

Does exactly what it says on the tin, really. It therapys your lips - and smells of Creme Brulee...

I hope you've all had stress-free, laid back, slow-paced weeks :) Unlike myself.

Has anyone else tried any of the Barry M mascaras? What did you think?

Sunday 20 November 2011

GOSH: Nail Glitter Pots

Hey girliiiees. I warned you that i had a lot of posts coming up!! I thought i would get a few posts in before the next fortnight or so, as i have a feeling i will have a bit more uni work on my hands.
I've been treating myself to all sorts of stuff i don't really need just recently, and this GOSH Nail Glitter is one of them. I don't really have an explanation or any reasoning behind this purchase.. except its pink, and it glitters. Need i say more?

GOSH Nail Glitter in "Rose Quartz"

Ohhhhhhh don't we all just love a little sparkling pot of fairy dust. It was a toss up between this colour and the darker pink, after muchos umming and arring i decided to opt for the baby pink.
I love the little box it comes in.. It's quite a small pot so the packaging is only tiny, but i always find miniature things cute anyway..

I've had a really good lazy Sunday today. Work absolutely knackered me yesterday so i decided to treat myself to a day of general moping around the house and blogging... and testing out this pot of glitter. I was going to go the whole way and do my entire nails in this, until i realised that during the week i also picked up a new nailvarnish, 'Collection 2000 - Siren', a fabulous barbie pink colour with a slight iridescence to it (I've had it before but it had gone all gloopy, so i rushed out to get another).

So. I took it as my chance to try out the 'one glittery nail on each hand' trend.

Overall, i really like the outcome of it. It's like a glitter polish but without the trouble of re-applying coats and coats of it to get it to look super glittery. The only downside is...
Its bloody messy!

You have to apply a coat of clear nail varnish, and basically dunk your nail (the only way i can really describe this motion :)) into the pot. Sounds simple. But the pot is just a tiny bit too small so you have to sort of wiggle it around to get it to coat the whole nail. Once coated you just leave it to dry before brushing off the excess glitter. It's quick and easy and your nails are covered in glitter in no time.. and so is your worktop...and floor..and your hands..and your face. Obviously, being a pot of glitter, this can be expected (it's also quite finely milled too - but i like that).

Now, i love a bit of glitter but flippin'eck, it's extremely easy to get this everywhere very quickly. I ended up wasting quite a bit of product (it might just be me being clumsy), and to say it's quite a small pot anyway i didn't really want to waste any glitter-bits. I also wouldn't suggest you attempt to apply a top-coat on your nails after this, you will just end up with a gloopy-glittery-mahoosive mess. But the glitter itself gives a lovely finish and stays on fairly well without the need of a top coat anyway (provided you don't work in a shoe myself).

I just wish they had put a little removeable sprinkle top on the pot..just to make applying it a little bit easier.. But it's just a little niggle really.. i will most probably be using this again. The colour of the Rose Quartz shade reminds me of Barry M's "Pink Iridescence". I likes it. Even though i do have it all over my face right now :)

Have you tried any of these glitter pots? or will you be sticking to glitter nail varnish?

Hope you've all had a fabulous weekend.

Everyday Face: Favourite Eyeshadow

I've been thinking about doing a 'favourites' post for ages but i've never got round to it purely because .. i have too many favourites!! So i've decided to do it in the form of an 'everyday make up' series of posts simply because i wear my favourite make up items most days of the week...

Favourite eyeshadow: Urban Decay "Naked Palette"

Yes. My favourite thing in my make up box. EVER. It's the best make up item i've invested in and i use it every day and for every night out just because the colours in it are so versatile. I'd do a whole post dedicated to this but SO many people have done blog posts/videos on it now that i think it would be a little bit pointless. All i can say is, if you have a spare £32 knocking about and you can't decide what to do with it.. go pick up one of won't regret it.

There's so many different looks you can create with this palette, from a 'barely there' every day eye to a full on smoky eye for nights out. The gold colour 'Half-Baked' is my favourite (i have green eyes so i think the gold tone brings out the colour in my eyes more) and i usually pop a bit of 'Smog' or 'Darkhorse' in the socket line for extra definition.
I also use the two matte colours in the palette 'Naked' and 'Buck' to fill in my eyebrows, and i use the shimmery nude colour 'Virgin' to highlight my brow bone and occasionally on my eyes for everyday looks. 
I do suggest that you put one of these on your wish-list for Mr Santa Claus, if you haven't already...

(You may notice i've changed this post slightly.. Just because i wasn't too chuffed with the photographs due to crappy UK light levels at this current time :) But fear not..i shall be re-posting the rest of the post in a little 'series' once i've managed to get some better pictures)

Saturday 19 November 2011

Starry Night in a Bottle - Barry M: Vivid Purple

You probably know by now that my favourite nail polish brand is (of course) Barry M. They never fail to disappoint me. All of their colours are so pigmented and bright and fun; if i ever need a cheap 'pick me up', i always find myself at a till in a shop somewhere with one of these little beauties in my hand and realise that i have no idea how i got there...

...And thats exactly where i found myself a couple of weeks ago when i bought this one. If i have a completely rubbish day at work then i always find comfort in the form of a nail polish or two!

I love love LOVEE the colour of this - a rich, deep purple. It reminds me of a purpley coloured night-sky :) It has tiny little shimmery glitters in it so it's got a lovely depth to it (don't we all just love tiny little shimmery glitters?..i do..) and it catches the light beautifully. The colour looks even better on than in the bottle - the first coat drenches your nails in purple-y goodness, and the second just brings out the sparkle that sets the colour off perfectly. Add a glossy top coat and it looks even better!

(Ahh that stupid stubby excuse of a nail - i've said it before and i will say it again..working in silly shoe shops do not agree with nails. Annoyed.)

I've had lots of people asking about this colour at work today so it definitely is a 'must have' colour (yes i judge the good-ness of my nail varnish on how many customers ask me what it is in a day..) 

If you're a fan of Barry M i suggest that you scurry off and purchase yourself one of these lovely bottles of purpleness. Go grab one....grab one NOW!! :) Your nails will love you for it.

Friday 18 November 2011

Review: Sleek - Face Contour Kit

Hi everyone.
I've been wanting the Sleek Contouring kit for absolutely ages now, and i finally gave in and bought it. I had one of those days where you walk into Superdrug, and you buy everything and anything you don't need... ohh its so naughty but it makes you feel so much better doesn't it? :) 

The first thing i love about this is the packaging.. It comes in a little box with instructions on the back, and it's a really nice size - fits in your hand perfectly. I really like how Sleek put most of their products in boxes - i think it's a nice little touch (i love their lipstick packaging) and it makes them much easier and neater to store. When you open the box you get the usual matte packaging (of which i really like), and a little instruction booklet.

I purchased mine in the shade 'Light' (although it's the lightest shade it is still quite a pigmented deep shade of brown, so if you're extremely pale i'd probably suggest you swatch this first to see what you think).

I was even more impressed when i opened it. It has a mirror within the lid which is always a big plus for me, and the palette is of a really decent size too. The powder is lovely to apply; its soft, light and blends in like a dream (and it doesn't feel overly 'powdery' either - if anything it feels quite fluffy).  The bronze shade is absolutely gorgeous. I've fell in love with it. I've been using the Bourjois 'chocolate' bronzer for AGES but now we are coming in to winter i sometimes find that the subtle shimmer in it looks a bit obvious, so i really like the fact that the Sleek one is just a matte powder - it looks more natural and is more practical for contouring.

The highlighter is also a lovely shade. It's not too bright and it's not overly obvious (of which i HATE in highlighters). You do have to build it up slightly but this isn't a bad point for me as i hate it when products go on too thickly. 

I should have really got a photo of my cheeks after using this at some stage this week (silly me), but it really does make your cheekbones look amazingly chiselled and defined. Also, it lasts ALL DAY! (WAHEY!) It didn't go patchy, and it didn't really fade either. I also used the highlighter for underneath my eyebrow arches.

Overall a really damn good product. Well done Sleek :) You've made me one happy little Bethers :)
(I'm currently lusting after Sleek's eyebrow palette..Watch this space!)

On a little side note..
I realised i've lost half of my make up brushes somewhere in my entire house (clueless as to where they've ran off to) i bought a little contour brush from Superdrug to use with the Contour Kit.. for £7.99 it's quite a decent brush to have and i'll probably be picking up a couple more from the range extremely soon...

I have many more reviews/hauls coming up later in the week.. I've been on a bit of a make-up binge just recently and i've been testing out lots of different things for you lovely lot :) 
The only thing thats annoying me right now..Why is it so flipping DULL in the UK? I can hardly get decent photos anymore unless i sit and wait with my camera for the one hour 'window' where theres actually a decent bit of light!! OOF. Annoying.

I hope you're all having a wonderful week full of loveliness :)

Wednesday 16 November 2011

The Versatile Blogger Award

Hey everyone!
Mega excited today. Because i have recieved my first everrr blogger award *Yay*
Thankyou to Holli for giving me this award..  It made my day :) Really :)

The Rules:

1. You have to thank the person that gave you the award and a link back to their blog.

2. Share 7 facts about yourself.

3. Send the award on to 15 other bloggers whose blogs that you appreciate and then let them know that they have been given the award.

So, here are my 7 facts about myself for you all to have a read of/a giggle at/cry at/not read/whatever you choose to do with these facts :)

1. My favourite animals, ever, in the world, are elephants. I absolutely adore them. My room is full of them - cuddly toys, ornaments, decorations, jewellery, notebooks, newspaper cuttings of cute looking elephants... (yes, it really is THAT much of an obsession).

2. I suffer quite badly with panic attacks.
Ever since i can remember i've had them and they make everything in life SO much harder for me. I don't know what 'just being nervous' feels like, because everytime i'm nervous i will have one. My exams were a nightmare, as was my driving test, job interviews..  I can have one when i'm on the bus, on a night out.. anywhere. And for anyone who doesn't get them, all i can say is that they're absolutely terrifying. Nobody would know unless i told them - i'm a normal person; i'm quite confident, chatty, i like to go out and socialise.. but i find it embarassing to tell people and I think more needs to be done so that more people are aware of them. I don't think they will ever go away,  i've learnt to live with them now but they never get easier to deal with. 

3.  I HATE flying. But i do fly fairly regularly, and i hate it even more each time :)

4.   I want to live abroad in the sunshine at some stage in my life

5. I'm obsessed with Stitch from Lilo & Stitch. If i could buy him....i would. I have soo many things from the disney shop with him on it :) And i have all the DVDs..
Sad. I Know.

6. I talk to my car as if it were a pet

7.  I'm obsessed with having a tidy wardrobe. I organise it all the time. I like my clothes to be neat and tidy and i like to know where all my stuff is...

And there we have it :) My 7 facts. 

I pass this award to (Apologies if you've already been awarded..):

Charlotte at Beauty Ramblings..
Liv at Iclelivzi
Stephanie at Style Me Ricci
Hannah at Purple Turtles
Chloe at Blush Crush
Essie at Essie Loves

Tuesday 15 November 2011

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas..

Well.. ok. Maybe not just yet. 

But i'm starting to catch onto the whole Christmas spirit thing already...(although i try not to get too overly-excited before the christmas lights in my town are switched's not christmas until then...) My Jack Wills winter catalogue arrived on my doorstep at the beginning of the week and (maybe this is my inner-geek showing here), but i just loved the little quote on the front. Not just what's written, but how it's written. I just found it quite lovely..

It's quite true really. I know i always feel the need to tell people things near christmas that i wouldn't dream of telling them throughout the rest of the year. (Lets face it, we've all had one too many 'Christmas beverages' and told the whole room we love them haven't we?..or is that just me..?) Christmas brings people together and provokes happiness in even the most miserable of awkward sods :) 

It just made me think of everything i love about this time of year... 

Hot chocolates
Christmas shopping
Putting up the tree with my mum and attempting to untangle the fairy lights whilst getting rather merry off Snowballs (if you're clueless as to what these are, google it..the most amazing christmassy cocktail.ever)
The Pogues - "Fairytale of New York".. Love it or hate it. It's flippin' brilliant to sing after a few beverages..
Open air ice rinks, christmas lights and massive christmas trees in shopping centres
CHRISTMAS TV! (eg. The Snowman. Yeah. I still watch that)

And one last thing..Christmas films. Does anyone else have that one film that they HAVE to watch every.single.year without fail? I have 3 (yes, i do watch them EVERY year)...

1. Love Actually 
 2. Miracle on 34th Street
 3. The Greatest Store in the World 
(Not everyone has heard of this was on the BBC years ago but i've never forgotten's about a family who lose their home near christmas time and attempt to live in a huge department store .. far fetched but it's rather lovely :)) I have it recorded on video. Yes..VIDEO!!

Whats everyone else's yearly 'Christmas film' ? :)

[Apologies for extremely early christmas-related post..i'm not one of these crazy christmas freaks...really...]