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Tuesday 17 January 2012

Skin Care/Cosmetics Tag

I've definately had a case of 'bloggers block' the past few days or so. I haven't really had much inspiration for new posts, but i'm blaming it on the whopping amounts of uni work i've been attempting to do. So i thought i would just do a little 'tag' today.

So here goes the Skin Care/Cosmetics Tag.. 
I've cut it down slightly and just picked out the questions i find more interesting.. since i do have a tendancy to ramble on :)

Skin Care

Your skin type?
I have combination skin. But overall it tends to be pretty well behaved.

Which facial cleanser do you use?
I use Clinque's foaming cleanser. I've used it for years and i love it. It's nice and gentle and doesn't feel funny on my skin (i'm extremee-fussy about creamy cleansers - as i feel like i'm greasing up my face..)

Which moisturiser do you use?
Currently using Soap & Glory's 'For Daily Youth' (not that i'm old or's just pink and smells nice) But i also use Liz Earle. I prefer un-scented stuff on my skin.

Do you use eye cream?
Sometimes! I use the Garnier one to brighten my eyes when im hungover and such-like.

Do you suffer with spots?
Not really. I think i'm quite lucky. I got them when i was quite young and at school before most people got any. But that means that now im older i don't really suffer with them. I only ever get the odd one now (usually when i've overdone it with the alcohol..)

Do you use SPF?
I use tinted moisturiser with SP15 in it. 
If i go on holiday then YES - otherwise i take my sunnies off at the end of the day and when i look in the mirror i'm greeted with ever so lovely panda eyes (no amount of concealer covers sunglasses-mishaps i might add...i have muchos experience with this..)

Make Up:

I try not to wear it unless i NEED it. I use BB Cream or tinted moisturiser as i hate the feeling of foundation on my face. Unless i'm going out on the razzle.. 

YESS. Oh my GOODNESS. Yes. Collection 2000 'Lasting Perfection' - you have covered a multitude of partying, lack of sleepytimes and an overload-age of alcoholic beverage sins.

False Eyelashes?
I only wear them on nights out. I went through a stage where i overdosed on them (i dont think you can technically 'OD' on false eyelash-ness but you get the jist..) and they wrecked my peepers... Be warned all of you falsies addicts!

Do you use eyeshadow primer?
Since i discovered Urban Decay's Primer Potion i've realised i cannot live without it (clever little scoundrel's they are..casually throwing it in with the 'Naked' Palette..)

Skin base?
I don't use primer. If my skin doesn't need it i'd rather not slap it on for the sake of it. Although if i'm planning on a night out or a special occasion when my makeup may need a bit of staying power, then i'm partial to a bit of L'Oreal Studio Secrets Professional.

Favourite Eyeshadow?
Four words for you.
Best thing in my life. Ever.

Have you ever had a mascara 'accident'?
If by 'accident' you mean poking yourself in the eye and swearing at inanimate objects to counteract the pain.. then yes. I'd be intrigued to know what other 'accidents' you can have with mascara.... :|
Ohhhh & i always do that thing where you decide you need to sneeze upon placing the wand riiiight near your eye - and you end up with like a mascara-face..

You favourite lipstick?
I can't even attempt to answer this..
But my current favees are Topshop: Rio Rio & Mac's Saint Germain. Although i end up re-purchasing Barry M's 129 over and over again (The lilac shade).

Sephora one i got abroad. I'll be so sad when it runs out :( I wish Sephora would MAN UP and bring their shizz over to the UK. It will make me a happy girl.

Nars - Orgasm is my all time go-to blusher. But i'm absoloutely loving MUA's 'Shade 1' at the momento.

Your worst makeup disaster?
Ohhhh when i was a young'un. I used to do the whole white eyeshadow with black eyeliner thing that every girl at my school used to do. *CRINGEE* Obviously this was waaay before my beauty-blogging days.. I used to love experimenting with makeup though. I remember i used to be fascinated with it before all my friends even knew what mascara was.. haa..

Bright or natural colours?
Natural colours. I like my makeup to look defined but natural. If it's summer then i go for the 'barely there' look. But i do like a brown 'smokey' eye. It's classic and bold but not too overdone.

Which celebrities makeup is your favourite?
MILA KUNIS! I have a little bit of a girl-crush on her. She's EFFING beaut.
I tried to copy her hair in 'Forgetting Sarah Marshall' (i dyed my hair basically black thinking i would look very Mila-esque at the end of it). No. No i didn't. I looked like a member of the Adam's family.. (i had it stripped back to natural blonde-ness 2 days later..) So. Lesson learnt. From now on i'll stick to copying her makeup..
Or Rachel McAdams. Because she always looks naturally flawless and pretty :)
If i could steal her pretty-ness. I would. 

If you could only choose one make-up item to use for the rest of your life what would it be?
Either mascara or concealer.. Probably concealer. If my under-eye circles are gone then im all good.
I hope that this situation whereby i have to make this decision for real never arises :)  Ever.

Do you ever go out without make-up?
I would do if i wanted/needed to but i like to look presentable (and my just-woken-up style isn't one to be me). But if im on holiday then the slap comes off and i couldn't care less..
Or if a fancy a cheeky Maccies in the middle of the night - i'll happily go through the drive through in my Miffy pyjamas and makeup-less face for a box o' nuggets any day!

Your favourite cosmetic brand?
I have different ones for different things. 
Higher end: I like Nars and Mac..
Drugstore: Rimmel..and Collection 2000...And Sleek...

Too hard to answer..

So there you's have it. If you ever find yourself lacking in ideas for posts and also decide to do this tag, then let me know in the comments :)

(And i've just realised i've probably made myself sound like a reet alcoholic in this post, going on about beverages, going out on the razzle and dark circles and whatevs, but i can honestly say: I'm not).


  1. this is interesting :) and love that first pic!

  2. i use the Collection 2000 concealer too, i love it!

  3. i did the same with dying my hair black to look like mila kunis ( even though i already have brown hair) my nightmare was that i had a bob at the time and also cut in a fringe just before dying it... it was tragic! xo

    1. Ooo i knoww i looked TRAG-IC! ahah. Wont be going dark again any time soon - it looked silly on me :) xx

  4. Defiantly agree with the Mila kunis girl crush, she's beautiful,
    I wish I had your skin and could survive without foundation
    Love your blog btw & thanks for the lovely comment
    Robyn xoxo

  5. oh this is interesting post (:!.. enjoyed reading this.
    haha, same with me i use to apply black liner alot during high school XD
    CMPang x

    1. Thankyouu :) Im glad you enjoyed reading it - always worry people hate reading tags! Oo yes the black eyeliner thing with the white eyeshadow.. eeek! :) xx

  6. Love this post! I think I'll have to try that concealer out!

  7. Great post, its always interesting to read about other people's routines and go-to products!


  9. Thanks for following me I am now following you back :) Your blog is simply Beauts!! I love the layout and your posts xx

    1. Aww thankyou :)! look forward to more posts from youu :) xx

  10. Looks very good!



  11. I wish I could get away with wearing no foundation or just a tinted moisturiser but my skin is so bad it needs camouflaging :( X

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