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Tuesday 30 October 2012

Maybelline Colour Tattoo Eyeshadow in 'Pink Gold'

Maybelline Colour Tattoo Eyeshadow in 'Pink Gold' - £4.99

My love for Maybelline's 24Hour Colour Tattoo Eyeshadows is one that just continues to grow. I use them either on their own or as a base for my powder eyeshadows as they act as a fabulous primer (think Mac Paint Pots but at a much more appealing price tag!) Maybelline aren't telling porky pies about the wear time of these beauties - they stay put through the toughest of days. I just think the creamy/gel consistency is perfect for those days when you need to do your make-up quickly - you don't need to use a brush; one quick swipe and you're good to go.The only thing I didn't like so much when they arrived in the shops, was the shade range here in the UK. Previous to 'Pink Gold' being released, I only bought into 2 shades ('On and On Bronze' and 'Eternal Gold' - seen here) - I really do think Maybelline are on to something with these eyeshadows and it would be fabulous to see them release a few more shades. A smokey eye range maybe?

Pink Gold is such a pretty shade. I've never been one for wearing pink on my eyes but this one is such a wearable colour - either on it's own or beneath my powder shadows -  it brings out the colour of Mac's Cranberry so beautifully (seen in my recent haul here). The metallic finish is really noticeable with this shade - and it catches the light perfectly.  I'm enjoying having this gorgeous colour in my makeup bag right now - it really wakes up my eyes when I use it, and brightens up dull, wintery skin.

What do you think of the Maybelline Colour Tattoos? Will you be making a cheeky purchase on this shade?

Saturday 27 October 2012

Mac Brow Set in 'Beguile' | Review, Thoughts & Swatches

 Mac Brow Set in 'Beguile' - £12.50

If there's one thing I often struggle with - it's my eyebrows. They're ridiculously light due to me being blonde, and this compared with the fact that I was once ridiculously pluck-happy with them when I was about 13 means that I don't have a great deal to work with. Damn you, tweezers! On a recent cosmetic splurge, I decided to give Mac's Brow Set a whirl. Now then, I'm not going to tell you fibs - it took a good fortnight or so for me to fall in love with this product - and it's one that you're either going to love or loathe. I'd read a handful of reviews previous to buying it, and the feedback is so mixed that it's impossible to come to a conclusion without trying it for yourself. So, obviously I had to try it! It would be criminal not to...

I've tried clear brow gels in the past - and although they work in the sense that they keep the hairs in place, they do nothing for my barely there little shoddy excuses of brows! I opted for the shade 'Beguile' - the mid-brown shade. A lot of people get put off by the slight shimmer that's in the product - it is quite obviously there, as you can see by my blended out swatch. However, don't worry your little noggins off - you won't step out of the bathroom with eyebrows to rival a disco ball - the product applies so thinly, that any shimmer is barely noticeable, even in bright sunlight - and the finish is both professional and natural.

The only thing I struggled with is application. This takes some practice - especially when you're still bleary eyed and half asleep in the morning like myself. Unlike clear gels, you can't just merrily comb this through your brows! The first few times I used this I had to grab a cotton bud to wipe off any blotches I'd accidently applied to the area underneath my eyebrow - you have to be quite gentle with it, especially if your eyebrows need plucking - as this will pick up the tiniest of hairs. It took a good week of persevering for me to begin to like this product due to the tricky application - I find the brush slightly too big but I've learnt to work with it now. I tend to just use the end of the bristle brush to apply the brow gel, and any excess on the tip i scrape back into the tube to avoid a heavy handed application. I find the best way is to apply bit by bit rather than in one swift movement.

I still use a brow powder to fill in the arch of my brow using my Sleek Brow Kit - and then go over the hairs using the Brow Set. I've been so impressed with how this product manages to keep my eyebrows in place all day. One problem with having lighter coloured brows is that towards the end of the day, product wears off and you tend to find your eyebrows don't look as defined as they once did. For me and my cruddy eyebrows, the Mac Brow Set solves that problem, as the hairs are actually defined and coated in product, rather than just the skin underneath them.

Top: Finished result - more defined eyebrows
Bottom: 1. Dull light / 2. Natural light / 3. With Flash - swatches of my natural brows filled in with Brow Set - before addition of eyebrow wax. Swatchin'ell!

Please excuse my unshapely eyebrows - I'm aware they are in need of a good plucking ;) I've recently tinted them and I've had to avoid shaping them at all for 72 hours prior.. eep! (If you want a run-through of how I did this let me know) The days of drawing my brows on are long gone - this product just gives them the definition they need. I usually apply a touch of powder or wax from my Sleek Brow kit to achieve a slightly darker look than you can see here in my swatches (I have a review of the product here - I've since bought the 'dark' version as it seems to work better for me). It's entirely up to you how dark you go with them - but the Brow Set provides the perfect finishing touch and adds so much definition that is impossible to achieve through brow powder alone. I've had a few comments on my eyebrows since using this - and I'm so glad I didn't just throw this back into my makeup drawer when it didn't work for me at first. Eyebrows are such a key part of makeup application - they define your face - it takes different products for different people to get it right, but I think I've finally found the last step in my brow routine that generally makes my whole face look more groomed and perfected.

Apologies about the long review - I don't think there's much on the bloggersphere about this product currently - so I felt the need to chatter a bit more than usual!

Have you ever tried Mac's Brow Set? What were your thoughts? 

Wednesday 24 October 2012

Halo Hair | The Halo | First Impressions & Information

Halo Hair Extensions in 'Mixed Blonde 18/22' * -

One of the things I'm really passionate about as a lover of all things beauty, is hair products and styling. Ask anybody who knows me and they will tell you the same thing - I'm obsessed.  I like to take good care of my hair and I like it to look good. I'm sure most of you, like me, will have dabbled in hair extensions in the past, and found them to be absolutely amazing for adding volume and/or length to your hair. I've only ever tried clip-ins, and although I like the fact they're so versatile, the only thing I didn't like was the faff of applying them. So, when I was given the chance to try 'The Halo' concept from the lovely team at Halo Hair Extensions, I was superlyduperly excited to say the least. The thought of hair extensions without clips or glue, or hours of painstaking application intrigued me, and I thought I would give you a little run down of my first impressions and experience so far. 

Colour Matching & Service:
Firstly, I just want to say that the service I have received from Halo Hair has been amazing. From past experience, I'm aware that my hair isn't the easiest colour to match. I'm sure you've all seen my hair colour in previous outfit posts, but it's quite light on top, with a mix of different blondes through the mid-lengths, and a dark mousey brown on the bottom. I sent Halo an email with 3 different photographs of the different tones in my hair, and had a reply within a few hours from John, who suggested 2 colours for me to have a look at. He was really helpful, and assisted me in choosing a shade to best match my rather awkward blonde hair.

My package arrived the next day and I was so impressed with the delivery and way in which the whole parcel was presented. Inside, you get a little envelope containing the instructions for application depending whether you have opted for the clip-ins or 'The Halo', and a little bottle of shampoo and conditioner - which is such a lovely little extra. I did notice that the colour was a little too light for my hair - although I think my barnet is impossible to match exactly anyway due to the mix of shades running through it (in the past i've ended up having to opt for a shade slightly darker or lighter and tinting it to blend in perfectly). I exchanged a few more emails with John regarding the colour, and after removing the hair from it's packaging I've come to realise it actually does blend in fairly well. If anything, it's a little bit too warm for my ashy blonde. I've been reassured that dying the extensions is perfectly fine, so I'm going to attempt to tone the colour of them down slightly next week. Overall - I was just so chuffed with the service. The team at Halo are honestly so helpful. Being the little pest I am, I sent a couple of further emails regarding the colour, but each time I had a reply within a few hours and each time I had my questions answered.

The Hair:
The hair is 100% human remy hair - which means that the weft has all of the hair cuticles intact and running the same way, which prevent any tangles or matting. The longevity of the hair is improved and the appearance is smoother and more natural looking. You get a choice of length (16", 20") depending on how long your natural hair is - I opted for the 20" -  because my hair is fairly long to start with.

The Halo:
So what exactly is 'The Halo?' i hear you ask. Well, it's a weft of hair - similar to what you would get with clip-ins but slightly thicker, attached on a thin piece of transparent wire that you place around your head and adjust accordingly (you can see the adjustment wires in the photographs above). If my description completely baffles you, then Halo have an array of videos on their website that you can view here. I must admit, I found adjusting the Halo a little tough at first - it takes a bit of wiggling to get the wire moving but I managed to get it to fit in the end. Once on your head, the wire is completely invisible - which is the main thing I was unsure of.

I know you all want to see pictures of the Halo in action. Fear not my pretties, my next post will include photos of the hair styled after I've dyed them to match my own hair completely as at the moment I don't think I could show them to their best potential! I also need to curl them to match my usual hairstyle.. But I do hope you've found this post helpful in some way. Please do keep your eyes peeled for my next post - where I shall be giving you a more in-depth review of The Halo after I've dyed them and styled them, and how I'm getting on with application/wear.

In the meantime, if you fancy a nosey at Halo Hair, then head over to their website
The Halo retails for £89.99 (16") and £99.99 for the 20".

Have you tried Halo Hair? Do you have any questions for me to answer in my next post? 

Monday 22 October 2012

Tag: Why Do You Wear Make-Up?

Image: WeHeartIt (edited)

I was tagged by the lovely Katie from Katie Lew La to do this post - it's a short and snappy little tag - so I thought it would make for a jolly good light-hearted read. I think it's clear to see from reading other answers, that the majority of us come to the same conclusion when people ask us 'why do you wear make-up?'. I don't feel as if it is a need, but I feel much more presentable and confident with it... I like to feel like i'm making the best of myself. 

1. When did you begin loving make-up? I was into make-up way before any of my friends when I was younger. I remember being in the Brownies (ahh surely some of you went to a Brownie group and made cups of tea for 'Brown Owl'..right? ;)) and telling everyone I wanted to be a make-up artist when I grew up. I used to really annoy my poor friends - I'd take my make-up 'box' with me round to their houses and do them up using all the different coloured lipsticks and eyeshadows that I'd collected from magazines and birthday presents, whilst they would have happily sat and played Mario Kart on the N64... The obsession has pretty much grown from there... and here I am now with a set of drawers full of make-up in my bathroom and a beauty blog.

2. How do you feel without make-up? I'm not going to lie - I don't feel what one would call 'at one's best'. But i'm comfortable with myself without it. This said, I only ever go out without it if i'm going out in my car somewhere boring (Tesco, Maccies drive-thru..). If i'm on holiday I won't wear anything whatsoever until I go out at night - I suppose it depends on the situation. Day to day, I do like to apply make-up though. I wouldn't ever dream of going to uni or to work with nothing on at all. To be honest, with a bit of concealer and a quick flick of mascara i'm pretty content to go anywhere. I enjoy applying it and experimenting with different products, so applying make-up in the morning is just part of my day. I don't cake it on - I like to look made-up, but natural. I just like to feel at my best.

3. What do you like about make-up? It can bring out your best features, make you look presentable and above all, it hides all matter of sins! If i've had a late night, or my skin is looking dull, or if i've burnt myself on the face with my curling tongs and have a massive red rectangular mark on my cheek (true story.) then make-up will soften the imperfections and make you look as if you never accidentally burnt yourself whilst half asleep with your curlers that morning.

4. Three 'Holy Grail' items - oh this is just cruel.
Estee Lauder Smoothing Creme Concealer (review here)
Urban Decay's Naked Palette - every eyeshadow I could possibly need to survive - in one palette.
Illamasqua's powder blush in 'Lover' (post here) - the best blush I have ever owned and one I always go back to.

I tag all of my fellow bloggers to do this! I've just written a list and there was so many it just looked ridiculous... so - if you've got this far and are reading this - I tag you :) but you must, must, must tweet me or leave me a comment to tell me youve done it so I can have a nosey - it's only fair ;)


Saturday 20 October 2012

Beauty Haul | Mac & Nars

Swatches L-R / 1. Mac Brow Set 'Beguiled' / 2. Mac 'Velvet Teddy' / 3. Mac 'Cranberry' / 4. Nars 'Mekong'

I think it's safe to say, I was a little bit naughty last week and indulged myself fully in cosmetic goodness. Sometimes we all need a little pick me up, and in attempt to cure myself of this horrible flu-thing i've all week, I found myself wandering on to the Mac website (cosmetics cure everything, didn't you know?). I could have gone absoloutely crazy on there, and I had to seriously cut down the contents of my online shopping cart when I went to checkout - I haven't been in Mac in quite a while so I have accumulated quite a long wishlist! 

Mac Brow Set in 'Beguiled' - I've been umming and arring over this for ages. I've read so many reviews and have come to realise that a lot of people aren't too keen on this product, but i've been switching up my eyebrow routine just recently and I quite fancied giving it a go. I must have the world's worst eyebrows - I overplucked them and just generally abused them when I was a young'un, and i'm paying the price now! My eyebrows are ridiculously light and I just wanted something that I could brush on after applying my brow powders to make them look more groomed and natural. The only thing I was unsure about is the slight shimmer the Brow Set has - but it really isn't noticeable in the slightest once applied to the brows. I love the finish it gives. I've been using it for about a week now, and first impressions are fairly good.. but i'm still getting to grips with the application. If this is something you're interested in, fear not - i'll probably be doing a full review of this soon.

Mac Matte Lipstick in 'Velvet Teddy' -  Nude-coloured lipsticks are an all year round staple in my make-up bag. Just recently, i've been into light browns rather than milky, natural shades. This one is perfect - it's not everybody's cup of tea but I really like it. It's very much a 'my lips but better' kind of shade but it's more noticeable than your average 'nude' - it's just a bit more interesting!

Mac 'Cranberry' - A gorgeous reddy brown shade. I saw this on Kayleigh's blog and knew I had to have it - it just makes such a nice change from the usual browns and golds I usually opt for.

Nars 'Mekong' - I spent ages on ASOS viewing all of their shades, and settled on this one. It's a beautiful deep brown shade, and the gold flecks throughout it are just beautiful - and I really can't wait to create a wintery smokey eye with this beauty. Nars is one of my favourite beauty brands - but this is the first eyeshadow of theirs I own and I've already popped some more of them onto my Christmas list - the pigmentation is amazing - seriously.

Have you tried any of these products? What are your thoughts on them?

Monday 15 October 2012

No7 Soft & Soothed | Gentle Cleanser

Recently, I've been stuck in a skincare rut. Sometimes, I think it's good to switch things up a little - especially now Autumn/Winter is setting in; I find my skin needs a little bit more care once the colder weather comes around. I'd started to feel like my skin needed a little bit more moisture - having normal/combination skin sometimes it's difficult to find something completely suited to my skin type as it changes all the time depending on the time of year. I've never tried No7's cleanser range before, and I've been hearing such good things about it - so I decided to give their 'Soft & Soothed Gentle Cleanser' a whirl.

'Sweep away make-up and impurities and help your skin stay soft and smooth with this gentle creamy cleanser'

Being for normal/dry skin types, it's moisturising, but not so much that I feel as if it's clogging up my pores. It's fabulous at removing make-up; a few swipes with a cotton pad and my skin is left feeling moisturised and clean. Personally, I still tend to wash my face afterwards, as it can feel a little too heavy for me to leave on my skin. I have quite sensitive skin, and everytime I introduce something new to my skincare regime I find myself waiting with baited breath to see if my skin rebels. But this hasn't caused any problems for me, and I've found any dry patches i'd previously had on my cheeks have gone. I also love the fact it's fragrance free. For me, it's just a really good simple cleanser that has fitted in very well with my current skincare regime. No7 also do versions for oily/combination and very dry skin types, so theres something in the range for everybody.

What are your thoughts on the No7 cleansers? 

Thursday 11 October 2012

The Pro's & Con's Of Being A 'Beauty Blogger'

 [Image soure: WeHeartIt (edited)]

I thought it would be an absolutely spiffing idea to throw together some Pro's and Con's of blogging. If you're thinking of starting a blog then prepare for these things to happen to you over the course of a few months - and if you're a fellow beauty blogger, then I'm sure you'll relate to a few of my points here..

Pro's of being a Beauty Blogger -

Christmas & Birthdays: You know when Christmas is lurking around corner and you get people whining about the fact that they 'haven't got a clue what to get you? Not any more. Rest assured you have a word document saved to your desktop entitled 'wishlist' about 10 pages long (in categories) that you can whack through the printer for them in an instant. People will never be stuck for gifts for you. And birthday's and Christmas means lots of new products to get your bloggery mitts into!

"What are your hobbies?": When that awkward question comes up in interviews or in general conversation and people ask 'what are your hobbies?' - you will never ever have to rack your brains to think of something impressive or clever to say ever again.

Personal development: It will make you more observant, more imaginative and more creative - and it will improve your writing skills without you even realising it. It might even improve your confidence. 

Fabulous Friends: You will make some wonderful new friends and getting comments to your email inbox makes you smile every single day. The social side of blogging is fabulous, and it's one of my favourite things about writing my blog.

Opportunities: If you're serious enough it may eventually lead some fabulous opportunities.

Finding new things: You will discover new things that you never would have looked twice at before. I've found 'holy grail' products i never would have found before, and I now have a better understanding of what works for me and my skin tone and what doesn't. Beauty blogging brings out the best of you in all sorts of ways.

It looks great on your CV: It shows that you're developing your skills even outside of work and that you're not just sitting on your backside watching back to back episodes of Jeremy Kyle on your day off. You need to be focused and quite self-motivated to write a blog. If you have passion for something then why not share it? By including it in your CV you're throwing something different into the mix, and it will hopefully help you stand out against the other people who all scribbled 'socialising' in the hobbies section...

Reflection: It's something that will change your life for the better. It gives you something to focus on if you're ever having a bad time of things. And it's a great way to reflect - you are unknowingly writing a little diary of your thoughts every time you click that 'publish' button.

Cons of Being a Beauty Blogger -

Your bathroom cabinet... You WILL run out of space. That bathroom cabinet of yours is going to get full up pretty quickly. Say hello to baskets of overflowing beauty goods on your bedroom floor. Ever since I've started blogging, my make-up collection has grown profusely - I have had to invest in a set of small drawers just to house my stash (and the lipstick drawer refuses to close because it is so crammed full!)

You have to think about everything: You can't use anything until you've photographed it. And you can't put away any of those shirts you've just bought from Primark until you've taken photos for a 'Primark Haul'. Sorry...

Spare Fivers.. That spare fiver in your purse? Yeh... good luck with that on passing the make-up counter in Boots. BANG goes your meal deal - say hello to a new nail polish and a rather hungry tummy for your lunch-break!

Your Bank Balance: Which brings me on to the fact that blogging about all things beauty will cost you money - whether you intend it to or not. The beauty blogger in you will want to try everything on the shop shelves - your bank balance is bound to take a bit of a bashing. Or maybe I just need a big dose of willpower?

Temptation: The word 'NEW' written across a product means you just have to buy it. And review it. Like, right now.

Messy hands: Your hands are now a blank canvas for SWATCHING. You will want to swatch everything. Looking at something in a pot or tube just doesn't cut the mustard anymore.. and when it isn't possible to swatch a product, you will Google it to view somebody else's anyway. Prepare for the word 'swatch' to become a large part of your vocabulary!

You'll realise that people just aren't bothered about beauty on the same level as you. I was in Primark the other day and got rather enthusiastic about the poor sale's assistants eyeshadow.. I asked her what it was and she looked at me bewildered. If anyone asks me about what make-up or nail polish I'm wearing - I guartuntee you I will spit the brand, colour name and number (all crucial info) at you quicker than Nicki Minaj on fast-forward.

What are your Pro's & Con's of being a beauty blogger?

Wednesday 10 October 2012

Barry M Lip Liners

L-R / 1. Lip Liner Shade '7' / 2. Lip Liner Shade '2' / 3. Kohl Pencil Shade '25'

Following on from my previous post about my Top 5 autumn lipsticks of the moment (you can find that post here if you missed it), I thought I'd do a quick post on the lip liners I use alongside them. I always like to apply lip liner if I'm wearing darker shades of lipstick - I like the fact that they keep your colour looking neat and tidy at the same time as defining the outline of your lips to give the illusion of a fuller shape. I don't like to spend the earth on lip liners, as they're something I don't use on a day-to-day basis, so I tend to hunt down specific shades I need in drugstores. I always end up back at the Barry M stand. 

I find their lip liners to be the easiest to apply and above all the most long lasting. They have a fabulous range of shades - and I always seem to find a decent colour match for what I'm after. They apply perfectly - I find some lip liners drag the skin slightly but these go on so easily and smoothly. I purchased shade 7 to match 'Beguiled' and 'Mulberry', shade 2 to match 'Cherries in the Snow' and shade 25 to match up with my red lipsticks (all lipsticks mentioned here are featured in my previous post). They're also superly duperly purse friendly at £2.99 each.

What are your go-to lip liners?
What do you think of the Barry M liners?

Sunday 7 October 2012

Top 5 | Autumn Berry Shades | Lipsticks

 Swatches L-R / 1. Natural Collection 'Berry Blush' / 2. Maxfactor 'Mulberry' / 3. Revlon 'Cherries in the Snow' / 4. Topshop 'Beguiled' / 5. Maxfactor 'Ruby Tuesday'

Yes. I'm afraid I'm here with yet another lipstick themed offering for you all this eve'. I love the fact that I can get away with being a little bit more daring with my lip colour in the colder months and the past few weeks I've been addicted to berry shades. There's just something about the Autumn/Winter season that inspires me to go a bit darker with my makeup and experiment a bit more. There's no doubt I'll be adding more to my collection over the next few months, but I thought I would share my current top 5 and maybe help inspire a few of you to pick your perfect berry shade of the moment...

Natural Collection 'Berry Blush' - The cheapest of the bunch, this little gem is perfect for everyday wear. I've been really impressed with the slightly darker shades in the Natural Collection range - they're surprisingly pigmented and last for a good while with minimal fade. This one provides a beautiful wash of colour to the lips - and is the shade I've been reaching for most as it's so easy to wear for all occasions. I don't find it too drying either - it's just a really great little addition to my collection.

Maxfactor 'Mulberry' - I was umming and arring over this one for ages. It looks amazing when swatched - it's a deep purple/maroon shade with flecks of shimmer that catch the light beautifully. I was scared it would be too dark for me but it's such a flattering colour and it lasted a good 4 hours at uni without any need to reapply. I love the formulation of Maxfactor's Colour Elixir lipsticks (i now have 2 in my collection and I can't wait to throw some more in my basket...) they apply amazingly and give a satin finish to the lips - perfect for winter.

Revlon 'Cherries in the Snow' - Such a classic colour to have in your makeup collection. This lipstick is loved by so many beauty bloggers and it's so easy to see why. This colour looks amazing on the lips - it's quite bright but it's one that will easily suit most skin tones and it instantly brightens up your complexion.

Topshop 'Beguiled' -  The most daring of the bunch, this lipstick isn't for the faint hearted! I must admit I struggle to wear this for everyday wear - unless I really tone down my eye make up it can look a little 'overdone', but if I'm going out for drinks or for dinner it's such a fabulous statement colour. My only grumble would be that you do need to use a liner with it as the formulation is quite 'slippy' - but it gives a lovely finish to the lips and one coat provides enough colour to last for a good few hours. If you're after a more matte finish then Mac's 'Dark Side' is an excellent alternative (also on my 'berry wish list'...)

Maxfactor 'Ruby Tuesday' - My favourite red lipstick of the moment. In the summer I opt for brighter eye-popping reds, and in the winter months I lean more towards slightly deeper shades like this one. I'll be doing a review of the Colour Elixir lipsticks soon - I've been so impressed with them!

What are your favourite berry shades of the moment?

- i'm planning on doing a little post on the lipliners I use alongside these lipsticks this week - keep your eyes peeled.

Wednesday 3 October 2012

Bach Rescue Remedy | A Natural Remedy for Panic Attacks/Anxiety

I've mentioned on my blog in the past about my struggle dealing with panic attacks and it's something i've been quite open about (if this is an issue that concerns you and you want to know more about this then you can read my previous post on the subject here). I've tried everything and anything to try and get rid of them, and i've come to learn that nothing is ever going to take them away completely, but there are ways that you can help yourself to gain a more 'calm' state of mind. Bach Rescue Remedy is something I always keep in my bag and in my locker at work - I wouldn't say I use it regularly but it's always there if and when I should need it.

'Rescue® Remedy has been used successfully on stressful days where we suffer from impatience, tension and pressure. It has also been used successfully with children to stop a tantrum, before a speech or job interview. Rescue® Remedy helps us relax, get focused and get the needed calmness.'

I'm not going to pull the wool over your eyes and tell you this is the most amazing thing I've ever tried and that it takes away all feelings of panic - it doesn't. But it seems to help turn down the level of anxiety to a more manageable one.  The product is completely natural, and uses extracts from plants and flowers that have been known to be herbal remedies for all forms of stress and anxiety. I must admit I've always been slightly sceptical about whether things like this actually work - I'm the first person to pop a Nurofen when I have a headache - but I do seem to notice a slight difference to my anxiety levels when I use this. It's impossible to tell if this is purely a psychological process but if it makes me feel better by taking it, then I'll take it! Sometimes it doesn't work and sometimes it does. I really think it's down to when you take it and how bad the feelings actually are - it's a very personal thing but believe me, I wouldn't waste my money buying into it again if I didn't feel like it did something.

You can use Rescue Remedy in 2 different ways - it comes with a little pipette so you simply gather the liquid in the tube and either squeeze around 4 drops directly onto the tongue, or alternatively, you can pop a similar amount into your bottle of water to sip through the day. Personally, I prefer to just drop the liquid directly on the tongue as I find the smell/taste of the liquid quite calming (ohhhh goodness I sound like a nutter don't I?) If i wake up one day and feel a little bit 'wobbly' (usually if I know I have some form of test or stressful day up ahead) then I'll take it straight away. If you use it once the panic attack has gripped you then it isn't going to work - you have to recognise the underlying feelings of unease when they arise and begin to take it at that moment. I don't just use this for the sole purpose of trying to control my panic attacks - even if you don't suffer with them and are just a natural worrier then this could be the little boost you need. For example, I get quite stressed at work sometimes - if I'm having a bad day and customers are just getting on top of me, I'll put some in my drink and sip it throughout the rest of my shift. I'll use it before a flight, before a test or a meeting, or general situations where I know I'll be more likely to suffer from a panic attack.

You can pick this up in Boots for around £7 - and it also comes in a handy spray bottle and a tin of pastilles containing the same remedy. I personally find the liquid works better for me.

Have you ever tried the Rescue Remedies for panic attacks? What were your thoughts on it?

Monday 1 October 2012

Bird's Words Birthday! | My First Year of Blogging

1. Source - WeHeartIt (Edited) / 2. Writing Bird's Words - taken from the 'Blogging Love Tag' here

This month marks my blog's first 'birthday' - cue mega cheesy post filled with lots of cliches and predictable rambles! Cliche or not, I really can't believe how much my little slice of the interwebs has become one of the main parts of my life and one that has had such a positive effect on me as a person. As well as being a hobby, i've been introduced to a fabulous online community of lovely people and had the oppurtunity to discover more about something that interests me and share it with you all along the way.

I sometimes look back at my old posts and think how much my little blog has changed - I often wonder whether to delete some of my older ones as I didn't have a clue about how best to set out a post, how much to write or where or when to get the best out of my photographs - but at the end of the day, those first posts have played a part in the growth of my blog and were a learning curve for how I run it now. I see this blog as part of my future - I have goals and aims to achieve with it and it's something I can be proud of. Some people will always roll their eyes when you tell them you write a blog about beauty, but most people are keen to find out more about it - it's actually a really good thing to pop on your CV too. 

I've actually shocked myself as to how nifty I can be with a computer and the odd bit of HTML (oof, getting all technical on yous now). I can't explain to you how many times i've sat trawling the internet for 'how to's' and advice on technical riff-raff! A lot of time and effort has gone into Bird's Words and even though I haven't got it exactly how I want it, it's starting to look like how I imagined it to look when I first started it and i've learnt a hell of a lot about blog design in the process. 
I never imagined I would get so much out of blogging - from getting to know you all on Twitter, discovering new brands I never would have tried before, having the oppurtunity to sample beauty products and review them, and above all it's also been a good way of keeping my little brain in gear. I've always loved writing but I find words come much more easily to me now (it's made essay writing a little bit easier at uni!) If i ever have a down day - I often snuggle up with a cup of tea and read through my blog list - It's like having a whole bunch of really good friends at the click of a button and I guess i'd just like to take this as an excuse to thank all of my wonderful followers, old and new. It makes my day to see somebody has taken time out of their day to comment, email or tweet me, and above all, somebody wants to read what i've written.

Thankyou every single one of you