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Saturday 7 January 2012

I went shopping..

Ohh dear. 
I've been naughty.
I went shopping.
And i bought stuff.
But it's ok.
Because i needed some retail therapy.

I mentioned in my New Year post that my mind had already turned to going on holiday and booking a little break away, and lo and behold, i've only gone and booked one.

I'm jetting off to Lanzarote in February for some muchos needed wintery sun. So i figured i NEED holiday stuff ( if i was going to find ANY summer-y stuff in the January sales but i used this as an excuse to shop myself silly anyway). Admittedly, i have been a bit naughty with my wages just recently, but i've earnt it so i'll bloody well spend it! (I'm normally quite good and put little bits of it away so i really fancied a 'naughty month'. We all deserve a naughty month now and again).

i shall cut ze crap, and show you what i pur-chased.
(I must warn you this is another long post..sorry..grab a cuppa and get comfy)

Top - H&M - £7.99
I saw this on someone's blog (cannot for the lift of me remember who's but i saw it and had to have it). I love simple tops like this, i've got a few of them and i wear them over and over again with body-con skirts and jeans. They go with anything and if i'm feeling in a bit of a casual mood i'll throw one of these on.

Dalmation print faux fur collar - River Island - £15 £3
Im IN LOVE with this! Wore it to work today. It's sooo soft.. and it adds a bit of detail to a plain outfit. I might actually go back and get another one.. £3 from £15?! 
Lemme hear you saay BARGAINOUS!!!

 Jumper - Miss Selfridge - £35
This isn't something i usually go for, but for some reason i just had to have this. It reminds me of liqourice allsorts! I thought it was muchos beautiful.
Keep or not to keep?

Necklace - Miss Selfridge - £10

I believe Kath at Pocket Full of Fashion has this.. I saw it. I loved it. I bought it. I had to have it in my life.

Sequinned crop top - Topshop - £36 - £10
One word.
I thought i could pair it with a pair of skinny jeans and some killer heels on holiday.

 Floral Cami - Topshop - £26
I must tell you, however beautifully bright this top is, those straps are a confusing little nightmare.

Heeled Brogue shoe boots - New Look - £20 - £10

 Bodysuit - Primark - £6

Playsuit Pyjamas - Primark - £6

Eee so cute. These are my 'holiday' pyjamas. 

Bikini Bag - Primark - £2/3 ish?

I have another one of these and they're the handiest things you will ever own if you're a fan of the pool/beach (like myself)!

and lastly..
'Well Jel' TOWIE Pyjamas - Topshop - price tag fell off but i believe they were £30 reduced to £15
Ohh SHAAATAAP - was totes chuffed that these were in the sale.
If you're a regular on my blog then you will know i love The Only Way is Essex.
So these PJs were made for me. 
They're amazeballs.

Hope you enjoyed my little clothing haul. It will probably be the last one for a little while (until it gets a bit closer to holiday time) as i need to save so i can afford to actually eat (and drink the odd beverage or two) when i get there!

Apologies about the length of post.
I always worry people hate these type of posts but personally i enjoy reading all the posts that pop up on my reading list no matter how long they are..(i always get comfy and sit and have a 'blog reading sesh'..) I do try and whack a few photos in to make it more interesting :)

Lots of love,



  1. I love posts about decent bargains, the only problem I find sometimes is that you see something amaze and you can't always buy it hehe!
    I really love the H&M teeeee.
    Where abouts in Lanzarote are you going? x

  2. haha yes Beth! We now match with our necklackes :P It's freakin' gorrrrgeous isn't it?!
    I'd love to book a holiday! :( You lucky thing :D

  3. You brought some lovely things! I love your blog header!:Dxx


  4. @ Jasmine-Alexa - Eee i know thats the only thing i dislike about seeing what other people have bought - i want to break down and cry if i can't find stuff myself! :)
    The H&M tee is recent so keep your eyes peeled!
    And im off to Puerto Del Carmen for a week :D yaays :) xx

    Kath - Woooo! Matching necklaces! I loved it so much so i was so happy when i saw it! Made my day :] xx

    Ellie - OO thanks! Ive been thinking of changing it and you've made me think twice about thankyou! :) hehe

    will pop over to your blog :)

  5. Love the well jel, haha towie = my guilty pleasure! xoxo

  6. I love the shoes. Super cute. Follow each other?

  7. Great buys, I love these kind of posts :)
    Love the "Todays outfit" top and the TOWIE pjs.

    Holli x

  8. I've wanted that 'Todays outfit top for a while'
    Think I'll go get it next weekend :) xxx

  9. This H&M top is so so cute!


  10. I love that river island dalmatian scarf!I need that in my life!
    Love the blog


    Like 4 of them things a was thinking of getting! weird eh?

    love all them beaut things you have bought!

    we must be alikee...

    would you mind following me..


    if you want to talk to me check my twiiter out:)


    lots of love x x

  12. Great post :) You got some nice things! I love the 'Today's Outfit' vest, I saw that in store and wanted it!

    I did the same this month, spent most of what hard-earned wages I get to myself, on myself!

    Jealous of your holiday to Lanzarote! I haven't been abroad for 12 years this's getting ridiculous now, I don't even have a valid passport :(

    I think its amazeballs that ive found someone else who says amazeballs too! Wahooo!

  14. I love the 'today's outfit' top, perfect for bloggers! You got some really nice things! x

  15. I love the h&m top and the necklace. I might have to go on a hunt to see if I can find them :) & the pj's are hilarious!! Xxx

  16. So wish I was going on holiday! You bought some lovely things, I especially like the necklace.

  17. I need that H&M top in my life!! i love your style so muchhhh! Loving the Pjs as well! Well jel i haven't got them haha x

  18. I love all the items you picked!!! Beautiful!

  19. well jel of ya pjs! haha love that H&M top too! I must hunt it down and buy it! Love haul posts, I love having a nosey at what other people have bought!


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