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Tuesday 24 January 2012

Feeling A Little Bit Under The Weather..

Just a little personal, ramble-y post today. Apologies if you've arrived here for beauty related chirpings...but i'm not feeling too 'chirpy'. 

I shall begin with ranting about last night.
Last night..

Now, i know most people say this when they've had less than a sufficient amount of kip, but i actually mean it...

I didn't sleep. 
At all.
I basically did an all nighter. 
*Without the involvement of alcohol*
On my own. 
In my pyjamas.

I wanted to sleep, but for some reason i just couldn't. I never really have a problem sleeping; once my head hits the pillow i'm off like a light. But very rarely i get these awful nights where i just cant shut off and things run through my head and i just can't drift off (in this case the annoying song from the IKEA advert and various other things). 

 I dabbled with the idea of not going to Uni this morning (and i cannot explain the size of the bags beneath my eyes), but i decided against it.  My general rule with 'if i should have a day off uni or not' is: If i would go to work, then i will go to my lessons. I try and think of it like a job, i don't really want to be one of those annoying people in life who take a day off sick just because they can. 

So, i've made it through today - albeit a little over-tired and giggly and a little bit 'away with the fairies'. 

But generally i'm just not feeling 100% recently.
I just want to have a rant about everything.
Every little thing that annoys me.
Probably due to the lack of sleep..

Does anyone else ever just get these days where all you want to do is have a good rant about things you hate? :)
I do :)


  1. I had a night like this last night too, not good! But yes, I love to rant. lets of so much steam haha x

  2. omg I so feel for you!
    Literally, I dont sleep some nights and the next day is a nightmare.
    hope you sleep better tonight xxx

  3. I love to rant too :) I do feel for you though, i deffo would have had the day off uni but good on you for going in!

  4. Awww poor you! I'm a terrible sleeper! Since I left school sixth months ago I have had no routine at all, getting up for uni is going to be a struggle haha! Hope you sleep better tonight! xx

  5. i love to rant. as you know dear. i did so earlier with you.... and yesterday....... and last week......and possibly tomorrow........ :)

    ranting= fucking fun.... and you all know you have a blast when you let off steam in a glorious rant!!!!!

    sleep well tonight Bethany Jade :) just think of our wednesday Starbucksy moments :))


  6. I'm always ranting! lol!
    My contract just ended in work and I'm so not used to being unemployed!
    My sleeping patterns are so screwed up now I don't sleep until at least 5am and wake up at like 3pm! It's horrible and I just can't get out of it!
    Hopefully I'll get myself a job soon and be out of this awful habit!
    I miss daylight! lol
    Hope you sleep well :)

  7. I have these days nearly every day! I've been having trouble getting to sleep lately aswell. I hate it when you are really tired and want to sleep but your brain just wont shut down.
    Had a rubbish day so far aswell, I want to go hide somewhere until the week is over!

    Holli x

  8. Be glad you don't have DSPS like me!

  9. oh no you poor thing! :( i hate those nights! There the best when doing an all nighter for a party and then your not falling asleep but if your like me i bet you ust felt like crying eh?! :( total nightmare, i hope you have a better nights sleep tonight hunny! <3 xo

  10. I have these days.. sadly more frequently now than I used to! It's better to just rant and let someone know how crap you feel I think.. hope you're feeling much better now X


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