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As of February 2013, I will be offering my readers advertising space here on Bird's Words. If you have your own blog or shop, and wish to place an ad on my site then please contact me on stating which of the following packages you are interested in.

I currently offer 4 packages each month (all named rather creatively and appropriate to this blog, I might add. It's a rather fun and chirpy place to advertise your site) - there is something here to suit everybody. All adverts will run from the first to last day of each month, and payments are to be made through PayPal. 

 The GOLDEN EAGLE package (Exclusive)


ONE slot available per month

- 200x400px ad in my sidebar (the largest size)
The top ad in my sidebar
- An INDIVIDUAL #FF every Friday of your advertising month on Twitter including your blog's link.
- You will also be the top feature in my monthly 'Meet my Advertisers' post

The WISE OWL package (Large) 


FIVE slots available per month

- 200x200px linked ad in my sidebar
- A #FF every Friday of your advertising month on Twitter
- You will also feature in my monthly 'Meet my Advertisers' post
- Note: Ad order is determined on a first come, first on the sidebar basis :)

The JOLLY ROBIN package (Medium)


FIVE slots available per month

- 200x150px linked ad in my sidebar
- A #FF every Friday of your advertising month on Twitter

The LITTLE BLUEBIRD package (Small)


FIVE slots available each month

- 200x100px linked ad in my sidebar 


As of 19.11.2014

BlogLovin' - 7,225

Twitter - 7,927
GFC - 2, 124
Pinterest - 641

If you wish to secure an ad space with me, please send me an email to stating in the title the package you are interested in.



Can I reserve an ad space? 
Of course you can! Just drop me an email and I'll pop you down on my reserves list. If I have no packages left for that particular month, you can reserve a space for the following month so don't be disappointed if you've missed the boat for a certain month. I won't charge you until it's time for your ad to be placed on the site and you can always change your mind - it's no problem at all!

How do I pay?

I accept all payments for my advertising space through PayPal. I will invoice you for the balance as soon as you've sent through all of your ad details.

When do I need to send you my ad?

As soon as possible! It's always handy to have them ready and waiting when the month comes to an end so I can swap them around smoothly and swiftly. I'll get in contact with you if there's anything I need.

What will I need to send you?

It all depends on the ad package you want to go for! If it's just a small space, I'll just need your advert and you're good to go! If you're after one of my larger packages, I will need a bif of information about your blog for my advertisers post and I'll need you to send me any links you wish me to include. The most handy one will be your Twitter account (if I don't already have it!)

Do I need to pay straight away?

Nope! But I always ask that I receive payment a few days before the ad is due to go up - always good to be organised!

I have a new blog button...Can I swap my ad picture halfway through the month?
Of course you can! Often, I've had bloggers update their blog button half-way through their advertising month.  If you drop me a tweet or an email, I'll get this sorted for you ASAP. 

How do I know if my ad is at the size specified and how do I make one?

You can adjust images to the specified sizes on editing software such as Photoshop. If you don't have it, then it's possible to resize on online editing software such as PicMonkey - these are great if you need to create a design for your ad too!  

Can I use a different sized ad?

I like to try and keep everything neat and tidy in the ol' sidebar and keep things fair with my sizing - but if you want a slightly thinner ad (vertically) or if you advert isn't to the size specified, drop me an email and I'm sure we can sort something! If you opt for the largest size and haven't got a blog button to fill the space (im aware it can be an awkward size if you just want a square image), it's fine to send a regular 200x200 square ad.

I run a small business, can I still place an ad with you?
Yes indeedly! I always like to support small businesses and companies wishing to reach out to a wider audience. You don't have to write a blog to advertise with me.

I always aim to reply to my emails within a couple of days - If you're waiting for a response, please do drop me a tweet! Often, emails can end up in my spam folder and as much as I do try an skim through on a regular basis, it's possible I can miss them so don't hesistate to get in contact again and give me a nudge!

My advertisers post usually goes live on my blog during the last week of the month, however, dates my vary.

I am happy to discuss other packages with companies wishing to book and develop longer term advertising and would be pleased to hear from you via email at

Please note: advertising rates may vary in future depending on stats. Please bare in mind that any advertisements that I feel do not fit in with the content of my blog may be declined.


  1. i love the names :) think i might have to take one of those soon
    Anna x

  2. hi, i would love to advertise on your blog


I always read all of my lovely comments. Make sure you check back as i often reply but if you do have a specific question and want a quicker response then please do email me over at or tweet me (@Beth_BirdsWords). Thank you for all your support! x