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Sunday 30 June 2013

Meet My Advertisers | June

Howdy folks.  Yet again we've come to the end of another month and it's time to introduce you to the lovely bunch that have been sat in my sidebar for the past 4 weeks.  I say it every time, but there's been some fabulous blogs to discover this month - a lot being personal faves of mine.  If you're in the mood for adding to your reading list, please do stop on by and say hello! Without further ado from me, I shall pass you on to these lovely ladies...

Laura | Beauty2Couture | *June Exclusive Advertiser* |
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Hello lovely readers of Bethany's blog! My name is Laura and I am the writer of beauty2couture a beauty, fashion and sometimes lifestyle blog.  I am a typical girly girl and I couldn't think of a better way to share my passions for beauty and fashion than to write about it for like minded people to read.  I started blogging at the start of this year and have loved every second of it so far.  I love being a part of the beauty blogging community! Everyone is so lovely and I adore reading comments that are left on my posts. I hope that if you stop by my blog you enjoy it and i'd love if you'd leave a comment if you do!

Callie | Callie Rose 

Hello! I'm Callie Rose and I run a beauty and lifestyle blog 'cllrs'. I originally started watching YouTube videos and was going to get up my own channel but I cringe at the sound of my voice! So I decided to start a blog instead. cllrs was set up in December of last year so I'm still pretty new to the blogging world.  I write about beauty and lifestyle, as well as posting the odd outfit post.  Don't be shy, come and say hello!

Albertine | Dippy Writes
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Hey guys, my name is Albetine and i'm a 19 year old fashion and beauty blogger. My blog mainly is about beauty but with a couple of fashion and lifestyle posts thrown in for good measure.  I've been blogging for just over half a year now and have loved every minute of it. All of my links are above, and if you do take a look at my blog, be sure to leave a comment on one of my posts as I always reply to them :) I hope you enjoy having a read!

Lisa | Topaz & May |
Links | Blog | Twitter | Bloglovin' |

Topaz & May is a predominently beauty bases blog with reviews on drugstore/high street products with high end products scattered in.  The blog was created through a love of all things beauty and gives reviews, as well as features and tutorials. You will also find a splattering of fashion and lifestyle thrown in.

Christy | Cosmetic Chaos |
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Lover of all things fashion, beauty and photography related with magpie-like tendancies to sparkly things. My blog is my little bit of the internet space for me to share little bits of my life with you, whether that be beauty, fashion, reviews or anything else that takes my fancy! Take a look around, I'm new to the blogging world :)  

Nikki | Beauty Shaker
Links | Blog | Bloglovin' | Twitter | Instagram - nikkiwilsonx

Hi everyone :) ... if you're reading my little advert then you've found your way onto Birds Words Blog and if like me you're a big fan of Beth's lovely blog because its a fun read, down to earth and full of great reviews (thumbs up lass) then hopefully you'd like to hop on over to my blog - Beauty Shaker.  I'm a pretty easy-going beauty therapist and I write my blog purely because I love beauty, sharing what I know and its fun! Oh and I love a good nosey at other people's :) The best bit so far as a 9 month old blogger is the people, everyone is super lovely in the blogging community and I love hearing from you all, it's like a huge family! That's really soppy, but sod it - it's so true. If you'd like to get in touch I'm going to leave my links below. Ciao for now.

So there we have it girls. Another fabulous selection of fellow beauty/fashion/lifestyle blogs for you to stumble upon.  Do hop on over and say hello! If this isn't enough to fill your reading lists then there's even more over in my sidebar! I'm off to London for 5 days on Monday so I've been a busy bee packing my suitcase today - it's been rather stressful as as soon as I arrive home I jet off to Greece for a week of sunshine and cocktails and some much needed me time - but fear not, I have a few posts scheduled and I shall be rinsing the hotel wifi for a good ol' Twitter sesh.

If you'd like to feature here in July or August then do get in touch - You can have a nosey at my advertising packages here.