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Thursday 5 January 2012

Perfect Imperfections..

When Britney Spears decided to show the whole of 'girl-world' the un-airbrushed photographs of herself in magazines i felt nothing but pure admiration for her. In this day and age, us girls can't go anywhere or do anything without someone or something telling us how we should look, how we should be, and what 'perfection' is. And to be quite honest with you, i'm just a little bit sick of it. Every single magazine we look at, films we watch and images we see in advertising and newspapers are giving us this image of what we should be. It's no suprise that many young girls these days are already considering plastic surgery, girls as young as 8 are noticing that they are 'overweight', and that such a shocking number of young females suffer from eating disorders.


 Above: The image appeared in the French edition of 'Vogue'. The young girl pictured in this image is just 10 years of age.
Its very true that young girls are 'growing up too fast' and becoming exposed to such 'sexualised images' too young.

The shocking thing is that some of these young girl's mums believe this to be OK!
I remember reading this article in a magazine a while back and was honestly shocked at this mother's view of what she wanted her daughter to be..i certainly wouldn't want that for my child.. (she has bought her daughter a liposuction voucher - she is 7 years of age) 
[Click to View Article]

There is no doubt that the whole 'airbrushing' thing has gone to far. In the UK, certain advertisements for Loreal have already been banned, accused of 'false advertising' and over-use of airbrushing effects to sell products.
Even women's magazines targeted towards us contain endless airbrushed images. I agree that a certain amount is acceptable, i don't see anything wrong in 'touching up' an image for use in a magazine, but 99% of the time, i think these magazines go a little bit too far..

The rise in the number of men's magazines are also fuelling this strive for perfection, as girls are trying to achieve such an unrealistic body image and opting for plastic surgery and dangerous dieting/weightloss regimes in attempt to look like these 'idealistic' women. Personally, i am sick of opening newspapers and seeing women like this staring topless from the page. Not only is it giving men false expectations of what we 'should' look like, they are becoming role models for younger girls. How many girls do you hear of now days of when asked who their role model is, or what their career prospects are, they simply reply "i want to be a glamour model". 

The amount of times i've heard a male species complain about a girl because 'she has 'no boobs' or 'isn't a looker'. It makes me extremely sad to think that this is what they base their ideal woman on.. (oh..look at that, is that your beer belly?)
Yes, i may be slightly bitter about this, but i remember at school there was a group of boys who made my first year absolute HELL by telling me they didn't like how i looked - i can still remember the exact words they said to me but i shan't repeat them on here.. due to the fact it makes me upset when i think of it even now.

Megan Fox: Before & After cosmetic surgery
Prime example of surgery obsession going to far -  Heidi Montag. How beautiful was she before!? Her surgery was both unnecessary and dangerous - undergoing 10 procedures in one day! And she still 'hasn't ruled out more surgery to maintain her looks'.

So, we are supposed to have tiny waists, curves in all the right places, perfect pins and a generous sized bit of boob-age. It's very false perception of us 'normal' women isn't it. We need to stop focusing on what we don't like and start focusing on what we do like.

So what if you have short stubby legs and have to wear heels as high as the empire state building to look remotely tall (, so what if you have a gap in your teeth, or a few freckles on your face or a forehead you could land a plane on?

I have resigned myself to the fact now that i shall never have massive knockers, my legs aren't going to grow another few inches, and i'm not too fussed about my nose either.. but really, who cares? Becuase I certainly don't. I've learnt to love myself and be happy in the skin i'm in - as you grow older I think you start to realise this. Everybody has something they don't like about themselves.. it's normal!

It's easy to understand why we all obsess over things we dislike about ourselves, but we all need to realise that not everybody is going to be born to grow up looking like Megan Fox. (and she's had quite a bit of help to get there anyway..) I'm sure when she wakes up in the morning she has a few stray eyebrow hairs, an awful case of morning breath and un-volumised hair like the best of us..

So girls, stop worrying about your love handles, your cellulite, your bingo wings and your double chins and start recognising your perfections instead of obsessing over the unimportant things in life that don't really matter. 
Because the truth is, nobody really notices your 'dodgy bits' anyway :)
So, Thanks Britters! Thanks for showing every single girl out there that it's alright to look normal. Because behind all the airbrushing thats all we are anyway..
Even you, Megan Fox..


  1. YOU. my love. are an angel :)
    what a wonderful post.
    totally inspirational.

  2. Thankyou my lovely :)
    It needs to be said more often to girls these days! We shouldn't have to keep worrying about silly things! :)
    glad you liked my post xxx

  3. .. sad thing about heidi is, she looks better in the before photo, and even more beautiful before she had ANY surgery done at all. pictures of her make me sad because i remember watching her on laguna beach as an extra, and then the early days of the hills :( a prime example of modern day societal views on what looks good. xxxx

  4. excellent post! AMEN!! gotta love britney =] if this was tumblr...i'd reblog!! xox

  5. @Hannah - Totally muchly agreed! She looks so much better before any surgery at all, she never needed anything doing whatsoever. I'd have killed to look like how she did before she had it all done!
    Definately a true example of how modern-day views have been taken too far.. xx

    @Katie Alice - Thankyou!! Glad you liked my post :) I've wanted to do it for ages as its something that really does get on my nerves! :) xxx

  6. Beth this post is BRILLIANT! It's awful the way young girls strive to look like these images in the magazines which aren't even real!
    I remember watching the episode of the hills where Heidi revealed her new look, and I was so shocked. She was sooo beautiful before. What made me so sad too was that it made her mother cry! Awful, awful, awful!
    Well done on this excellent post, you are a star!

  7. Kath - Thankyouuu lovely :) Things really do need to change .. can't believe what she did either shes ruined herself..yet she thinks she has improved herself? Its all very silly ..

  8. Oh my gosshh, this post is amazing! sooo inspirational! Literally, whilst I was reading through it I was like "YES, BETH, YES!" I totally agree with on everything.. I wish that they would just love the photos alone! Everyone is beautiful and they don't need to try and look like someone else.. loved this post so much! xoxo

  9. haha.. Thanks Zoe :D Glad you liked my post :) It really niggles me.. ! xxx

  10. Thought i'd drop you a quick line to tell you I really enjoyed reading this post! <3

  11. Great post, this is like the basis of my dissertation.
    Its so inspirational, I love it
    Kiwi ..x

  12. You are so inspiring! i really think this needs to be entered as an article to a magazine showing real women apposed to the makeshift girl we see everyday!
    The fact you include your own insecurities made me love you even more!

  13. Also i think your completely correct saying people dont notice bad bits because from your photos i think your absolutely stunning!

  14. This was such a lovely read! And I totally back it 100%!
    No wonder we think we can never look like these people, because THEY don't look like that either!.

  15. What a great post, it really is ridiculous what these brands and magazines try to portray as real.

  16. I love this post!
    I remember reading that vogue article and almost choking on my maryland cookie:L
    I cant believe half the before and after photos up there, heidi used to be so pretty, and she looked prettier before when she had no plastic surgery done!

  17. love this post so much!

  18. really great post! im following.. x

  19. This post is fab!! Heidi looked so much better with nothing done


  20. great post! i'm gonna read this when i'm next feeling low about myself because this is the most motivational, inspiring thing ever! Should be in a magazine!!

  21. Great post :). I wrote part of my dissertation on this topic.

    P:S New follower. I am trying to get my followers up at the moment so if you like what you see I will greatly appreciate your follow :).


  22. This is a fabulous post and i feel very passionate about this modern day issue! xx

  23. Totally agree with this post, there is far too much pressure and we should all be able to feel happy with how we look. I've always live by 'people only look at you for a second then get on with their own lives' That helps me to not worry about what other people think when they see me. xx

  24. This was such a great post, I've been researching nose jobs all day and looking a pictures of Megan fox when she was little to see if we looked anything alike (we don't)
    Then I read this and realise I'm insecure because I was made to be not because of the way I was made :)
    Lovely xx


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