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Monday 5 December 2011

Sleek Brow Kit Review & A Little Thankyou...

OO what a fortnight i have had. I thought cutting down my hours at work and deciding to go to uni would give me a nice little break from everything and day to day stresses - NO - how wrong i was. I've gone from stressing about rude customers and selling shoe polishes to stressing about getting all of my work done and meeting deadlines. BUT, of course i still had time to use my new eyebrow kit from Sleek that has been on my 'to buy' list for quite some time now (i finally managed to nab the last one in Superdrug). 

Now, i will start by saying that i've never been a huge fan of my eyebrows. Being blonde, you can hardly see them anyway, and when i fill them in they hardly ever look even (thank god for the smart little invention of a side fringe.. hides all sorts of eyebrow-related mishaps!). However, this little kit has completely changed the way i do my eyebrows (in a good way).

As i've mentioned before, i love Sleek's packaging. It makes me an extremely happy girl. Put something in a matte black case, put it in a little cosmetic box and im as happy as larry... 

(can i just add - i actually have used this palette! - i just decided to take the photos before i used it)

In the kit you get a wax which you apply with the angled brush, a powder to set the wax after you've applied it (applied with the rounded brush) and they also throw in a pair of mini tweezers for you too (oh Sleek you do spoil me..).
The brushes are obviously quite small so i do find them a little bit fiddly (especially in the mornings when i'm still half asleep and attempting to apply my makeup!), but i still think they're really handy to have in the kit and work well with the powder and the wax.

I purchased my palette in the colour "Light". The other palette being "Dark" (believe it or not). There is quite a big difference between the shades of these so i do suggest you do a little swatch before-hand if you are somewhere inbetween the two.

The wax is the perfect shade for me - and it gives a really nice definition but without being too harsh. It applies really nicely too - it's actually really blendable and natural looking. I was expecting it to be quite a waxy wax (if that makes any sense), but it's actually quite soft and light. Its also really buildable too; if you find you do need a bit of a darker colour then you can add more, or simply put a slightly darker powder over the top.  I think the wax creates a really nice base for the powder, and really does shape the eyebrows nicely and gives them a really defined look.

The powder is also a really nice shade. I've been using my Urban Decay Naked Palette to shade in my eyebrows recently and the colour of the setting powder is actually inbetween the two colours "Naked" and "Buck" in the palette - which for me is also the perfect combination. It sets the wax nicely and smooths out any harshness you may have created.

Left: Wax Right: Setting Powder

As you can see, the shades are subtle yet noticeable and are quite nicely pigmented too. I think it's fair to say that this eyebrow kit has changed the way i do my eyebrows - i used to hate filling them in with pencil and now i actually enjoy shaping them with this to my liking. It also makes them look more natural. My eyebrows are fairly thin and i've always wanted them to look more defined, and i have to say that by using this they have looked SO much better (it also covers a mutitude of over-plucking sins). :)

The downsides?
Its tough to think of any, if i'm honest. Priced at £7.99 i can't even complain about price, and i can imagine that this will last me quite some time too - as you really don't need a lot. The only thing i will say is that i thought that the wax would 'set' my eyebrows more, but it's more just for filling in and defining rather than actual shaping and fixing. This personally isn't a huge problem for me as i hate putting stuff on my eyebrows which makes them feel sticky or overly-waxy!

Overall, i'm lalalalaLOVING this kit, i look forward to doing my eyebrows in the morning and my eyebrows have honestly looked SO much better since i've started using it.To be honest, i'm quite taken with the Sleek kit at the moment anyway - i never really thought i'd be so excited over an eyebrow palette/product - but i am.
I flipping well am!

Have you tried the Sleek Eyebrow Kit yet?
And how do you think it compares to the more expensive "HD Brows" option? (of which i haven't had the joy of sampling yet).

And lastly..

...i just want to say a little thankyou to all of my lovely followers. I've finally reached my 50 followers mark of which i am muchos chuffed about. I've been reading blogs for well over a year now and it was only when i cut my hours at work and realised i had nothing to do that i decided to start one myself, and i never really imagined people would actually read it (sounds silly - but i actually didn't..). So just a little thankyou to you all for being such loverrrly readers and fellow bloggers. I've also found loads more blogs to read since i've started my own, so my reading list is now full to the brim of new blogs to have a flick through (mahoosive yaay!)

Hope you all have a lovely week :)
Oh..and does anybody have the foggiest idea as to why half of the blogs i join never actually appear on my reading list? I'm having to save them in my 'bookmarks' but i'd love them to pop up on my reading list...


  1. Those brushes are too cute! Great review!x

  2. Thanks :) Yes they are rather cute.. got to love miniature things! :) x

  3. I really wanna buy the kit but I have a habbit of spending tons of money, picking the complete wrong shades then being unable to take them back. Having seen them which do you recommend for an ashier hair colour (having ash hair is sooo awkward!)

    btw. my reading list is the same as is my followers list (i have 72 followers but it only shows me 20) However this only happens when i'm on Internet Explorer. Luckily I have Apple Safari too and everythings fine on that. Maybe you should switch browser?

  4. Ayla - Ooo well, i have naturally quite ashy hair too - and my eyebrows are also the same. Very awkward. I find the Sleek kit is quite in-between, it's not really warm in tone though.. maybe you should pop in and swatch the colour? If not, i've always used a Rimmel eyebrow pencil (i can't remember the name but it's the only greyish ash shade they do and it has a little brush on the tip) and thats always matched my eyebrows quite well.
    I also have noticed the HD Brows kit has a very ashy colour in the palette (however im not so sure i could stretch to the price for an eyebrow kit :\) If you have the Urban Decay Naked Palette, i've always found that "Naked" works very well filling in my ashy eyebrows :)

    and thanks for the tips about my followers/reading list. I've noticed it sometimes shows that i have 13 followers :S very strange. I've been using firefox and my blogs still dont show up.. it confuzzles me :(


  5. If i hadnt recieved the hd brow palette in my glossybox i would have bought this. Ive read so many good reviews about it and £7.99 is a great price.

    Holli x

  6. I heard so many goods about this, but I own way to many brow kits. Will buy this when one I will run out at least from one of my other brow kits. xx

  7. Sounds like a great little kit. Aww congrats, i'm glad you started blogging :) I started in June and I love it.

  8. Just found your blog (thank god) and i really like it :)

  9. I love your blog so much! This review is great! Check out my blog, it's very new!

  10. This looks great, I've been looking at this product for a while but haven't been totally convinced to buy it at the 7.99 price but you've totally changed my mind! Definitely on the list for my next shopping trip! check out me blog?? love yourss



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