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Friday 6 January 2012

The Kreative Blogger Award

Hello my fellow bloggy lovelies. 
I have recieved another one of these little awards that are floating around the beauty-blogosphere. I know a lot of people aren't too keen on them but i think it's nice to pass on a bit of appreciation for your fellow bloggy lay-dees.. It also gives your readers the oppurtunity to discover other blogs they may be missing out on. (And i'm not one to miss out on a blog i tells ya!)

I have been given this award from the lovely Kath at A Pocket Full of Fashion. If you haven't already visited her blog, i really suggest you head over there and take a peek. I love it when her posts pop up on my reading list :) They always make me go "Yay".

 Heres what you have to do:
1. Link back to the person that gave you this award 
2. Answer the questions below
3. Award 10 other bloggers and let them know
4. Share 7 random facts about yourself

1. Name your favourite song.
I don't have a favourite song simply because they change too often for me to have one and i'm an indecisive little rascal anyway.. If i had to choose any they would be the songs that remind me of my holidays because they always cheer me up on a rainy day <3
2. Name your favourite desert.
Cheesecake. Oh my goodness. You could put anything on cheesecake and i'll still eat it. If there's cheesecake on the menu - i'll have it! (The white chocolate & raspberry one at The Harvesters is currently top of my 'favourite cheesecake' list and it's a toughie to knock off the top spot let me tell you!)
3. What ticks you off?
Everything outlined in my previous post really gets on my nerves - Click here to have a read :)

4. When i'm upset i..
turn into the mardiest bitch you will ever meet :)
Or i just cry into big tub of Ben & Jerrys Cookie Dough..

5. Favourite Pet..
I love cats. I'd have a whole house full of them if i could. I've had a few of them but now i share my boyfriend's cat. She's lovely and fluffy and she makes me giggle. Her name is Paris.
 We also have two leopard geckos. We've had them since they were babies and they're the cutest little creatures ever. They're called Isabelle and Milo (although we since found out Milo is infact a girl - so we often refer to her as 'Miley' instead) ha.. Heres a picture of them when they were little babiess :) ...

6. Black or White
I've sat here for ages trying to think and i've come to the conclusion that i dont know.

7. Biggest fear.
Everybody laughs at my number one fear.. but i'm terrified of being sick.
Or anyone being sick near me.
Or hearing it. 
Or seeing anyone be sick on TV (i even have to avert my eyes & cover my ears at The's that bad..)

And i'm also scared of flying (i have magic tablets on hand for when i have to get on a plane..they calm my nerves..i dread it for weeks before i actually fly).

And i also HATE cockroaches. Give me a spider anyday...

8. Everyday attitude?
My day to day life goes by my star sign in the Metro.
 Whatever it says, goes. 

9. What is perfection?
I don't think perfection exists..really. You can always improve on something.

10. Guilty pleasure.
Sitting and watching my The Only Way Is Essex boxset or some other pointless programme instead of going out on a Saturday night.. (Take Me Out starts this Saturday..oooooooo no likey no lighty?)

And my 7 facts?
I've already done my 7 facts for the Versatile Blogger Award - 
So i thought i'd just write down my 7 favourite make up items instead.

1.Eyeshadow - Urban Decay Naked Palette
2.Eyeliner - Loreal Carbon Gloss
3.Mascara - Maybelline 'The Falsies'
4. Lipstick - My newest obsession is Mac's 'Saint Germain'
5. Lipgloss - Sephora's "Pink Glitter". It hasn't got a name but i don't know what ill do when it runs out because i can't get my mitts on Sephora in the UK too easily :(
6. Blusher - MUA 'Shade 1' or Nars - Orgasm
7. Sleek's Eyebrow Kit is my new 'can't live without' item.

And my 10 Bloggers i pass this award onto areeeeeee....

Hannah at Whamos
Joanne at Jimmi-Lou  
Hannah at Purple Turtles
Victoria at Victorias Secret
Soph at lovelouise

I thought i should also give someone else a little mention..
My friend Darren has recently started blog.. (yes.. he's male and no, it isn't beauty related..i'd be a little bit worried if it was..) And i thought i'd give him a little shout out. He's a very talented young man and if you know anybody whos interested in arty/computery stuff (or you happen to have boyfriend who likes a bit of Star Wars now and again), then let them know because he deserves a follower or two :)

Well, if you got to the end of this post... WELL DONE. I applaud you.
It was quite a little bit longer than i first anticipated.
I don't 'alf ramble on.

Hope you're all having a lovely week full of lovely-ness.
Muchos love,


  1. Thank you so much for nominating me for this, my blogs NOTHING special so this means the world! <3

  2. Hey thanks for the award, I really appreciate it! &Thanks for telling me you'd given it me, I wouldnt have known otherwise as my reading lists all messed up! I'm following your friend too :) Thanks again!

  3. haha I have to avert my eyes on many occasions when watching the Inbetweeners haha. It's so gross! :L xx

  4. I've just gotten this too. I'm a new follower by the way - I love your blog! xx

  5. Thanks for the award, it means a lot! I love your blog so much- your such an inspiration, thanks again:)xo

  6. Thank you so much for nominating me :D
    Really has made my day ^__^
    And also thank you for your comment on my blog :) I will be getting around to doing my 'Wreck this Jouranl' post tomorrow as I have a whole day free, woo :D So watch this space :D

    And tell me about it, BEN & JERRY's Cookie Dough icecream can seriously cure all life's little promblems :)

    Thank you again for the award!! :)

  7. Ahhh thanks so much! I plan to do the post later on!

  8. Oooh just saw this post - thanks so much for tagging me, that's so sweet of you! x


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