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Monday 31 October 2011

Beauty UK lipstick: 'No.3 - 'Snob'

Last week, i picked up a BeautyUK lipstick. I've been looking at this colour for a while and i finally just decided to grab it. After all, at £3.49, there's no reason not to buy it.. 

BeautyUK lipstick in 'No.3 - Snob'
I have been wanting a more muted lipstick to wear on an everyday basis. I seem to be attracted to nudes and vibrant reds, yet i haven't got many 'middle ground' colours. So this one seemed a good option. It's a lovely mauve shade with browny-undertones and i think it's a lovely colour for the autumn season (Im finally breaking away from my summery pinks and corals - as lovely as they are, sometimes they're a bit too bright for my skin tone in the wintery seasons). I really think it's a lovely mid-tone, it's enough to be noticeable without being a full on statement lip colour.

I have to say i was really impressed with the pigmentation of this lipstick, it is definitely on par with the Barry M lip paints (although they still remain my drugstore favourites) and you only really need one coat for colour pay off. It goes on smoothly and effortlessly, and it has staying power (I forever top up my lipstick but this one just seemed to cling on for dear life!). The only downside is it feels extremely drying, and i can't get away with just putting this on straight away without a little touch of lipbalm, which when im rushing about at uni and when im at work, isn't too practical (however i will probably be getting into the habit of doing this regularly anyway now that winter is around the corner). It definitely has the same drying effect as some of the Mac lipsticks, and it doesn't have that sheer, glossy effect that a few of my favourite Barry M's have. It is very much a matte lipstick. Although a bit of lipgloss over the top gives it an extra 'pop' if you do prefer a glossy lip. 

I really like how the packaging features the colour on the lid, im always digging through my make up bag trying to read the scratched writing on the tops of lipstick lids, this combats that fiddly, annoying problem :) (I know MUA lipsticks also do this..i have a couple of these brilliant cheapys and i can find which colour i want in a blink of an eye). I know a few people have said the packaging is cheap. Yes. It is cheap..but it can be expected from a £3.49 lippie, and i quite like the classic matte-black effect anyway.

I will probably buy another one of their lipsticks now i've tried this one. Aside from how drying it was (with a bit of lipbalm it isn't too much of a problem), i really loved the staying power and pigmentation. I actually have my beady little eyes on a vampy red colour from this range, called (believe it or not) 'Vampire'. appropriate :) (I've gone a bit mad on reds just recently actually..i may do a little red lipstick post..hmm...) 

Have you tried an beautyuk lipsticks or other products?
Lots of Bird Love

Sunday 30 October 2011

Nothing like a good cup of tea!..

Hey everyone. Sorry for lack of beauty-related post-age just recently, my macro setting on my camera doesn't seem to be my friend just recently.. i've taken the odd couple with my trusty iphone but for swatches i do need my camera. SO, in the meantime, i will leave you with the Twinings Tea ad. I think everyone has seen this now..surely? When it first came up on YouTube i actually favourited it, because i love it THAT much. The song, the animation, the colours, everything. It just makes me feel all.... homely. If i'm doing something in the lounge and this comes on, i stop and watch it (how many cruddy adverts can you say that about these days?) It's such a nice little ad, and it just makes me smile. So if you're unlucky enough not to have seen it yet, here it is.

I hope you've all had a lovely weekend.

Friday 28 October 2011

10 ASOS Picks of the Month

I was so excited to see this on my doorstep the other morning..

My ASOS magazine..Yay.

I am THE biggest fan of I often go on ASOS ordering binges and sit and pick out certain things for my wardrobe whilst in my pyjamas with a cup of tea. Theres something about online shopping that i love. I get all exctited about my new stuff coming in the post and i love knowing i've got lots of new things without leaving the comfort of my bedroom. I'm not saying it's all good.. it's all too easy to put things in your virtual basket and take it to the virtual checkout and pay with your virtual money.. except its not really virtual money is it?..sadly.. The evidence of this always arrives on my doorstep a month or so later in the form of a credit card bill (we all know that feeling).  But hands-down its my favourite online shopping website, theres always something new, its easy, its quick and theres on option for FREE delivery if you can be prepared to wait an extra day or two. Its my favourite place to be when i fancy treating myself, or if i have an occasion coming up. I buy my dresses regularly from there, and i rarely see anyone in the same one.

So, the arrival of my ASOS magazine inspired me to do a little '10 ASOS picks of the month' post..heres mine:

 Asos Cute Collar Jumper with Gold Buttons. £35. This also comes in a lovely peachy pink colour. I just love this. Its like a snuggly version of this summer's peter pan collar trend.
 ASOS Dogtooth Cardigan. £42. The houndstooth print was in a couple of years ago and it's back again. I like the slouchy fit of this, it would be nice to just throw on over a plain top or shirt. 
ASOS Faux Fur Pointed Collar. £15. Because everyone needs a little fluffy collar in their life. 
ASOS Heritage Blazer. £65. On the more expensive side but it's such a lovely blazer to have in your wardrobe, especially since tweed is on trend for this season. I've noticed these have sold out extremely quick. Hopefully they will get some more in..
Oasis Spotty Box Bag. £30. I LOVE box clutches. I'd have a tonne more of them if i could find one that was big enough to fit in all my stuff. I like the spottiness of this one. 

Gipsy Big Spot Tights. £8. These polka dot tights are everywhere right now. I've yet to get some. I keep looking in primark to see if i can find a cheaper pair..but no luck as yet. Hmmph :( I may just have to bite the bullet and shell out a whole £8 for these ones..theyre so adorable.

ASOS Faux Fur and Knit Cossack Hat. £18. Ooo bit pricey for a hat. But i keep seeing these everywhere. I'd love to be able to carry one off but i just can't find one that suits me.  I always feel like i'm wearing a sleeping cat on my noggin.. Not sure it's for me but if you can pull it off, then go for it.
River Island Bow Tie Shirt £28. I have too many of these shirts in my wardrobe, but they're just easy to pair with almost anything. You can dress them up or down.. and this one from River Island does the job.

Motel Emma Dress £42. I saw a girl on the X-Factor with this dress (or atleast a very similar one) but in a green colour. Colour-blocking is still around in the shops at the moment, and this one from Motel is really striking. I've got a couple of Motel dresses and they fit really nicely, and their styles are always really bold and interesting.
Asos Faux Fur Mittens. £15. Totally impractical. But theyre fluffy and i loves them :) Dalmatian print is everywhere this season, these are just adorable.

What are your favourite online shopping websites? 

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend.

Lots of Bird Love

Wednesday 26 October 2011

2 Most used Mac Lipstick(s)

We all love a bit of Mac don't we? I'm a huge fan of their lipsticks and always end up buying one when i go into the store, infact i always go straight to the lipsticks as soon as i step foot in the door. I've seen a lot of bloggers doing lipstick collection posts just recently, and when i have a bit more time i think i might jump on the bandwagon and do one as well..But I had a bit of sort-out of my make up last night and jigged around the storage slightly, and i thought i would pick my all time favourite mac lipstick. More difficult than it sounds. I narrowed it down to these two, (yes..yes i cheated and picked two..) simply because these are the ones that tend to live in my handbag more than the rest.

Left: Mac - Creme Cup
Right: Mac - Speed Dial

 Creme Cup
 (Apologies for robbage of Mac website swatches..the lighting in my house is extremely dull today, and try as i might i just cannot get a decent colour swatch on my camera..*sigh*).

I think more or less everyone who is a fan of Mac, owns Creme Cup. Its actually a make up bag 'staple', a must-have pinky nude that goes with almost anything. It is neutral without being boring, and is a perfect everyday shade. It gives a subtle hint of colour, without being so pale that it completely washes me out. I think i can safely say this has lived in my handbag since the day i purchased it, and i still haven't got bored. If i ever have one of those indecisive lipstick-choosing moments, then more often than not, i will pick this one.

Speed Dial

This was the first Mac lipstick i ever bought, and i think this is why i'm still so obsessed; because i loved this one right from the start. It is similar to Creme Cup, but it is slightly more pigmented and it is a much darker tone once it's on your lips. I used to wear this quite lot to work, and it actually does last longer than other Cremesheens i have tried (once the first wash of colour wears off it leaves a lovely pink 'stain' on your lips). It definitely gives more of a 'pop' of colour compared with Creme Cup and Mac's other nude shades. I often wear this on nights out too as well as in the day, it's noticeable but not so strong that i wouldn't be able to wear it to uni or work. It has a lovely blue undertone to it which birghtens up my complexion and makes my teeth appear whiter. Speed Dial is generally good 'all rounder', a good day to night colour (and i will continue to blame it for my obsession with pink lipstick). :)

What is your favourite mac lipstick ever everrrer? :)

Tuesday 25 October 2011

Cosy Patterned Jumpers

The mornings are getting crisper and colder, the nights are drawing in, my car windows are beginning to get a little bit foggy when it's chilly in the evenings, which can only mean one thing... I have declared the beginning of autumn/winter now! (Farewell beautiful summer we never get anyway..) I've noticed my blazer and my trusty leather jacket just aren't really cutting it at the bus-stop in the morning anymore, i''ve been absoloutely frozen this week! So, i took this as a chance to go and get some new cosy jumpers. I wanted a couple of fairisle knits just to throw on over vest tops and tshirts when im getting cosy at home and to pop on for uni. 

 Patterned Jumper - £14.99 - H&M

The first jumper i picked out was this one from H&M. It also came in a beautful navy and red combination, but i liked this one since i thought it would go nice with my black skinny jeans and brown boots. It's such a soft and cosy knit and i can't wait to wear this when im back at uni next week.
 Navy Fairisle "Bunny" Jumper - £14 - Primark

Good old Primark. I'm loving their winter collection at the moment. They have some great basics, lovely chunky knit cardigans (i've bought a navy one with brown buttons which is the spitting image of a recent Topshop one - yipee). I'd been eyeing this up for about a fortnight before i finally just bought it.. and i'm so glad i did.  I just think it's so cute! It is definitely one of those purchases which looks a million times better on than on the hanger. The sleeves poof out slightly which gives the jumper more shape. It's not to everyones tastes, but it's one of those lovely, warm 'wintery' looking jumpers, and i LAVS it.

 Black Patent Satchel - £7 - Primark 
Leopard/Checked mixed pattern scarf - £4 - Primark

And i also popped these into my basket.. (why is it when i go to Primark for something specific i always end up with other items in my basket?! i have no willpower whatsoever..) I realised the other week that  I NEED MORE SCARVES! My 'scarf basket' in my wardrobe is looking a little neglected..i have millions of plain knitted ones but i dont feel as if i want to bring those out JUST yet..and the only others are really lightweight summery ones that look a bit daft at this time of year. I wanted NEEDED more patterned-pretty-autumny ones to add a touch of colour to a boring outift, and to add a bit of warmth. So, this one caught my eye and i dropped it into my basket straight away. It has tiny little gold flecks throughout it, and the colours are really pretty together.

I then headed off to the bag section, which as you may know, is a little bit dangerous for me. And lo and behold - look what happened. I did need it though...( many times have you heard me say the words 'i needed it') I wanted a small bag to sling over my shoulder on nights out if i'm going to a few bars or for a nice meal or something. As mine are either really huge or too tiny to fit in all my essentials (lipstick..compact mirror..eyeliner.. Let alone a camera or my purse!) - so i thought this one would be a sensible medium sized bag.  I also figured black goes with almost anything, although i may pop back for the cream version too.. after all..i do need it.

Lots of Bird Love

Monday 24 October 2011

Charity Shopping: Topshop pleated mini & an old dusty book!

I am on a roll tonight with these blog posts! I've had so much i've wanted to write about and finally have the time to do it since im currently on a 'reading week' at Uni. So when im not drawing or writing or painting or thinking or reading, i'm posting!

I was jolly well CHUFFED to bits when i found this skirt in the Oxfam store near my Uni. It is such a lovely shop to go into.. its like a little vintage treasure trove and it doesn't feel like most bog standard, tired charity shops you see normally. The walls are covered in vintage wallpaper, the shelves are full of pretty jewellery and rings and little trinkets and it just feels cosy and warm. It is set into two halves, one being books. I found a really old penguin book in there, and i bought a really old looking book with a dusty red cover and old faded pages, which i thought would come in handy for artistic purposes.
The other half is clothes and jewellery and general girly stuff. You can tell that thought has gone into how it is laid out, even the way the tags are made. The topshop skirt was hung on a stripey pink wall covered in pretty old paintings and vintage black and white poleroid photographs.

 I have a thing for old dusty books.. I was even more intrigued to see someone has written the date inside, and there was even an old newspaper cutting left inside the pages. How sweet :)

I had to have the skirt simply because i loved it as soon as i saw it. It reminds me of the Rare skirts everyone seems to be loving just recently:
As you can see its got exactly the same waistband, pleated detail and metallic-y finish. The only difference being mine cost me a fiver.. and the Rare version costs around £40ish. And, what made it even better, was that i knew my money was going to a good cause too. No post-purchase guilt for me!

I will definitely going back there when im back at uni to see what else i can spot. Theres tonnes of vintage shops and thrifty stores near me so i will be going for another bargain hunt soon -  &I do love a good bargain! I can't wait to wear this with some tights, brogues and a cropped cable knit jumper. Or with a sheer shirt tucked in at the waist with my blazer slung over the top. I will be posting an Outift of the Day when i get round to wearing it, as my photos dont really do it justice..

Hope you all have a lovely night, let me know about any beautiful bargains you've found :)

Lots of Bird Love 

Cream Patent Bag

I've been at Uni for a month or so now, and i have begun to realise.... i need more bags!!! Of varying sizes! (hehee.. any excuse for a new bag..) Im studying Design so i often need to cart pencils and pens and all sorts of arty tools and materials around with me, and i often need to take my notebooks home. I also carry my make up bag with me each day - which isn't big at all but i tend to struggle to fit it into some of my smaller satchel bags.. and it's too pretty to just 'cram it in'. So this caught my eye today. I know - it's cream. Its going to get absoloutely wrecked isn't it? I know by christmas it will have paint splattered up it and lovely little pen marks and stains, but i've vowed to take care of this one. I also figured that since its patent it can't be too difficult to get paint off it.. But i loved it anyway. And what made it even better, and what made me an extremely happy Bethy, was that it was ON SALE!!!!!!!! :D Eeeeeeeeeeeee! If i needed a reason to buy it, then that was it - right there - written in black and white on the big SALE tag. 

I love the studs on the bottom, and the spacious inside. (Dont we all love a spacious bag to put all our stuff we dont need in..) Theres even a little pocket for my phone, and a middle section to put more important notes and stuff...
The only thing i wasn't sure on is the fact it hasn't got the option of a longer strap. Hmmm... But i tend to carry bags like this in the crook of my arm anyway. I also wasn't sure about the cream patent-ness. But the more i gazed lovingly at it the more i justified it.

Its from Ark. And was reduced from £34.99 to £16.50.
So it didn't hurt my bank balance too much. I must say - Ark has some lovely bags in there right now. There was a rather glamorous looking Marc B satchel in there which i was extrememly tempted by..but my student bank balance can't cope with a £50 bag at this moment in time! (Roll on my next pay day!) They have lots and lots of this style in at the moment, in all sorts of colours.. Maroon, deep greens..lots of autumn-y colours to satisfy your new handbag cravings :) 

Make Up Haul!

I was in one of those moods today where you feel as if everything you see, HAS to go in your basket. Oops. Here's what i bought..

 Barry M: Pink Iridescent YES. I bought it. If you read my previous post about my glitter polish addiction, you may have seen this was on my wishlist. I saw it in Superdrug today and couldn't resist its glittery charms :( Never underestimate the power of pink..and glitter.
 Lauren Conrad: Style I saw this in The Works as i needed to stock up on some arty-bits. And i saw this on sale from £15 to £2.99! Oo i love a bargain.
 NYC Eyeshadow Palette in 'Gothic Harlem'. I saw it. I liked it. Therefore, i bought it. (Although i did feel as if i was betraying my beloved Urban Decay Naked Palette. I haven't used another eyeshadow palette since i bought that..) so i thought i could have some fun with this. And i liked the fact this one has specific shades for contour & crease ect.. I think this was £3.99(ish).
Herbal Essences: Tousle Me Softly. Shampoo & Conditioner  Herbal essences has always been a favourite of mine. If im ever stuck for what shampoo to buy i always grab one of these colourful lovelies. They never let me down. This is their new one which is meant to enhance waves. So i figured i'd give it a go. Plus it was 2 for £3.99.. can't grumble :)
 Barry M: Lip Lacquer Crayon in "No.4". No explanation for this. It's pink. Its glittery................................?
 Loreal: Super Liner Carbon Gloss in Black. My favourite liquid eyeliner. I'm pretty sure everyone has tried this. I just needed another one. I likes it. Lasts ages, goes on smoothly, easy to apply.
 Barry M: Lip Paint in No.146.  I don't need anymore Barry M lip paints!! I have way too many! (My favourite is no.129 - a lovely sheer lilac colour) But i've been trying to go a bit brighter with lip stick now autumn is here.

 Beauty UK Lipstick in "No.3 - Snob". I saw this a couple of weeks back and couldn't stop thinking about it. It was either this one or Topshop "Muted". So i tried the cheaper option first! I love the colour of this. It's a lovely purple-y toned mid pink colour with a brown-y undertone. I'll have to do a review :)
 Bourjois Volumizer Mascara: Wanted to try this for ages, and finally took the plunge and parted with my £10. I've heard good things about it, and i've tried it once and liked it. Yay.
 And finally..
No.7 Stay Perfect Foundation in "Buff". I love this foundation and i've used it for about 2 years now. Although they have recently changed the formula, and i'm still unsure about it. Plus, this colour is a tiny bit dark for me now i've lost my summer holiday tan. But i might save it and buy a lighter colour in it. It's good if i ever need a bit more coverage than my tinted moisturiser.

I'll try and get round to doing a few reviews of these items once i have had a chance to try them properly :)

Lots of Bird Love

Sunday 23 October 2011

The Body Shop: Dreamy Pillow Mist

"To achieve the impossible dream, try going to sleep"
"No day is so bad it can't be fixed with a nap"

You know what it's like. It's been a long day, you're tired, it's starting to get dark earlier and all you want is a nice hot cuppa tea and your nice warm bed.  I normally have no trouble getting to sleep, as soon as my head hits the pillow i'm off. But sometimes i really struggle to sleep at night if i have something on my mind or i just can't switch off. I remember nights that i've just laid there all night and not had a minute of sleep; im sure you can all relate!!

I went through a stage (quite a long stage) where i really really wasn't having a nice time at work, i felt quite down and generally altogether under the weather. Thats when i re-discovered this (i say re-discovered purely because i had a bottle about a year ago and used it non-stop)

The Body Shop: Deep Sleep Dreamy Pillow Mist

I still use this sometimes if im feeling a bit nervous about something the next day, or if i really can't sleep. The smell of it is really soothing and relaxing and if i am feeling slightly stressed it seems to help calm me down. Usually, i just spritz it onto my pillow, the top of my duvet and a couple of times in the air and normally it does seem to help me fall to sleep. If i ever find myself tossing and turning in bed i spray a bit of this and it helps me relax.
I think the bottles are about £10.00 which to some people may seem a bit pricey for a bottle of mist! But i've had my current bottle since christmas and it is still going strong!  It really does last. I'm not saying this will perform miracles but if you are going through a bit of stress and find yourself losing sleep over silly things that don't matter, i'd recommend you give it a go. It has been a little life saving, stress-busting bottle of lovely-ness for me. :)

Also, on a little side note, i used to use the Johnsons Relaxing bath soak (it smells like the body mist), however i cannot find it anywhere for some reason. Maybe i've just been unlucky in Boots and Superdrug recently! If anyone spots it, please let me know. It used to be my favourite bath soak and ill be really sad if i continue to struggle to find it :(

And with that, i will leave you with a few more photos of some cute sleeping fluffy animals :)

Lots of Bird Love