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Thursday 19 January 2012

Perfectly Conditioned Hair On A Budget.

I shall start by saying my hair isn't in the worst condition, but it's getting there.  I try and treat it the best i possibly can; i let it air dry when possible, i always use a heat protection spray and i use hair masks fairly often. If i'm going for straighter locks then all i do is blowdry it using a barrel brush and it never really needs straightening (yaay!), however, never one to settle for what nature gave my barnet, i've recently been abusing my curling tongs and other heated appliances to get beachy waves and curls (my favourite hairstlye).

Having long hair i get through quite a large amount of conditioner. As you can imagine, this can get quite expensive and i can't always splurge on my trusty John Frieda Sheer Blonde Conditioner (the shampoo lasts much longer..i just struggle making conditioner last!).

So, i went on a mission to find some purse-friendly, cheap and cheerful conditioners which i could use to my hearts content. And i found these:

My budget conditioner is usually Herbal Essences, but i find i have to use quite a lot for my hair to feel moisturised (i also use their deep-conditioner tubs once a week..i get through endless amounts of these..). So i decided to try some other brands to see if i could find anything that gave me a bit more moisture, so i didn't have to use so much of it at a time. The two that i was most chuffed with were:

Pantene Pro-V: Repair and Protect
Vo5: Give Me Moisture

Now, i have been purchasing conditioners more than anything the past few months, so rest assured, i have done my fair share of trying and testing!

 Pantene Pro V - Repair and Protect.
*Yes im aware this bottle is rather on the empty side.. Atleast you know that i actually do like using it!*

I actually picked this up in POUNDWORLD for (believe it or not) £1.  I never really was a fan of Pantene shampoo, as it never really did much for my hair, however, this conditioner has been a firm favourite on the shelf in my shower for quite some time now. You really don't need much; a blob the size of a 50p is fine for me (i usually use ridic-amounts so i was impressed by this). It's extremely rich and moisturising, even when in the palm of your hand it feels really silky and smooth. I usually leave it in for a couple of minutes and upon rinsing it out my hair feels AMAZING. Usually, my hair feels dry even when i've rinsed my conditioner out, but it's not the case when  i use this and it gives my hair a new lease of life. It also smells divine and makes your hair smell all sweet and fruity.

I cannot recommend this enough. If, like me you struggle with keeping your long hair in good condition, yet can't always afford expensive treatments, then have a hunt for some of this... 
...I say have hunt because Poundworld haven't stocked it for a few weeks now. I reckon they must have changed the packaging slightly as Poundworld often just gets sent a load of older stock. But i've seen a very similar looking bottle on the shelf in when this finally runs out i'll be purchasing some of that :)

Vo5: Give Me Moisture

I picked this up at B&M Bargains for a measly quid, but they stock it in Boots and Superdrug for similar prices. The bottle says it will 'quench thirsty hair', and believe me i have thirsty hair to be quenched! I've been using this for a few months now, and i must be on my third bottle. It's extremely similar to the Pantene, but i must say i do need to use a tad more of this to feel the benefits. When rinsed out it gives that lovely 'moisturised' feeling to my hair and after blow-drying the ends always look really thick, healthy and shiny. I also noticed that it seems to make my hair more manageable for styling.

The only thing that annoys me about this one is the bottle. I literally have to wrestle with this to get any conditioner out :) But i can put up with a bit of wrestling for the sake of a good product.  Overall i do like this product, i've never really been a fan of Vo5 but they've pleased me with this purse-friendly conditioner. 

Have you tried any good budget friendly conditioners?
What are your thoughts on these two if you've tried them?

Hope you're all having wonderful weeks :)

Lots of love,


  1. ooo they look really good! My best friend's a hair dresser who KILLS me if I buy herbal essences or aussie or anything of the kind but I do LOVE the andrew barton ranges, they can be pretty cheap sometimes too xo

    1. haha i know..i hate buying budget stuff :( But i get through so much that when it's a long time til pay day i have to opt for such things :P I like Andrew Barton too! Think i tried the volume shampoo a while back and i really liked that too! :) xx

  2. I can't believe you got a conditioner for £1! I think i'm gonna have to start looking around in poundstores! Also I just want to say a massive thankyou for your lipstick recommendations, i've checked out a few swatches and I've fallen in love with Topshop - Infared! <3

    1. Yess Pound stores are where it's at for trying budget conditioners! :P

      And thats ok :) Glad you found it helpful. If you do decide to get one of them let me know! :) xx

  3. These are two of my favourite hair products ever! Great post!!

    Lovely blog too sweetie, i'm now following! :) xxx

    1. Theyre so good for the price! Better than some high-end stuff ive tried :)

      Aww thankyou :) Im off to check out your blog now :) xx

  4. Definitely needed this post, my hair really isn't in the best condition at the minute and as a new years resolution to start looking after it I may make one of these my next conditioner xx

  5. You should try the Aussie Three Minute Miracle conditoner too, I love it, sooo good and smells amazing :)

    Laura xoxo

  6. These sound amazing and such bargainous prices.. might have to give them a try X


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