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Friday 28 February 2014

A Little Bit of... The 'TMI' Tag

Howdy folks. So, it's no secret that I've been struggling to keep up with my usual blog schedule at the moment. Uni work has had to take priority over most things in my life the past couple of months and as a result, I've had to spend less time typing my life away on Bird's Words.  However, I had a few spare moments the other day and quite fancied branching out from my usual beauty related jibberish. I don't often share a great deal of my life on my blog - I rarely dip my toe into more personal posts unless I really do have something useful to say, but after seeing the 'TMI Tag' pop up on blogs and after the lovely Laura-Beth tagged me to do it, I decided to give it a go.  Let's face it - we all like talking about ourselves and we all enjoy being complete nosey parkers in other people's lives, right? I haven't answered every single question - I feel as if I've answered a few of them in past 'get to know me' typed posts and some of them just seemed a little pointless or weren't overly relevant to me so I've just selected a few of the more 'meaty' ones (I also ramble on quite a bit - I'm definitely not your one word answer type so 50 questions in one post would equal quite an essay that would rival the likes of my dissertation...) If you want to do the TMI tag in full then it's easy to google and come across (or hop on over to Laura-Beth's blog who tagged me - she's a beaut!)  But, if like me, you're a fellow chit-chatter-er, then feel free to just answer the ones I've chosen. Who makes the rules, eh?! It's ok to pick n' choose! I tag all of my fellow bloggers...

Have you got any tattoos?
Nope. I'm far too indecisive to get one and I'm so fickle when it comes to things like that.  I know for a fact I'd get it and regret where I'd got it or what I'd had done.  If I had one though, it would probably be bird-inspired or have something to do with a family member - I'd want it to have a meaning behind it and I'd want it to be fairly small.

Here's an interesting fact about me - I have none! I never saw the point in getting my ears pierced because I almost always wear my hair down and it's rather difficult to spot my ears amongst my mass of hair. I reckon it would annoy me having them in. I'm stuck without them done now because I'd look a right twerp going to get them done aged 23 wouldn't I?! 

How tall are you/How much do you weigh?
Funnily enough, I actually get asked this quite a bit through email! I believe I'm 5"4/3ish but I could be wrong.  I'm quite the little elf really...  And as for how much I weigh.  I haven't got the foggiest.  I never weigh myself as quite frankly, I'm just not bothered.  As long as I feel healthy and I think I'm alright then I couldn't care less what a set of scales say to me.

Have you ever been in love?
Oh how I hate this question. Because you always think you are until you look back and realise it was probably a case of the rose-tinted spectacles don't you? I've had 2 long term relationships but I'd say I truly loved only one of those people.  I was quite young(ish) and the time and I didn't really appreciate it like I would do now.  Love is hard to find.

Have you ever had a terrible breakup?
I wouldn't say a terrible breakup, no.  We all have to go through the whole Bridget Jones 'woe is me I'll never find another man again' stage don't we?  I'd say my last breakup was pretty crappy to be honest - but if we're being totally honest here I was probably more upset about leaving the cat behind...

Something you miss?
At the moment, I'm seriously missing having some routine in my life! I'm really struggling with sleep and I'm often tossing and turning until 5 or 6 in the morning... I've put it down to the fact that I just have no routine in my life now that I'm in my final year of uni.  I actually miss the 9-5 of being at work.

Zodiac Sign?
Leo. Yep - that's right. The stubborn one ;) I have to say, if you google Leo characteristics, I'm SO spot on it's unreal - it actually amazes me how close the descriptions are. There must be some truth to the whole star sign thing...

Quality you look for in a partner?
Oh flippin'eck where do I start?! I guess all the typical things - well dressed, well groomed, someone who quite clearly looks after themselves.  The main thing is having someone who's on my level and who I can be 'Beth' around without having to feel like I have to impress them all the time.  Someone with a bit of banter, as they say! I won't lie and say looks don't matter, but if I can't have a lark around and a giggle with someone then they're off the cards. I think somebody trustworthy is important too - after all, you can have the looks, the personality and everything in between but if you can't trust them as far as you can throw them, what's the point in that?!

Turn off?
I'm not drawn to 'plodders' - those who just plod along in life and are happy just cruising along... I much prefer the 'grab the bull by the horns' type.  I also hate arrogance, bossiness, cockiness and 'typical lad' types - NO NO NO. Get away.  You know the ones - the little sleazeball creatures out in town on a Saturday night, prowling the tiles looking for this weekend's bit of prey (since when did this post turn into a David Attenborough spesh?!) If i meet someone and I can tell straight away they're even slightly 'like that' - no matter how many boxes they tick, it's a case of sling yer hook. 

Favourite Quote?
'Everything will be ok in the end. If it's not ok, it's not the end'.  I've had quite a few tough times the past few years and this has always been at the back of my mind. Everything always turns out alright in the end no matter how long it takes. I also like 'Don't compare your beginning to someone else's middle'. I often feel as if I'm a step behind some of my friends who are all settled down in jobs and are either engaged or getting very close to being married off (even though we're all around the age of 23-25...apparently that's old now?!).  I'm hoping I'll find my dream job after I finish uni, and as for being left on the shelf? Well, I'm seriously hoping I'm not still fishing around in the singles pond when I'm getting towards the edge of my twenties *shudders*

What are your fears?
At the moment - I'm terrified of not being able to find a job after I finish uni.  I'm the type of person who won't take a job for the sake of it, and after being in a job i hated for 5 years, I'm not taking any chances. I hate uncertainty.  I'm definitely not one of these 'happy go lucky' types - I like some stability and I like to know I'm all good in life. I've been worrying no end about everything the past month or so and this has to top the list.

Favourite Show?
Oh it has to be Prison Break doesn't it?! I could watch it over and over and over again and I can guarantee I'll still be watching it with baited breath as if I'd never seen it in my life. I'll also openly admit I bloody love TOWIE. I love all that sort of crap. I'm also partial to a bit of 'Don't Tell the Bride' - I'm addicted to it and I get ever so excited when a new series comes on.  Did you see the one where he wanted her to jump out of a plane before she said 'I do'?! Goodness me, I'd have a fit!

Favourite Bands?
Err... One Direction? ;) I jest... I jest... Obviously I'm far too old to be a 1D fan... *cough* I quite like The 1975 at the minute, though!

Favourite Flavour of sweet...
I love those little jelly strawberries you find in Pick n' Mix sections. The really chewy ones that nobody else ever seems to pick out. You're missing out, by the way.

Favourite Song?
There's far too many to mention.  I have a playlist on my iPod full of all the songs that remind me of one of the best holiday's I've ever had in my life - I can't reel them all off but if I'm ever a bit glum, I'll pop it on and I'm instantly reminded of good times with my friends. I also love Snow Patrols 'Just Say Yes' and Justin Timberlake's 'Mirrors'. 

Do you have a crush?
Oh yes. Who doesn't?I have to say I'm not one of these people who's tempted with a load of celebrities - I hardly ever have 'crushes' (i hate that word...) on people I can't have. That's just setting yourself up for disappointment isn't it?! I prefer focusing my attention on people much closer to home. I like an actual challenge.

The last song you sang?
I've just been in the car and was singing along to a bit of Whitney's 'I Wanna Dance With Somebody' on Gem106... I don't mess about when I'm in the car on my own... You's can't beat a bit of Gem106 at full whack when you fancy a sing-along!

Where do you go when you're sad?
Sometimes I'll go for a drive in my car and I'll park up somewhere quiet and have a little cry.  I hate people seeing me cry or knowing I'm upset so I try and hold off the water-works until I'm on my own. I can hide the fact I'm feeling upset very, very well - I'm one of those people who bottles everything up and pretends they're happy til the point where I sometimes even forget I'm feeling sad.

A place you want to visit...
I love to travel (although I hate flying) but I can't think of a specific place that I have an overwhelming urge to visit.  I've always fancied the Maldives or Hawaii for some reason.  And I'd love to go to Santorini and Skopelos in Greece.  I really want to pretend I'm Sophie from Mamma Mia and go about my daily life singing Abba songs in my flip-flops with my hair in beachy waves... I have a lifetime goal to visit all of the Greek islands. But we shall see how that one goes.

The last sport you played...
I shan't lie. It was probably back in the day at school.  I was always the one who got picked last for teams and 'PE day' always put me in a horrible mood.  I've knocked over high jumps, twisted my arm rather badly attempting to get over a vaulting horse, hit myself in the face with a rounders bat and I've given myself a black eye and a swollen cheek from running into a log.  Yep. You couldn't make it up really could you? I'll stick to writing essays and putting on lipgloss in class, thanks!

Favourite Colour?
As much as I do like a dash of pink (i'm such a girly girl), believe it or not, my favourite colour is blue. Let's get specific here though - it ain't just any old blue! I love the really bright 'summer ocean' typed blues... the ones that instantly remind you of being on holiday in sunnier climes!

Have you ever been in a physical fight?
Nope. I'm just not the type of person to get myself into situations like that.  I'm sure we've all had a few sharp words now and again - i certainly have - but I've never, ever thrown a punch in anyone's direction.  To be honest, I'd be daft if I did - I'm such a weakling. I struggle to win a thumb war.

The reason you started blogging?
I cut my full-time hours at my place of work and had a lot more spare time on my hands - I found myself getting so bored on all my days off and wanted something worthwhile to get my mitts into! There's only so many times you can watch repeats of Friends on Comedy Central, ya know! I'd been reading blogs for about a year and really wanted to start my own. 

The meaning behind your blog name?
I explain more in my FAQ! But it basically derived from my nickname amongst my group of friends (Bird) - hence 'Bird's Words'. To be honest, I often wonder about my blog name - it doesn't sound very beauty-related at all does it?!  Anyone who arrives here expecting reviews about various species of bird is gonna be disappointed to say the least... Sorry, if that's what you were after. Maybe try National Geographic...

The last time you were insulted?
I can't remember to be honest! I shall tell you a story about a little girl I spoke to at work though because I will forever remember it. She was plaiting my hair whilst we were waiting for her mum and we were talking about Disney Princesses.  She said 'but your hair is like a princesses'. I thought 'oh how lovely'. But then she continued and said 'It's a bit orange though'. Kids don't hold back at all do they? I'd recently had my hair stripped from black to light brown and in all honesty, it was a little on the brassy side. I spent the rest of the day catching glimpses of my ruined barnet in all of the shop mirrors and asking my colleagues if it really was 'that bad'.  Bless that little girl, she wasn't half lovely but she really did kill me off that day. I have nothing against orange hair, by the way! But it looked bloomin' awful on me and it was clearly obvious I'd had a dye-mishap. When your work shirt is a dashing shade of bright red and your shop lights have the power to blind you with their brightness - orange probably isn't the best way to go.

And there we have it.  My take on the 'TMI' tag. If there's something in here I've missed that you would really like to know the answer to then fire away, but I tried to pick the more interesting ones of the bunch! From now on, I vow to post more random little tag posts like this... It's good to throw one into the mix now and again after all.  

If you've done the TMI tag over on your blog, do let me know and I shall hop on over and have a stalk...

Wednesday 26 February 2014

Brow-WOW | My Thoughts on Benefit's 'Gimme Brow'

Benefit | Gimme Brow | £17.50* | Link

If I could go back in time and offer my teenage self any beauty tips, (aside from staying away from the blue sparkly eyeshadow...) it would be to put the bloomin' tweezers down and stop over-plucking my brows within an inch of their life.  Skip forward a good few years and I'm stuck with rather sparse eyebrows that lack shape, fullness and definition - being blonde also doesn't do them any favours as they're very light in colour and without being filled in with a pencil, well, you'd question whether or not I was actually eyebrow-less. So, this being said, I think it's safe to say that my eyebrow routine is an important part of my daily getting ready process! As soon as I heard of Benefit's 'Gimme Brow' being released, I was intrigued.  I'm all for a good brow product, me. There's been a lot of brow products released onto the market just recently, and I have to say I'm always left feeling a bit disappointed - I'm a toughie to please! However, I can genuinely say I think I may have finally found one of my 'holy grail' brow products...

'Gimme Brow' is more than just a brow gel. Which is why I like it so much! Not only does it do a fantastic job of keeping the eyebrow hairs in place, but it's also buildable.  The fiber-gel attaches itself to the skin and hair and instantly makes your brows appear fuller - perfect for someone like me who's brows are definitely on the more 'sparse' side. Not only this, but Benefit have hit the nail on the head when it comes to the perfect wand - finally no more faffing around with awkward sized brushes (I've always been a fan of Mac's Brow Set and although I like it - the size of the wand can be hard to work with). The brush is just the right size to comb through your brows with precision and the ease of use is definitely one of its selling points for me.  It also contains no shimmer, and although it only comes in 2 shades, both are extremely universal. The pigmentation is actually really impressive - usually, brow gels can be quite sheer but these little beautys actually manage to provide instant colour pay off. I actually suit both colours - I've found it works for me when I use the lighter shade on the inner half of my brows and concentrate the darker one into my arch and the outer half for a perfect natural look.  Personally, I still have to fill in my brows either with a pencil or with the Benefit 'Brow-Zings' kit beforehand just because mine are so incredibly light, but I can image if you're blessed with good eyebrows already or have dark brows to begin with, a touch of this might be all you need.  Gimme Brow is the perfect finishing touch for me - the hairs appear much more defined and natural, and the fact it's buildable is such a good aspect. It's easy to apply 2 or 3 coats to build up definition to the level you desire without the finish going crispy (something I've found with other brow gels). My brows appear much more full after use and don't budge out of place all day.

So, are you fed up of me singing Gimme Brow's praises yet?! I really do think I've found my perfect brow gel and I will definitely be grabbing more when these run out.  I think that Benefit have ticked all the boxes for a perfect brow mascara and I'm still yet to try anything else on the market that's amazed me as much as this.  The fiber-gel concept is one of its main selling points for me - and it's made such a difference to the overall appearance of my eyebrows.  If you struggle with sparse brows, or have been a little bit disappointed with current brow-mascaras on the market, 'Gimme Brow' is well worth a try.  For £17.50, it isn't the cheapest, but definitely worth that extra bit of money. I wouldn't think twice about buying it again and I cannot fault a thing about it - it's very rare that a product really does impress me like this!  Ok, praise singing = complete. I think you've all got the picture now so I shall tottle off before I reel off anymore gushy phrases of adoration...

Have you tried Benefit's 'Gimme Brow'? Did you like it as much as me?

Sunday 23 February 2014

Illamasqua | Sculpting Powder Duo

Illamasqua | Sculpting Powder Duo | £26.00 | Link

Fellow bloggers, allow me to introduce you to another new addition to my cosmetic collection - Illamasqua's 'Sculpting Powder Duo'.  I swear I'm like a broken record on this blog, aren't I? I'm forever harping on about contouring products! I shan't tell porkies - it was another one of my little impulse purchases - but it's one that I knew for a fact I wouldn't regret. If you've been reading my blog for a while, you'll know that I'm a bit obsessed when it comes to all things contouring related - I'm a big fan of defined and sculpted cheekbones and my makeup never feels quite complete without a dusting of powder and a touch of highlighter.  As soon as I saw this duo on the ASOS website, I snapped it up right away.  I adore Illamasqua blushes and have recently purchased their 'Blush Up' brush which is perfect for contouring (post here) - so I knew I'd get lots of use from this compact - Illamasqua are always spot on with their pigmentation and consistency and I'm still yet to be disappointed by their products.

The palette consists of two shades - a matte contour named 'Heliopolis' and a champagne toned highlighter, 'Lumos'.  I personally don't think there's a great selection of sculpting products on the high street that work a treat - unless you want to pay a fortune! (Kevin Aucoin anyone?) Sleek's Contour Kit was as good as it got for me - and although I love it to bits, I have to admit I always find the contour shade far too bronze and orange toned for a perfectly natural look. That's why I jumped for joy when I stumbled upon Illamasqua's offering.  At £26, it isn't the cheapest duo on the market but it's one of the best powder contour products I've come across.  The matte contour shade is perfect for my skin tone - it isn't too dark or too light - it's just the perfect colour and I can imagine it will still blend seamlessly when I get a bit of a tan during the summer months.  Although it still has a slight hint of bronze, it doesn't have that orange tone that a lot of 'contour' products seem to have and it definitely leans more grey - perfect for creating a natural shadow. It lacks that warm tone that a lot of products on the market seem to have. I was unsure as to whether I'd like 'Lumos' or not - I'm admittedly hard to please when it comes to highlighters and I often find them too glittery or false looking.  But I've been pleasantly surprised - 'Lumos' is stunning. It's a gorgeous champagne tone which blends into the skin seamlessly and effortlessly and doesn't contain any glitter flecks (yay!). It gives that much desired 'soft-focus' finish and the consistency is unbelievably buttery - honestly, it's so soft and creamy! Only the lightest touch of a brush is needed so the palette is all set to last quite some time.

To apply, I simply use my Real Techniques Contouring Brush or a tapered contour brush that I have in my collection from Elf. I've also found that the Illamasqua 'Blush Up' brush mentioned above works wonders - especially with the matte bronze shade.  The duo gives a really subtle finish that can be built up for a stronger more defined look depending on what you're going for, and doesn't look harsh in daylight. I've also been using this kit for contouring the jawline and highlighting the brow bone.

Overall, it's a massive thumbs up from me.  I really cannot fault this duo one bit.  I was worried it might be too small to be worth the £26.00 price tag - but you get quite a decent bit of product for your money.  The compact is bigger than Illamasqua's standard blushes (I didn't know this as I've never owned any of their duos and just assumed it would be the same size) - it also comes with a mirror and is really lightweight - perfect for me as I will be taking this away on holiday over the summer! It gives that naturally enhanced look to the cheekbones without looking like you've tried to fake it - and the quality and pigmentation is second to none. Illamasqua has gone and done it again! 

Have you tried this palette? What's your favourite contouring product at the minute?

Wednesday 19 February 2014

Urban Decay | 'Freelove' Eyeshadow

Urban Decay | Singular Eyeshadow in 'Freelove' | £14.00 | Link

Hold the phone...Beth has made yet another impulse purchase. Say hello to my newest addition to my eyeshadow wardrobe - Urban Decay's 'Freelove'.  Urban Decay are without a doubt my favourite brand to go to when it comes to all things eyeshadow related - whether it be their selection of palettes, their amazingly pigmented eye liners or their primer potions - I adore them all.  I'm yet to find a collection of eye shadows that are so consistent with their pigmentation, consistency and overall quality.  'Freelove' isn't a shadow I've heard much about on blogs - it isn't one of those famous blogger shades and it isn't your run of the mill standard neutral either.  It's a beautiful shimmery peachy coral shade - described on the website as a 'golden, vibrant peach'. I'm usually quite scared of anything coral going near my eyes - but i love the fact it isn't too 'out there' and it still has a sort of neutral vibe to it - it brings warmth to the eye area and makes a nice change from your typical bronzes and gold tones.  It's a baby step outside my strict browns and golds neutral comfort zone and it's a rather unique little shade that has made a welcome addition to my collection.

Needless to say, 'Freelove' is velvety soft to the touch and blends onto the eyelids with ease.  It's highly pigmented and applies smoothly.  The colour isn't for everyone - although it isn't overly bright it's not your typical neutral shade and I don't own anything else like it in my collection.  Personally, it was love at first sight for me - i loved it when i saw the swatches online and I loved it even more when it arrived on my doorstep and I saw it in the flesh.  It's such a gorgeous shade that's perfect for every day wear and can be used for warmer smokey eye looks to create a pop of colour.  I have dark green eyes and I always find that warm shades such as reddish bronzes and orangey golds suit me quite well - and this one is no exception.  It looks stunning on the lids and really does bring out the greenish hues in my eyes - that being said, I can imagine this would suit most eye colours - especially those who tend to lean towards warmer tones.

Overall, I'm so glad I've added this little beauty to my collection. Admittedly, it's not one I'd adorn when I'm a little worse for wear or haven't quite racked up enough beauty sleep as I can imagine the coral tinge might not do me any favours, but it's a lovely one to use when I fancy a little bit of something different.  I wore it yesterday (seen above) blended into 'Sunset' from the Stila 'In The Light' palette (post here) and it looked really striking with a touch of Mac's Smoulder eye pencil on the lower lash line. I also ran it underneath the lash line with a smudging brush just to add an extra pop of colour. As I've said before, it's probably not everyone's cup of tea - and I must be honest and say this is pushing the boat out a little bit for me as I'm usually very, very picky with what I wear on my eyes.  But you can't beat throwing caution to the wind sometimes and trying something outside of your comfort zone, can you?

Do you own any shades similar to this? What's your favourite way to wear warm tones like this?

Sunday 16 February 2014

Stila | In the Light Palette

Stila | 'In the Light' Palette | £25.00 | Link

I know what you're thinking. Beth - how late on the bandwagon do you want to be?! In fact, I can't even see the bandwagon anymore I'm that late.  Stila's 'In the Light' palette was a firm favourite on many a blog a few moons ago, wasn't it?  Being the controlled, sensible blogger I am (haha, whatevs...) I resisted temptation and made do with the collection of palettes I already own.  I'm quite fussy when it comes to palettes - I only ever buy them if I know for a fact i'll use them (I'm not one for impulse palette purchasing!) and I usually stick to my trusty Urban Decay varieties.  However, Christmas rolled around. Motherbear began digging for hints regarding beauty goods...  I stumbled upon a pin on Pinterest of an eye makeup look someone had created using this Stila palette and all of those lustful feelings returned.  Needless to say, on Christmas morning - I was a happy girl when I unwrapped this little beauty. It wasn't an easy task to track one down before Christmas - I really struggled finding one anywhere and my mum was lucky enough to be able to have one sent to our local department store from London where there was only 1 available. Eek! But was it worth all that trouble of hunting it down...?

Well... YES! Of course it was! I adore this palette. I mean, just look at it?! There's something in there for everyone - from barely there neutrals, to pretty champagne toned shimmers and bronzes to full on smokey eye shades.  I really love the addition of 'Night Sky' - a beautiful gunmetal blue shade - it looks lovely against the warm, bronze tone of 'Sunset' - which happens to be my favourite shade out of the entire palette.  It seems to really set off the green tones in my eyes and I've been wearing it non-stop just recently.  I has a reddish undertone to it when worn on the eyelids and it really does look stunning.  Another favourite has to be Stila's ever-famous 'Kitten'.  I can see why this is such a raved about shade. It's perfect for everyday wear and looks lovely when worn in the inner corners of the eye to brighten and open up your peepers.  'Bliss' is also a beautiful shade - I love using this in the crease of the eye to bring some definition and warmth and it also makes for a lovely blending shade. 

Stila's eye shadows seem to vary in texture. The majority of shades in here are buttery soft and really pigmented - just what I look for in an eyeshadow.  They transfer amazingly well and show up pretty much true to pan.  The only one I was a bit unsure of  is 'Gilded Gold' - it doesn't seem as buttery as the rest and transfers much lighter on the skin than in the pan. But it's still a lovely antique copper shade and one that I will get a lot of wear from - I'm such a neutrals girl...  'Bubbly' is also a favourite of mine.  I love gold shades - and this one is lovely and creamy in consistency and transfers perfectly onto the lid.  The Stila Smudge Stick is also a lovely little addition to the palette. It compliments the tones in the palette really well and is perfect for adding definition to the eyes. Oh - and how cute is the quote on top of the mirror?! As a self-confessed Pinterest quote addict, it's a nice little girly addition and finishes off the whole palette perfectly. Never one to say no to a quote, me...

I'm so glad I finally got my bloggery mitts on this palette.  It really is a stunner.  I love the mix of shades and it's perfect for a neutrals girl like me! Aside from their cream blushes, this has been my first experience with Stila and I will certainly be looking into more of their eyeshadow offerings in future.  I love how all of their palettes have names and themes too! For £25.00 - it isn't the cheapest of eyeshadow palettes. But when you consider the fact you're getting 10 extremely wearable shades plus the addition of the smudge stick - it's really quite reasonable and it's one that's become a firm favourite in my collection.  You can find the Stila 'In the Light' palette on Feel Unique (link) and also on Beauty Bay.

Have you tried the 'In the Light' palette? What's your favourite Stila shade?

Wednesday 12 February 2014

Benefit's New Release | 'Lolli Tint'

Benefit | Lolli Tint | £24.50* | Link

When Benefit announced the launch of their new lip & cheek tint 'Lolli Tint' - it's safe to say I was a teensy-weensy bit over excited... I'm a big fan of their infamous 'High Beam' highlighter and their 'Cha Cha Tint' is a summer must-have for me so when their new release arrived on my doorstep courtesy of the lovely ladies at Benefit HQ, my mood was comparable to that of a fat kid in a sweet shop. Benefit know how to market and theme a product don't they?! The pink box and adorable design went down a treat, let me tell you! Packaging appreciation aside, I was eager to see how the newbie addition to the 'Benefit Tint crew' actually worked for me. I have to admit, I'm not always a fan of tints and stains. They're notoriously difficult to work with and I'm sure we've all been there, done that and tried to blend in the clown cheek (I reckon my first experience with their original 'Benetint' went along those lines...) However, Lolli Tint isn't one of those 'POW' colours - and it definitely works in its favour. It's a lovely pastel pink with a hint of lilac - soft, gentle and sheer - it's actually quite buildable.

Benefit describe Lolli Tint as a 'Candy Orchid' shade and I actually find I like the colour much more than I thought I would.  I'm usually one for corals and peach tones, but the lilac 'milky' sort of tone to this looks really lovely on my winter skin.  It's not one I'd reach for in the summer, but it really does work a treat during this time of year. It is definitely one of the more sheer tints I've used from Benefit - which I personally prefer as I like to be able to build up colour. Texture wise, it is very similar in consistency to Cha Cha Tint and not as runny or as strong as Benetint.  It's much easier to work with and sheers out very nicely on the skin. I find it best to apply with a brush (I have the Daniel Sandler Water brush and it works a treat with this!) although it's still relatively easy to dab in with your fingers.  You do have to work fast with it as even though it's relatively sheer, it will still leave a stain if you don't get to work blending it in straight away.  Those swatches on my arm didn't budge for the entire day once I'd photographed them - if you're after a long-lasting tint - Benefit have certainly nailed it!

On the lips, Lolli Tint transfers much more lilac-y as opposed to on the cheeks in my opinion. It looks really sophisticated and sheer - which was a pleasant surprise as I'm really not one to suit Barbie pinks! The sheerness of it works with your natural lip colour and looks really soft and subtle.  It does, like all tints, dry out the lips somewhat and leaves them feeling a little moisture deprived, but not uncomfortably so. A little slick of balm over the top sorts it out straight away and a touch of gloss really does set it off. It's also incredibly long lasting on the lips - your best bet for kiss proof colour if you're after something for upcoming Valentine's Day *wink-wink* (yep - i went there...such a girly, cliche thing to say but one must consider this sort of thing...)

Overall, I have to say it's a thumbs up from me for Lolli Tint. I still think that Cha-Cha tint might top the mark for me (but only for preference of colour!) - they're very, very similar so if you liked Benefit's coral offering - you'll be sure to like its girlier, pink cousin!  The lilac tones to it make it all the more wearable in my opinion, and the buildable, sheer aspect really does sell it to me even more.  

What's your favourite Benefit Tint?

Sunday 9 February 2014

Jewellery from 'Shop Taupe & Pearl | 'Lorelei' Necklace & 'Lark' Ring (+10% off)

'Lorelei' necklace | £9.50* | Link // & \\ 'Lark' ring | £4.50* | Link Taupe & Pearl

HOW stunning is this statement necklace from Taupe & Pearl?! When lovely fellow blogger Kirsty got in contact with me and asked if I'd like to try a couple of pieces from her online jewellery store, how on earth could I resist?  I'm a big believer in supporting other bloggers and small online businesses, and Kirsty's range really appealed to me. Shop Taupe & Pearl is an online jewellery store dedicated to statement designs and animal themed jewellery (of course, I had to opt for the bird themed ring didn't i?!)...  The range is certainly bold and contains some amazing statement pieces - it's modern but has that certain 'vintage inspired' style to it which makes it quite unique.  All Kirsty's pieces are amazingly affordable too.

I love a good statement necklace, me. I'm a big fan of collars and simple black dresses so I often like to switch up my necklaces to complete my outfits. The beautiful 'Lorelei' necklace is perfect for jazzing up plain jumpers and collared shirts.  I haven't pictured it with a collar but take my word for it, it looks stunning - it's the perfect length. It isn't heavy or clunky - which is what I find with a lot of 'big' necklaces - this one is so comfortable to wear and feels really delicate and well made.  The antiqued gold chain just adds to its appeal and sets off the style perfectly.  For £9.50 it really is such a lovely necklace and really reasonably priced.  I adore it! I've been wearing it so much the past couple of weeks - it really does go with everything and looks so classy when paired with a simple black dress and heels. I've also worn it with a plain jumper and jeans to an ice hockey match - so to say it's versatile would be an understatement! As well as the Lorelei necklace, Kirsty was kind enough to send me the 'Lark' ring too - a beautiful dress ring with adorable little pearlised bird's eggs! How cute?! It would be a crime for me to not own this ring, wouldn't it? Bird obsession aside, the detailing is incredible - I'm not usually one for wearing statement rings but I make an exception with this one.  It's got 'Beth' written all over it... It's hand-finished to give it that extra bit of 'vintage appeal' and no two rings are exactly the same - adding to that unique, individual feel.

Shop Taupe & Pearl deliver worldwide and delivery prices are really reasonable (£1.95 for UK deliveries and £3.95 for international), so if you fancy a little unique treat to brighten your day, it's worth hopping over and having a look for yourselves. If you're after a unique gift for an animal lover or fellow jewellery enthusiast then it's worth having a browse!  Kirsty was really kind to offer a discount code to all of my lovely readers - so if you see something that tickles your fancy, simply enter the code 'BIRD10' at the checkout in order to receive 10% off your order (available until 01/04/14).   You can browse the Taupe & Pearl range over on the website here or have a nosey at Kirsty's blog here.

Have you spotted anything on Taupe & Pearl that takes your fancy?