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Friday 13 January 2012

Mac: Saint Germain

Yes. I admit i do have a bit of an addiction to lipstick-buying.
If im bored, i will buy a lipstick.
If im sad, i will buy a lipstick.
If i happen to find myself in Superdrug on my lunch break, i will buy a lipstick.
If i have a spare fiver, i will most probably buy a lipstick.
 If i have a bad day at work, i will most definitely buy a lipstick.

I have a thing for pink lipsticks in particular. Infact, most of my Mac lipstick collection is pink. And the most recent addition to this collection is "Saint Germain", carefully chosen by my mother for a Christmas present. 
Ohh, she knows me so well.

I have been wearing this non-stop since i got it. Nude-pinks are my favourite 'go to' lipsticks for everyday wear so this one has very much earned a spot in my daily make-up bag. If you're a fan of Mac, you will know that their lipsticks differ in finishes (i usually opt for the 'Creme Sheens' simply because they are more moisturising and don't dry out my lips). Saint Germain is an 'Amplified Sheen' so the lipstick is extremely pigmented. The colour goes on so well and provides a really intense 'pop' of colour that a lot of lipsticks don't - basically, one swipe of this and your lips will be PINK.AS.

[Mac's swatch off their website]

The colour is a mid-tone pink, with undertones of purple. It's such a good shade to opt for if you want your lip colour to be noticeable but not over the top. If you have tried Mac's 'Speed Dial' and liked it, then i find this one to be very similar - but with a bit of a purpley-barbie-pinkish twist :)

Me wearing "Saint Germain". It had worn off a little by this time however it does last foreverrr. It goes on quite thickly and the colour is quite obviously pink to begin with, but you can build it up for more of a statement lip if you so do wish. I promise you that if you get your mitts on this, your lips will be extremely pink and lovely :)

Whats your favourite pink lipstick?
Im open to any new suggestions..
(and i will most probably buy them next time im bored..
or sad..
or find myself in Superdrug on my lunch break..
or have a spare fiver..
or have a bad day at work..)

Would just like to add - i'm having muchos trouble with my comments at the momento with both my blog, and all of your blogs - if i don't reply then im not being ignorant - my comments boxes just do not exist right now.. :( If anyone is a computer whizz (of which i am not) then please let me know how i can fix this... in the most simple-ist of terms, please :)


  1. You have such lovely lipsticks! Wish I was into them more! I'm partial to a red lip on the odd occasion but that's about it! haha xxx

  2. This shall be next on my list :-)
    Looks lovely on you.

    Holli x

  3. what a lovely colour , really suits you !(:x

  4. This looks so pretty on you! I love it!
    Carissa xx

    Vanilla Crush Blog

  5. I love saint germain but always forget I have it!.

  6. Holy crap on a cracker, that shade is gorgeous :) I love creme cup, it's more subtle xx

  7. MY FAV lipstick :) I also like Snob

  8. This looks gorgeous on you, it doesn't suit me! I'm the same as you though- happy, buy a lipstick, sad, buy a lipctick,...I love them! I bought MAC Chatterbox yesterday, review coming soon! XXXX

  9. I think I need this its such a nice colour, I normally use Barry M but its literally so dry like putting chalk on your lips haha
    Looks lovely,
    Jazz xo

  10. It suits your colouring perfectly, your hair is just lovely, I'm jealous! I actually have a really nice Maybelline Lipstick, Summer Pink 148. It smells of vanilla though and I can't stand that smell!

  11. ohhh I'm having the same irritating problem with my comment box too, I just have to keep refreshing peoples pages untill it shows up :)

    I have a pink lipstick by barry M, cant remember the shade right now but it is proper barbie pink...I never wear it unless i mix it with something else though, Don't think I quite have the courage! plus I have massive fish lips so I'm very self consious haha, but this colour looks so pretty! xoxo

  12. Hiya Beth, just letting you know I've passed an award on to you. Details are on my blog! xx

  13. that is sooooo pretty!
    and I'm having the same problem with comments at the moment - very frustrating haha!!
    17 Poncho Pink is a really bright barbie pink! It's very pretty but I dont wear it often as it is very bright!
    Lizzy xxx

  14. I love this lipstick! It's a gorgeous colour. It really suits you! Xx.

  15. this looks lovely on you! I love please me by mac, but I definitely want this now haha. x

  16. I love Saint Germain, I wore it all summer.
    guarantee success;)

  17. That shade looks gorgeous! You have to try NARS' lipstick in Schiap! It's my favourite lippy ever, a really shocking pink, but it's so matte and velvety that it doesn't look too over the top!

    Drea xoxo

    1. OO yes i shall google this now and have a look. I LOVE Nars face products but ive never tried their lipsticks so its an excuse to buy myself a new one isnt it :P xx thanks :) x

  18. Thanks everyone for your comments! Sorry i havent replied quickly to any of you - ive finally got my comments box back! (after hours of stressfullness!)

    lots of love

  19. I love the undertones in this colour, it's a gorgeous shade...i want! xx

  20. Wow!! Looks so stunning on you. I have been wanting to try this lipstick for awhile.

  21. Really love this lipstick, I still don't own it yet but it looks lovely :)

    I am the same, major lippie obesession! I put all mine out on my dressing table recently and there were 70-something lipsticks/glosses etc :-/ Dad walked in, looked and said 'OH MY GOD!!'...haha, my bad!

    My fave pinks are MAC Nicki Minaj Pink Friday and Collection 2000 Bubblegum :)


  22. LOVE this lipstick, sosososo pretty and really suits you!! xx check out my blog?

  23. You look gorgeous in the photo! I do exactly the same, if I'm browsing before work I go into Boots and before I know it I've added a new lipstick to my collection X


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