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Wednesday 26 October 2011

2 Most used Mac Lipstick(s)

We all love a bit of Mac don't we? I'm a huge fan of their lipsticks and always end up buying one when i go into the store, infact i always go straight to the lipsticks as soon as i step foot in the door. I've seen a lot of bloggers doing lipstick collection posts just recently, and when i have a bit more time i think i might jump on the bandwagon and do one as well..But I had a bit of sort-out of my make up last night and jigged around the storage slightly, and i thought i would pick my all time favourite mac lipstick. More difficult than it sounds. I narrowed it down to these two, (yes..yes i cheated and picked two..) simply because these are the ones that tend to live in my handbag more than the rest.

Left: Mac - Creme Cup
Right: Mac - Speed Dial

 Creme Cup
 (Apologies for robbage of Mac website swatches..the lighting in my house is extremely dull today, and try as i might i just cannot get a decent colour swatch on my camera..*sigh*).

I think more or less everyone who is a fan of Mac, owns Creme Cup. Its actually a make up bag 'staple', a must-have pinky nude that goes with almost anything. It is neutral without being boring, and is a perfect everyday shade. It gives a subtle hint of colour, without being so pale that it completely washes me out. I think i can safely say this has lived in my handbag since the day i purchased it, and i still haven't got bored. If i ever have one of those indecisive lipstick-choosing moments, then more often than not, i will pick this one.

Speed Dial

This was the first Mac lipstick i ever bought, and i think this is why i'm still so obsessed; because i loved this one right from the start. It is similar to Creme Cup, but it is slightly more pigmented and it is a much darker tone once it's on your lips. I used to wear this quite lot to work, and it actually does last longer than other Cremesheens i have tried (once the first wash of colour wears off it leaves a lovely pink 'stain' on your lips). It definitely gives more of a 'pop' of colour compared with Creme Cup and Mac's other nude shades. I often wear this on nights out too as well as in the day, it's noticeable but not so strong that i wouldn't be able to wear it to uni or work. It has a lovely blue undertone to it which birghtens up my complexion and makes my teeth appear whiter. Speed Dial is generally good 'all rounder', a good day to night colour (and i will continue to blame it for my obsession with pink lipstick). :)

What is your favourite mac lipstick ever everrrer? :)


  1. Creme Cup was my first ever MAC lipstick and I still love it, agree with everything you said! Everytime I go into MAC I swatch Speed Dial but never end up buying it.. determined to get it now! xx

  2. Yess! Speed dial is a MUST HAVE it's really lovely. It's Such a nice mid-tone colour :) more wearable than a really bright pink but it's still noticeable :) x

  3. Creme cup is an awesome first lipstick for the new mac lovers!! It was my first mac's lipstick and i intend on giving one to my sister for her birthday! It looks great on!:D

  4. i adore cream cup sooo much


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