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Friday 14 October 2011

Garnier BB Cream

Recently, i've been hearing a lot about BB cream; inparticular this one from Garnier. There has been a lot of mixed reviews about it either in magazines, on YouTube and on other beauty blogs. So i decided i would try it for myself and I have been using it for a good couple of months now. But what i wanted to know was: what makes BB cream different to your average daily tinted moisturiser?

BB Cream (meaning 'blemish balm') is a product which is said to provide a small amount of coverage, whilst moisturising, protecting and improving the texture of skin. Used to even out skin tone, its ingredients are said to help prevent wrinkles, and help mild acne, whilst preventing new blemishes from forming. Most contain SPF. The product is extremely popular throughout Asia and has recently become more widely known in the USA and UK.

 "It is said that the formula comes from Germany where dermatologists prescribe it to heal laser skin surgery because it has soothing and skin-regenerating properties." 

So what did i think to it?

The first thing i noticed was the smell, and believe me, it smells absolutely DELISHH-i-ous. I'm normally a bit uncertain about putting things on my face when they smell of anything, but it hasn't got a 'chemical' smell, nor is it extremely strong; its just lightly scented and smells really fresh. I seem to have a little habit of squeezing the tube and just smelling it before i put it on in the morning :) hmm..strange much?

The coverage is really sheer, and little goes a long way. The first time i used it i went a bit crazy and just carelessly squeezed a big blob onto the back of my hand. You don't need much at all. It is quite heavy as a cream which i know a lot of people will be put off by (i was at first), but it does seem to blend into nothing. It feels really moisturising, which is a big plus point now that the weather is getting colder, as my skin starts to get a little bit dryer. The only downside is sometimes it is a little bit TOO sheer for me (depending on if im having a 'good skin day' or not). If you like a flawless, matt foundation base then this isn't for you. Although i sometimes pop some on and then just blend in my foundation on top wherever i need more coverage. It does seem to smooth my skin out and i sometimes use this instead of my trusty No.7 Tinted Moisturiser which is saying something!

 Its reasonably priced (£8.99-ish) and i got mine on offer when it first came out. On first glance it seems like a small tube of product, but there is A LOT in there and you need the teeniest little blob. 

I honestly think it depends on your skin type whether you will like this or not. It is very a much a hit or miss, love it or hate it 'marmite product' :) I personally have quite dry skin on my cheeks, so the consistency of it seems to suit me as it keeps my face moisurised all day. However, if you have quite oily skin it may be a little too heavy for you due to the thickness of the product. I must admit i dont normally use it completely on it's own, but i have quite temperamental skin. If i find i'm having a crap skin day i tend to pop some of this on as a base, and just top up with foundation in certain places if i need it, and it seems to work well.

Overall, i liked it. I will definitely be keeping my eyes peeled to see if any other BB creams pop up on the market, as at the moment it seems quite limited. If anybody knows of any others to try, let me know! :)

Lots of Bird love

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  1. Happened to pass by your blog & it's very nice & pink! :)



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