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Tuesday 25 October 2011

Cosy Patterned Jumpers

The mornings are getting crisper and colder, the nights are drawing in, my car windows are beginning to get a little bit foggy when it's chilly in the evenings, which can only mean one thing... I have declared the beginning of autumn/winter now! (Farewell beautiful summer we never get anyway..) I've noticed my blazer and my trusty leather jacket just aren't really cutting it at the bus-stop in the morning anymore, i''ve been absoloutely frozen this week! So, i took this as a chance to go and get some new cosy jumpers. I wanted a couple of fairisle knits just to throw on over vest tops and tshirts when im getting cosy at home and to pop on for uni. 

 Patterned Jumper - £14.99 - H&M

The first jumper i picked out was this one from H&M. It also came in a beautful navy and red combination, but i liked this one since i thought it would go nice with my black skinny jeans and brown boots. It's such a soft and cosy knit and i can't wait to wear this when im back at uni next week.
 Navy Fairisle "Bunny" Jumper - £14 - Primark

Good old Primark. I'm loving their winter collection at the moment. They have some great basics, lovely chunky knit cardigans (i've bought a navy one with brown buttons which is the spitting image of a recent Topshop one - yipee). I'd been eyeing this up for about a fortnight before i finally just bought it.. and i'm so glad i did.  I just think it's so cute! It is definitely one of those purchases which looks a million times better on than on the hanger. The sleeves poof out slightly which gives the jumper more shape. It's not to everyones tastes, but it's one of those lovely, warm 'wintery' looking jumpers, and i LAVS it.

 Black Patent Satchel - £7 - Primark 
Leopard/Checked mixed pattern scarf - £4 - Primark

And i also popped these into my basket.. (why is it when i go to Primark for something specific i always end up with other items in my basket?! i have no willpower whatsoever..) I realised the other week that  I NEED MORE SCARVES! My 'scarf basket' in my wardrobe is looking a little neglected..i have millions of plain knitted ones but i dont feel as if i want to bring those out JUST yet..and the only others are really lightweight summery ones that look a bit daft at this time of year. I wanted NEEDED more patterned-pretty-autumny ones to add a touch of colour to a boring outift, and to add a bit of warmth. So, this one caught my eye and i dropped it into my basket straight away. It has tiny little gold flecks throughout it, and the colours are really pretty together.

I then headed off to the bag section, which as you may know, is a little bit dangerous for me. And lo and behold - look what happened. I did need it though...( many times have you heard me say the words 'i needed it') I wanted a small bag to sling over my shoulder on nights out if i'm going to a few bars or for a nice meal or something. As mine are either really huge or too tiny to fit in all my essentials (lipstick..compact mirror..eyeliner.. Let alone a camera or my purse!) - so i thought this one would be a sensible medium sized bag.  I also figured black goes with almost anything, although i may pop back for the cream version too.. after all..i do need it.

Lots of Bird Love


  1. I love the bunny jumper :) How cute is that! :)

  2. I love everything that you bought! I definitely need to make a trip to Primark some time soon! :) xx

  3. These jumpers are soooo cute! Next payday i'm totally heading down to Primark and H&M:D xxx

  4. great haul! love your style choices, and i really enjoyed your product reviews. you have a lovely blog, and i am so a fan! new follower, and hoping we can stay connected. have a great rest of the wknd!


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