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Wednesday 12 October 2011

Mark Hill: Va Va Voom Blow Dry Mousse

If you know me, you know i fall for any product that claims to give any form of 'volume'. I love anything that promises big, bouncy pin-up styled hair, however i always feel a bit let down when most of these volumising products do the exact opposite and weigh my little lion's mane down :( I often turn to backcombing, which, as we all know, is a bit naughty for your hair. *slap wrist*)
So, on my stroll through boots before work (i should really stop walking through here in the morning, it tempts me to spend my pennies), i saw this Mark Hill mousse, and thought i'd give it a go.

Before blowdrying, i roughly towel dried the top layers and whacked a big dollop (great choice of wording there?:)) of this in my hair and scrunched it in. Its quite a thick, weighty mousse, which i was a bit unsure about at first, however it really does feel like nothing once its in, albeit a little sticky.  So, after throwing my hair upside down and blowdrying the hell out of it, i was pleasantly suprised when it was completely dry. You know that "oomph" feeling you get when you take heated rollers out?....well, this mousse definately gave that feeling. Most mousses ive tried seem to just temporarily lift it, before i convert back to my trusty comb :| but this one has some staying power. Hooray :)
I wouldn't suggest you go overboard with it.. I know its tempting with mousse to just shake it up and GO MAD..but a little goes a long way. Also, if you have quite fine hair i would probably stay away from this, as it is quite heavy and gets sticky very quickly..

Also, it comes in a little travel size which is handy if you're away for a couple of days since the bottle is quite heavy. I took a mini one on holiday to Greece for a fortnight and i still had a bit leftover when i got home. It seemed to hold my hair better in such humid conditions too, which i was quite chuffed about :) Normally, i step outside my hotel room and i turn into a maHOOsive ball of frizz. But it just wasn't the case with this.

"Mark Hill Style Secret Va Va Voom Mousse is a natural multivitamin complex to boost strendth, moisture and shine."

So, if like me, you're constantly on a mission to find that magical product thats going to give your trusty backcombing brush a break, give this a whirl.  Im on my second bottle now, which (trust me) doesn't happen often with mousse. I do like to swap and change what i use simply because either it doesnt work or i just get bored, but ive yet to tire of this little pretty bottle of lovely mousse-y fluffiness :)

Lots of Bird love 

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