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Thursday 10 November 2011

Winter Tan - No.7 Quick Dry Lotion

Hi everyone. 
I know what you're thinking. Fake winter? Truth is i don't really apply much fake tan in winter..simply because it looks just that - fake. However, christmas party season is coming up, and i do like to look as if i have a bit of a natural glow sometimes since my winter skin often looks a bit dull; i find a light healthy glow brightens me up slightly and smoothes out my skintone. The only problem i used to find was that whatever tans look nice and natural in summer, look a bit daft in winter. So when i found this a couple of years back i was extremely impressed..and i haven't stopped buying it since..

No.7: Quick Dry Tinted Lotion/Wear off
I often get the feeling that No.7 gets overlooked in comparison to other brands, but i'm personally such a big fan of them (plus they always give out £5 vouchers in Boots. Makes my day). I've tried SO many fake tans and i'm often disappointed by them. I find that the 'gradual' build up ones don't do much for me (i've never been extremely pale), and i find a lot of them go streaky and look orangey and fake. AND another thing the SMELL. 
Lets face it nobody likes smelling like burnt biscuits do they? :)

This one ticks all the boxes for me. 
It's light. It's subtle. It glides on like a body moisturiser and has a really light hint of colour to help avoid streakiness. And it doesn't have a really strong 'fake tan' smell. And it also doesn't look orange on me. Perfectos :]

I personally go for medium/dark. I naturally tan very easily and the light colour looks more orangey on me for some reason. (My friend at work also uses this now and agrees that the lighter one looks more orange? hmm..) Since the colour is noticeable but subtle - there isn't a drastic difference between the light version and the slightly darker one anyway.

Its more of a gel-like texture and it's quite cooling to apply too (it contains Aloe Vera - which is soothing to the skin). I usually don't have to use a mitt to apply it as it is quite smooth in texture anyway. As with all tans, if you apply it correctly it rarely goes streaky. 
I would definitely advise this for people who are a bit of a novice with fake tans, as it really is a subtle option, whereas remaining noticeable from the first application compared with the 'gradual' tans on the market. It is definitely a good 'all rounder'. Ive had countless bottles of this now, as you can use it all year round. And they last for absolutely ages.

I hope you're all having a lovely week :)


  1. May have to invest in one of these bottles myself as I have pale skin and a bit of glowing colour would be rather lovely :) without turning into a streaky umpa lumpa :) :P

  2. This is what I need haha! I'm so pale it's unreal! Even the lighest shades of stuff like foundation and concealer are too dark for me! Thanks for the great post lovely! x

  3. Kath - Thanksss :)) Yess it's seriously the best fake tan I've used - I use it alongside st tropez in the summer then just use this in the winter and I really like it :) if you don't want to go too dark then give this a go :) it's really good :) couldn't be without it now :) xx

    Hannah - yep I really would give it a go - it's not too expensive and with a voucher it's a bargain! It's a bit more than most drugstore brands but the colour of this one is so much better :) let me know what you think if you manage to get your hands on some :) xx

  4. Thankyou for this, I'm definitely giving this a try! I'm so pale but I'm wary of fake tanning as I think it'll just be too obvious it's fake :/ xxx


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