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Saturday 19 November 2011

Starry Night in a Bottle - Barry M: Vivid Purple

You probably know by now that my favourite nail polish brand is (of course) Barry M. They never fail to disappoint me. All of their colours are so pigmented and bright and fun; if i ever need a cheap 'pick me up', i always find myself at a till in a shop somewhere with one of these little beauties in my hand and realise that i have no idea how i got there...

...And thats exactly where i found myself a couple of weeks ago when i bought this one. If i have a completely rubbish day at work then i always find comfort in the form of a nail polish or two!

I love love LOVEE the colour of this - a rich, deep purple. It reminds me of a purpley coloured night-sky :) It has tiny little shimmery glitters in it so it's got a lovely depth to it (don't we all just love tiny little shimmery glitters?..i do..) and it catches the light beautifully. The colour looks even better on than in the bottle - the first coat drenches your nails in purple-y goodness, and the second just brings out the sparkle that sets the colour off perfectly. Add a glossy top coat and it looks even better!

(Ahh that stupid stubby excuse of a nail - i've said it before and i will say it again..working in silly shoe shops do not agree with nails. Annoyed.)

I've had lots of people asking about this colour at work today so it definitely is a 'must have' colour (yes i judge the good-ness of my nail varnish on how many customers ask me what it is in a day..) 

If you're a fan of Barry M i suggest that you scurry off and purchase yourself one of these lovely bottles of purpleness. Go grab one....grab one NOW!! :) Your nails will love you for it.


  1. Wow thats so pretty! Need need need :D. Really want their polish in black red as well!.

  2. I'm wearing this right now :D It's the perfect deep purple for winter, but isn't too dark. The shimmers are so pretty as well :) xx

  3. Gemma - I really want the Red/Black colour but i can never find it anywhere anymore.. im planning on snapping it up as soon as i find it.. :)

    Kath - Yayy for purple nails! haha. Its such a nice colour its the prettiest purple everr :)


  4. Love this :) and I too love Barry M! I don't think I have this one!

  5. I've wanted this colour for agess-looks soo nice :)

  6. Beautiful colour. Very similar to the one by Front Cover that i blogged about.

    Holli x

  7. Gorgeous nails :)

  8. the blue one is my favourite colour by Barry M atm, i want the purple but have a very similar shade in another make...hmmm...x

  9. i bought lots n lots of barry m nail polish the otherday, think it's by far my fave brand for nail polish, this colour looks awesome!



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