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Wednesday 2 November 2011

I only had one thing on my shopping list..

It happens all the time. 
I have one thing on my 'things to buy' list and that one thing turns into 4..or 5.. or endless amounts of other stuff i never set out to buy.

So i thought i'd show you what i've picked up this week...

"Fantasy" Perfume by Britney Spears - 50ml

I cannot tell you how excited i was at seeing this in offer in Boots. I got this for £15. Which, in my opinion, is absoloutely bargainous. This must be my fourth bottle now. I love it. Its such a nice perfume and it's my favourite of all Britney's perfumes. (Although i haven't tried the new one yet..if you have..let me know your thoughts?)

I must literally drench myself in this in the mornings. It's great for me for work since it doesn't cost the earth, smells lovely (it's a sweet smelling one..if you hate sweet perfumes such as 'Theirry Mugler: Angel', then i don't think this will be your thing..) and it lasts. The good thing is i don't feel guilty if i go a bit spray-happy with this..(i tend to save my best ones for nights out and such like so i don't have to waste them on cruddy days at work). 

I also think the bottle is quite cute.. (i will love anything pink and sparkly so Britters got it in one with the bottle design there...) Actually, I even went one step further and used my advantage card points to purchase this so it was absoloutely FREE. It made my day.  
If you're a fan of this i suggest you get yer skates on and get down to Boots as the offer is on until the end of the week (i think), they also have offers on other perfumes and cosmetics. 

Barry M: Lip paint in '129'

This is my favourite lipstick (if i ever can't decide i will either put this on or one of my Mac nude shades). Its a really lovely sheer lilac shade but you can build it up for more colour if needs be. I needed a new one as i left my other one in a handbag, left it near a radiator..and it got a bit 'smushed'...if thats a word..?

Collection 2000: Lasting Colour lipstick in No.6 - 'Bubblegum'

(I must apologise for photographs from this point on, if you live in the UK you'll know getting decent photos at this time of year is almost impossible)

I wanted another pinky nude shade. I already have quite an extensive collection of pink but there is always room for one more! I've tried their lasting colour lipstick in a red shade and i really liked it so i thought i'd try a lighter shade too. It's a lovely candy pink colour (it comes across slightly darker in my photographs due to the lighting), it is very much a 'bubblegum', milky sort of pink. 

The colours are decently pigmented, but they last for a fairly long time. I often build them up slightly depending on how strong i want the colour or i'll just put one layer on for a lovely sheer finish. I also find them quite moisturising for a lipstick as most tend to dry out my lips. These ones don't seem to. I'll be buying more of these when i next take a trip to Boots or Superdrug.

Barry M Nail Paints.
Left: Barry M 'Vivid Purple' 161
Right: Barry M 'Raspberry' in 273

I thought i'd take one with the flash on my camera so you could actually see the purple shade. Its GORGEOUS. It looks like a night sky in a bottle :) It isn't a glitter polish but it does have an iridescence to it that catches the light and glimmers. It is a lovely deep purple shade and i can't wait to get this on my nails, i don't normally go for dark shades (but Revlon - Facets of Fuschia has changed that habit of mine! Im trying to go a bit more daring and steer away from pastels). 
The second one is 'Raspberry'. I think it's a perfect shade for autumn. It makes a change from just a simple classic red, and it will be pretty for the christmas season too.
Collection 2000 Cream PuffsTop: Angel Delight
Bottom: Cotton Candy

THIS was what was on my 'to buy list'. I originally wanted the lighter nude shade - but everywhere had sold out! I went in 2 different superdrugs and a Boots and nobody had one. I think they are quite popular at the minute and that nude shade seems to be quite sought after!
I haven't actually tried the pink shade on my lips yet, but i quickly swatched the deeper nude on the way home. I won't say i dislike it, it just needs to grow on me i think. I like the fact it feels like nothing is on your lips, but i'm not so keen on the completely matte finish at the moment - i just felt like i needed to put some gloss on it! I'll give these a proper go and maybe my first doubts will go away. I really want to like these, i'm just not sure if they're really 'me' yet.. I really want the lighter nude shade..i will reserve my judgement until then!

Have you tried any of the Cream Puffs? What are your thoughts on them?

I hope you're all having a fabulous week!


  1. I HAVE to get Barry M vivid purple, it looks gorgeous! x

  2. I absolutely adore "Midnight Fantasy" perfume it smells like skittles, so yummy! Love the look of everything especially "Vivid Purple", gorgeous! xxx


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