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Friday 25 November 2011

Review: Barry M - Lash Modelling Mascara

Hey everyone. First off, my apologies for being an absolute rubbish excuse of a  blogger this week, i have had a muchos tiring week full of late nights, stressing and general lack of sleepy time. And i now have a lovely late shift at work tomorrow to look forward to. Yipee.

Anyway, i may not have been blogging away this week, but i have been testing the Barry M 'Lash Modelling' mascara. Now, i never really pass a second glance over Barry M mascaras, or many other mascaras for that matter, purely because i love my Maybelline 'The Falsies' too much to care about any other mascara (that's commitment for you).  I usually don't see buying mascara as a 'treat', i see it as more of a necessity and once i find one i like, i stick to it for quite some time.

My mum actually bought this. She's a little rascal with mascara purchases - if there's a new one out, she'll 'av it! But like me, she tries them once and always goes back to the one she's used for years. She had left this on top of her make-up bag and never used it, so i thought i would make use of it and give it a little test for you lovely lot :)..

Barry M being one of my favourite drugstore make up brands, i was expecting great things. And to be honest i haven't been disappointed. The packaging is obviously fairly cheap and a little bit too 'plastic' for my liking, but aside from that i actually quite like it. Eek. I think it's probably down to the fact it's pink and looks quite cute :)

The brush. Personally, i don't like plastic brushes. I feel that they separate my lashes but don't help whatsoever to build volume. I prefer a more 'meaty' brush (haha..meaty..who uses that word to describe mascara brushes?). This was exactly what i found with this mascara. I always curl my eyelashes before applying (Tweezerman eyelash curlers - best curlers EVERR..they're an investment but they really do work like a dream), but this mascara just seemed to leave them looking a little bit flat. However, they were separated really nicely and the black was quite pigmented, so my eyelashes did look really defined.  I also liked the size of the brush, it wasn't too big or too small.

I've got into the habit of using this on my bottom lashes now, to help avoid clumpiness and to help separate them a bit more. I still use my trusty Maybelline on the top lashes (no mascara is ever going to be able to separate me from my trusty Maybelline), but if i feel like they don't look defined enough, then i apply the Barry M one as a second coat, and it leaves them feeling less clumpy and altogether more defined and separated. I did notice the odd little flake throughout the day but nothing terrible, and it does stay on pretty well. 

I do tend to find that mascaras have more 'hold' after i've used them for a couple of weeks or so probably due to the formula drying up slightly (i always HATE new mascaras)... so i may change my mind on the 'volume' side of things later on next week..

Of course, this isn't waterproof so if you do find yourself in a teary situation or giggling so much it makes your eyes water, this mascara isn't really going to be your friend (not a downside though - i knew it wasn't supposed to be waterproof).

Overall, Barry M hasn't let me down. I'm still unsure as to whether i'd make a re-purchase on this yet.. I just know i will end up at the Maybelline section as always. We shall see.

Just a little note to say..

Im a sucker for new flavours of Vaseline. The cocoa butter one has been my faithful handbag companion for an extremely long time now, but this one is my new best friend. I always find myself sniffing it several times before i apply it.. hmm... must look like a right weirdo on the bus in the mornings! 

Does exactly what it says on the tin, really. It therapys your lips - and smells of Creme Brulee...

I hope you've all had stress-free, laid back, slow-paced weeks :) Unlike myself.

Has anyone else tried any of the Barry M mascaras? What did you think?


  1. Ah hope you're feeling less stressed soon lovely! I've never been drawn to Barry M mascaras but this sounds good for separating lashes. Love a bit of "meaty" mascara ahaha X

  2. I wouldn't have bought it either but its actually not too bad! For the price you can't grumble :) even if its not very 'meaty' :) x

  3. ahhh i've been looking for the creme brulee vaseline for ages! where did you find it? and i do the whole sniffing thing too;)
    Follow and i follow back!<3

  4. They're right little buggers to get your hands on! But I found mine in superdrug :) and they sell them in selfridges - but I don't have a selfridges where I live (sadly!) glad it's not just me that does the sniffing thing then!! Takes me ages to put in Vaseline - I spend too long smelling it! Haha xx


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