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Tuesday 15 November 2011

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas..

Well.. ok. Maybe not just yet. 

But i'm starting to catch onto the whole Christmas spirit thing already...(although i try not to get too overly-excited before the christmas lights in my town are switched's not christmas until then...) My Jack Wills winter catalogue arrived on my doorstep at the beginning of the week and (maybe this is my inner-geek showing here), but i just loved the little quote on the front. Not just what's written, but how it's written. I just found it quite lovely..

It's quite true really. I know i always feel the need to tell people things near christmas that i wouldn't dream of telling them throughout the rest of the year. (Lets face it, we've all had one too many 'Christmas beverages' and told the whole room we love them haven't we?..or is that just me..?) Christmas brings people together and provokes happiness in even the most miserable of awkward sods :) 

It just made me think of everything i love about this time of year... 

Hot chocolates
Christmas shopping
Putting up the tree with my mum and attempting to untangle the fairy lights whilst getting rather merry off Snowballs (if you're clueless as to what these are, google it..the most amazing christmassy cocktail.ever)
The Pogues - "Fairytale of New York".. Love it or hate it. It's flippin' brilliant to sing after a few beverages..
Open air ice rinks, christmas lights and massive christmas trees in shopping centres
CHRISTMAS TV! (eg. The Snowman. Yeah. I still watch that)

And one last thing..Christmas films. Does anyone else have that one film that they HAVE to watch every.single.year without fail? I have 3 (yes, i do watch them EVERY year)...

1. Love Actually 
 2. Miracle on 34th Street
 3. The Greatest Store in the World 
(Not everyone has heard of this was on the BBC years ago but i've never forgotten's about a family who lose their home near christmas time and attempt to live in a huge department store .. far fetched but it's rather lovely :)) I have it recorded on video. Yes..VIDEO!!

Whats everyone else's yearly 'Christmas film' ? :)

[Apologies for extremely early christmas-related post..i'm not one of these crazy christmas freaks...really...]


  1. Hey :-)
    I have chosen you to win the versatile blog award...

    Oh and my yearly christmas film is Father Christmas... Its animated and about a very grumpy santa that takes a holiday.

    Holli x

  2. Aww Beth I love this post so much! I'm getting so excited for christmas now! I love all the random xmas films on the movie channels. I love watching Eve's's so cute, and I LOVE christmas with the kranks haha! I'm the same doing the tree with my mum! Doesnt matter how tidy you put the lights away, they always come out of the loft in a huge tangled mess!

  3. Glad it's not just me with an obsession for chrismtas films :D

    Holli- Thankyou for my award :)

    Kath - YAY for xmas films :D Yes our lights always look like a right mess..and then once we have put them on the tree we turn the lights out and try and find the ones that dont work so we can replace them :P haha. What a mare!


  4. Ahh I literally can't wait to watch Love Actually and The Holiday :) xx

  5. Snowballs are amazing! Totally agree with everything that you said here! I watch "Love Actually" at least twice before Christmas and also "Elf" aaahhh so excited now! :D X


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