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Friday 17 February 2012

What's In My *Holiday* Make Up Bag? (And Holiday Chit-Chat)

Hello my bloggy lovelies and apologies for the lack of posts this week. I got back from my holiday last night, and that can only mean one thing - back to blogging! (and back to work on Saturday but we won't speak of such things just yet..)

It's not been the sunniest of weeks unfortunately - infact it's been one of the cloudiest holidays i have ever had, but nonetheless it has been a much needed break for me and i still got to see a bit of sunshine inbetween the cloudy moments. 

You may have read my last post outlining i was struggling to keep to my 20kg luggage allowance.. and lo and behold, on the way back i had to part with a hefty sum of 28 euros just for the sake of a couple of extra tops (and shoes..) I must have been unlucky with the sour-faced woman on the check-in desk as normally they seem to let me off with a bit of extra baggage...

I'm an over-packer and always will be (i always seem to get one of those bright orange 'heavy' stickers slapped onto my suitcase - the shame). Try as i might i will never be one of these ever so organised and clever people who know how to pack a 'capsule wardrobe'. I will never understand how they manage to do this..

So i thought i'd kick off with a 'whats in my makeup bag' post - but in the form of a sunshiney-holiday-version :)

So this is this years holiday makeup bag (i say this because each year i end up buying a new one for some reason). It was from good old Primark and cost me no more than a fiver.

I bought it simply because it's not too big and i needed to force myself to take less i normally go a bit crazy and take my whole entire luggage allowance in make up. Also it has two sections when opened so it was handy for separating products.


Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer - '02 Light'
Nars - 'Laguna' Bronzer (Review)
Nars - 'Orgasm' blush
Sleek Brow Kit in 'Light' (Review)
Estee Lauder Double Wear Light Foundation 
No.7 Triple Protection Tinted Moisturiser (my holy grail holiday makeup-base)
Sleek Contour Kit (Review)
Sephora Concealer Palette
Loreal Studio Secrets Professional Primer
 Garnier BB Cream (Review)
No.7 Stay Perfect Foundation in 'Buff' (matches my skin if tanned)
MUA Blush in 'Shade 1'
Superdrug 'Pro 03' Contour Brush  (Perfect for on the go).



Personally i was quite proud of myself for taking only 7 lipsticks.. If you're a regular reader you will know i love my lippie. I still found myself wishing i'd bought more along with me..

Left to Right:

Barry M '129'
Barry M '147'
Collection 2000 Lasting Colour - 'No.6 Bubblegum'
Rimmel - 006 Pink Blush
Mac - Saint Germain (Review)
Collection 2000 Lasting Colour - 'No.2 Pink Shock' 
Topshop - 'RioRio' (Review)
I also took 2 lip pencils:
Barry M 'Red'
Natural Collection 'Almond'


Urban Decay - Naked Palette (Yes it's battered but well loved atleast!)
Tweezerman Eyelash curlers (I may do a review on these soon.. best eyelash curlers ever)
No.7 Blend & Contour brush
Loreal Super Liner Carbon Gloss
Maybelline - 'The Falsies' Waterproof 
NYC Eyeshadow Palette 'Gothic Harlem'
Urban Decay - Primer Potion (the squeezy tube is amazee)
Barry M Eyeliner 'Black'
Barry M Eyeliner 'Brown'
Rimmel Eyebrow Pencil 'Hazel'

So there we have it. My rather organised holiday makeup bag. I also have a couple of other holiday-related posts planned including a little haul and a few product reviews. I also want to do a post on my outfits so let me know if you wish to see any more of my holiday-related ramblings :)

Hope you've all had lovely weeks.
I shall try and post some pictures soon.

Lots of love


  1. you've got some amazing products there!xox

  2. I love that makeup bag! And I want the naked palette so badly! :)x


    1. Thankss! Good old Primarni! OO get one..the most amazing eyeshadow palette ive ever had :) i want to second one too :) xx

  3. wow, you took a lot! that makeup bag is so pretty x

  4. I want all your holiday make up, shame the weather wasn't that great! xo

  5. I love your make up bag it's so cute! :D xx

  6. I really love the urban decay primer! That is definitely going to be one of the next beauty buys of mine! I also adore the lipsticks especially the Barry M ones: All of the colours are so vibrant and bright, look really lovely xxx

    1. Me too! Have no idea how i lived without it :) I love the Barry M lipsticks..they last me ages and are really reasonably priced xx

  7. I LOVE this post!
    I am in need of a new make-up bag and I would love one like yours :)

  8. Gorgeous bag and fab make up :D x

  9. Great post, I love this makeup bag the colours on it are gorgeous and I love the makeup too. You have some very pretty lipstick colour's great choice xx

  10. id have NEVER guess the make up bag was from primark! theyve upped there game havent they hehe so glad you enjoyed your holiday beth xxx

    1. aw thankyou lovely :) Ill try and post some piccies soon - it wasnt the sunniest of all holidays but it was still fun :) xx

  11. Oh my gosh absolutely adore your blog! your so lucky you have so much makeup! definately followed! i would love my blog to be as good as yours one day <3 <3 do you have any tips for me? xo

    1. Aww thankyou so much! Thats lovely to say :) I guess my tips would be to just write about what you want to write about and not what you think you should write about :) Theres a video on YouTube made by a couple of my favourite bloggers where they give their advice on people starting blogs - that video helped me when starting mine so if you have a spare 10 minutes its interesting to listen to!


  12. Loved this post, make up bags and make up collection are always my fave ! Your make up bag is so pretty ! xx

    1. I love these posts too - so i thought id do a holiday version :P glad you liked it :)
      I know! I cant believe it's from Primark i grabbed it before anyone else could get it i think i got the last one :D hehe x

  13. I loved this post too! I soooo want to get the Nars bronzer and blusher and the naked palette! Xx

    1. Thankyouuu :) YES i have no idea how i ever lived without them - lol :) x

  14. Love these type of posts. Hope you had a great holiday. Lovely make-up collection there. Danielle x

    1. Thankyouu very muchies :) ill have a look at your blog now :) xx

  15. Love your makeup bag, so cute! Glad you had a lovely break, we all need one from time to time. Glad youre back! :D xxx

    1. Yaaay thankyou! Have missed the whole blogging thing whilst ive been away :) glad to be back :) xx

  16. That seems about as much makeup as I have in my entire collection! Good choices on the lipsticks. Love the variety of colours. I really want to try that Sephora concealer kit... Is it any good??
    Charlotte Couture Blog

  17. Great post! I'm going on holiday this summer and have recently started to think about what I'm going to be bringing along in my make up bag. Might do a similar post once I've decided!


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