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Wednesday 1 February 2012

Ramblings: Nothing That Is Worthwhile is Ever Easy..

"Nothing that is worthwhile, is ever easy" - Nicholas Sparks

Oh what a week and a half i have had, let me tell you. 

Firstly i just want to apologise for neglecting my little corner of the blogosphere for a few days or so - i haven't disappeared off the face of the earth :) I've just got caught up with a load of uni work and i basically haven't had a life; i haven't even watched the new episode of The Only Way Is Essex (i know..shocking..I managed to record it so im planning on having a sofa day tomorrow and indulging in a bit of essex-ness).

But as the title of this post suggests (yes, i haven't just whacked it in there for the fun of things - although if you're interested then Nicholas Sparks has some cracking quotes to read through..), i've found it hard to get to grips with finishing my latest project these past few days. To make this worse, i have managed to catch myself the most WONDERFUL cold - and to top it all off, i have had to do two presentations in the space of 3 days. Which may not sound too bad. But it is when you suffer from panic attacks, and it is when you have a million other things to finish off, and it is when your voice sounds like a bear's...

I don't sound like a bear on a day to day basis i might just add - it's all down to the sniffles.

I seriously hope all my hard work has paid off as i sat in bed yesterday surrounded in a sea of snotty tissues (yes..disgusting image i know), dosed up on a selection of medicines and slobbing in my PJ's, with my laptop balanced on a pile of cushions, finishing my uni work whilst feeling rather cruddy.. to put it politely.

All in all, that quote sums up my life right now. It's quite nice to remind yourself of this in times when you feel like you're working a little bit too hard.. If it's worthwhile - then you have to put some work into it to get anything out of it.
I know that i can't stay in retail all my life (i hate it - if you're a regular reader of my blog you will know i have absoloutely ZERO passion for it unless i'm the one doing the shopping...and that this was also the reason for me going to uni in the first place), so for now i will have to put in the hard work and confuzzle my brain with all kinds of arty-related goodness.  I just hope that in a few years time i find that all of this hard work has paid off.. 
(and i will probably read this post back in a few years time and think - PAH - whatevs - whilst i have a mahoosive pile of deadlines and a hell of a lot more than simply failing a project on the line..but to be honest i'd prefer that than wasting my life away running around after shoe-shopping crazy ladies!)

I promise i will be back to my usual beauty-blogging ways shortly.
I'm aware that i've been a shabby excuse of a blogger just recently.

Much love


  1. You will not believe what happens on TOWIE! I won't ruin it for you though. Hope you feel better soon :)


  2. Hope you're feeling better now lovely. I have to remind myself of the same thing- I don't work in retail but often end up working 50+ hours a week and have to get through it by telling myself it will be worth it in the end! xxx

  3. I hope everything is looking a little better now! All of your hard work now will soon pay off and you'll be so glad you put the effort and time in. Hope the panic attacks aren't stressing you out too much, the bloody things are the bane of my life sometimes X

    1. Aww thankyou.. They are mine too. I often wonder how good life would be without them! I might do another post on them soon actually so keep an eye out for that :) Its good to know that there's other people out there who have to go through the horrible-ness of them xx

  4. Aww hope you feel better soon, you know i keep clicking the follow button on your blog, but it always disappears on my home page :( hopefully bloglovin will work better than gfc! xx

    1. haha thats ok! I have to do that with some of my blogs too! silly reading listtsss! x


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