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Thursday 23 February 2012

Collection 2000 Lipstick: Pink Shock

For me, this was one of those lipsticks that you buy on an aimless stroll through Boots on a cruddy morning before work in a bid to perk yourself up before the even more cruddy day you are going to have, only to put it in your make-up box and forget that you ever bought it - until you re-dediscover it and wonder why the hell you've never used it before.

This was my signature lipstick for my entire weeks holiday and it's going to remain a firm favourite for quite some time. I've really been loving statement lips just recently so i put this in my holiday make-up bag along with several other pink and red varietys..

This lipstick is from their 'lasting colour' range and i now own three of the little beauties just because i find them such good value for my pennies. They're so pigmented and suprisingly moisturising, which gives the lipstick a lovely glossy sheen after application. As for being a 'lasting colour' lipstick, this shade didn't disappoint at all. Infact, it was still going strong after a fat hawaiian pizza, endless glasses of coke, pina coladas and a few pecks off the boyfriend. Impressed. Normally i'm touching up my lipstick every 5 minutes, and i actually found myself reaching for my pocket mirror and feeling slightly at a loss of what to do.. 

Yes, it is rather bright but it's suprisingly flattering. Even on my washed out, disgusting, pale February skin it looks nice. It looks even better with a tan. I haven't worn it so much since i've got home; you definitely need to be having one of those 'brave' days to wear it but it's brilliant for going out and it's even gained 'daily make-up bag' status in my life..  (if a product makes it into my daily make-up bag then it's good stuff..)

Have you tried any of the Collection 2000 lipsticks?

Lots of love


  1. I have such a weakness for this lip color. It looks a lot like Show Orchid lipstick from Mac.

    1. Yes definitely a good dupe for Mac.. Show Orchid is actually on my lipstick wishlist! xx

  2. I definitely need to try this range! I can never find a 'lasting' lipstick that actually lasts! But this looks promising :) Thanks xx

  3. Love this colour. Show Orchid is on my wishlist too so may have to get this in the mean time x Danielle x

  4. Love the shade, its so bright!

  5. I bought this awhile back after seeing it on another blog. I love it! Such a vibrant shade.
    I cant wait to wear it during the summer with a fabulous tan.

    Holli x

  6. This colour is amazing!! Definitely buying this! xx

  7. What a fab colour! I've never tried any lipsticks from Collection 2000 but I'm thinking I'll use my Boots points to treat myself to this little beauty X

  8. I never think about Collection 2000 for lipsticks but this is a really gorgeous unusual colour, may have to give this a go!


  9. Wow the colour of this is fabulous. I've never tried any of the Collection 2000 Lipsticks but this one looks fabulous I love it. Great find and I will be getting my hands on this one x
    Mac giveaway on!

  10. I just made a wrote a very negative review about a collection 2000 lipstick but I'm glad to see some of their other ones are worth trying!
    Colour looks gorgeous
    Charlotte Couture Blog

  11. Hi gorgeous!
    You have a lovely blog!
    This color is fab!!

  12. Olala this color, i want <3

  13. Loving this colour ! So bright ! xx


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