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Sunday 29 January 2012

Lancaster Tan Maximiser Aftersun Review

As you may or may not know, i'm jetting off to Lanzarote in a couple of weeks for a little holiday, so my attention at the moment is focused on skin products, SPF lip balms and holiday make-up. One thing i can't live without on holiday is aftersun. I must admit i am one of those annoying people who will happily sit on a sunbed with a book for the whole day (who now and again ventures to the poolside to grab a cocktail or two and dip their toes into the swimming pool). I do tan quite easily but the only thing i struggle with is keeping it. I also find my skin often feels dry, and after working so hard on my tan for a week i don't really want it to disappear when i get home.

I first discovered this on the flight back from a holiday 2 years ago. Now, this was the product they were trying to sell over the speaker systems and it was the one that had the full page advertisement in their flight magazine (oo i love those flight magazines..crammed full of beauty/perfumey goodness). Me being me, if any product claims to 'maximise my tan' in any way shape or form, i'll 'av it.

I was in two minds whether to buy it or not. Lancaster isn't the cheapest of brands on the market and i really didn't know whether spending that much on an aftersun was really worth it. But i bought it anyway, being the reckless little female i am and still being very much in a 'holiday mood'.

Let me tell you
It was worth it.

I definitely notice a difference when i use this (I remember one holiday i didn't use it and i noticed that my tan faded quicker, and didn't look quite as 'intense' as it does as when i've used this). It has no hint of self tan in it, which is why i'm so surprised at the results. It obviously won't transform you from pale to bronzed goddess but it really does deepen the colour that you have by a few shades, and gives it more of that nice 'olive' tone. 

The lotion sinks in effortlessly and leaves it feeling soft and moisurised without feeling greasy (i can't stand greasy creams and lotions), It just leaves it feeling fresh, moisturised and 'plump'. I use it very sparingly as i find the tiniest amount still provides results.

It also smells amazing. It is very perfumed so if you're a bit wary of strong smelling products then i'm not sure you would be a fan of Lancaster - it does seem to have a signature smell but it's not overpowering. 

As for being an actual aftersun, i'm not so sure. If your skin is really dry and a little bit sore after being in the sun then i wouldn't opt for this. If you've got a touch of sunburn then this isn't going to do you any favours. I alternate it with an intensive moisturing one with aloe vera (for when i've stayed in the sun a little bit too long - we've all been there, done it and got the tan lines).

Overall, i love it. I only have the tiniest amount left now, so i'm off to buy some more next week (or i may risk it and see if i can hunt some down in duty free).
I believe you can get these products from Selfridges and other department stores and higher-end cosmetic-y places  :)

I believe i bought mine for £16 so definately shop around and see where's cheapest as prices do vary.

Have you tried any aftersuns like this before? 

Lots of love


  1. I don't tan which sucks, but if I did, I would definitely try this out after this nice review :)


  2. i tan rather well i just cant get it to stay for long :( i think ill look into this for my next hol :)

    im so jell of you getting away from the crappy weather! lucky girly, when your soaking up the sun and sipping cocktails think of poor me sat in college bored :( hehe xoxox

    1. haha i will feel muchos guilt for laying in the sun.. :P i have lots of holiday makeup posts planned though so atleast youll have lots to read whilst bored at college? :) lol xx

  3. You're so lucky you tan! I'm like a friggin vampire so yeah, I either stay white or burn like a biatch haha! :( x

  4. Hey great tips and blog! I love sunless tanners and after tan products! Have you ever used "Flawless" by Fake Bake?
    It is seriously the best!
    I am following you!

    1. Thankyou!! Nope ive never tried that one but im off to google it right now :P xx

  5. wow seems great! the problem is i can@t tan! grr you're so lucky that you tan!

    love your blog- following!

  6. have a bit of a thing for tanning...this could be my next purchase
    love your blog! :)

  7. Ohhh I LOVE the in-flight magazine with all of the beauty and perfume offers in! I've been tempted by this a few times but was never sure if it was worth the £.. will definitely be giving this a go next time I'm jetting off somewhere sunny. Have a fab time in Lanzarote!! [Please take me with you ;)] X

    1. hehe i could spend the whole flight purchasing everything in there if i could! Really do recommend it its really amazingly good :) Thankyouu! I shall be posting some sunshine-related posts next week when i get back :) xx

  8. I got back from holiday a few days ago and knew I needed to check a review of this after seeing it in the flight magazine. Definitely kicking myself that I didn't pick one up now it sounds great.

    Jazzie x


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