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Tuesday 13 December 2011

Palmer's Cocoa Lip Butter

Just a quick post today but i felt i needed to express my LOVE for this little tube of lip-buttery-goodness. I must admit, since i purchased this i do feel as if i'm cheating on my trusty tub of Vaseline (sorry Vaseline, i do love you), I have literally been using it non-stop. It's become a bit of an addiction of mine, i'm beginning to apply it even when i don't need it or simply when i'm a little bit bored. The reason being... it smells DELISHH.IOUS. Now, i must admit i am a mahoosive fan of Palmer's cocoa butter products anyway. I have all of the body butters, moisturisers, gradual tanning lotions - you name it - it's in my bathroom cabinet. I just love the smell of their products..
Infact, if i could, i would eat them. :)

This lip butter smells like After Eight mints. Pepperminty..chocolatey..yummyness :)
I would have preferred their signature cocoa butter scent if i'm honest, but i've become attached to the minty hint now (minty hint..haha..oh dear my descriptions are just getting worse..). Rather than just a lip balm, this lip butter actually soothes and softens your lips (similar to the Carmex concept). 
I bought this because i've had awful dry lips just recently and they needed a bit of TLC.. the first couple of times i applied it, it tingled and even stung slightly.. (in that nice 'atleast it's doing something' way that you get when you know something is working) but it feels lovely on your lips and doesn't have that off-putting gloopy, greasy feel that a lot of these type of products have. The consistency is just enough to feel like it's providing a barrier against the wintery weather rather than just purely moisturising.

I only had to use this for a day and a half before my lips felt alive and kicking again. :) I'm now addicted to it anyway and have been wearing it on it's own just for the sake of it. It adds a subtle gloss to your lips and i've even worn it over my lippie a couple of times. 
The applicator tip is actually similar in shape to a typical lipstick, so it's easy to apply and doesn't go everywhere like most lipbalms i've used.

I really recommend this product and i will most certainly be re-purchasing after it's ran out, which probably won't be too long at the rate i'm using it! If you're a fan of Palmer's products then i'm sure you'll love this, and if your lips are also hating this wintery weather like mine then this will work wonders.

I hope you're all having a lovely week 


  1. been meaning to try this for ages!

  2. Ooooh this sounds gorrrrrgeous :) x

  3. Ohh, This looks lovely! Can't wait to get my hands on and give it a go! Hope you get your hands on the Barry M croc effect soon! x

  4. love love your blog :) I'm now following.


  5. Mmmm this sounds lovely, must try this! X


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