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Thursday 15 December 2011

NYX Glitter Cream Palette

I was like a fat kid in a sweet shop when i saw this glitter palette during my Christmas shopping mission yesterday. It's like i have a little glitter radar and anything glittery within a mile of me i'm just drawn to. 
Do not under-estimate the power of glitter.

I never knew i could get my mitts on Nyx stuff in the UK, either that or i've just been under a rock for my entire 21 years of life and never realised River Island actually stocked some of it...
Well done River Island. You have pleased me :)

After charging into the shop looking like a right weirdo shouting 'NYX!! NYX!!, I spent a good half hour stood in the same spot with this palette in one hand and the pink version in the other, attempting to decide between the two as to which one i should get. I must have been in the way of countless christmas shoppers shoving their way past me, but i didn't give a toss..i was in my own glittery world and nothing comes between me and GLITTERY THINGSSS!  In the end, i went for the 'smokey' version - as i decided i would probably get more use out of it (i don't tend to wear colours on my eyes..although i must admit i felt a slight degree of sadness when i placed the pink sparkly one back in it's place..)

LOOK HOW GLITTERY THEY ARE!!!! :D excite much?

The shadows are of a cream consistency and are literally CRAMMED with glittery bits. Perfect for the christmas season and any parties you may have planned, but i'd probably get some wear out of these all year round on nights out and such-like. There is ALWAYS an excuse for glitter in my opinion. 

The palette comes in your average plastic make-up case. Yeah, it's alright. Bit tacky. I wouldn't rave about it but for £6 i couldn't care less really.. It's a lovely size though, i reckon i might pick up a couple more as they make lovely stocking fillers for fellow friends and glitter-fans. In true beauty-blogger style, i got home and had a fun time swatching each colour. Here are the results of the swatching-madness:

The only thing is, they look more pigmented than they actually are... The 'cream' shadow is actually almost clear in colour, which i'm not too keen on. I just wish they had put a tiny bit of colour in there too just to make the colours a bit more noticeable. However, never one to complain (ahaa..whatevs), i have decided that they would look really nice over some of the colours in my trusty Urban Decay Naked palette, as the colours actually match up quite well to some of the shadows in there. The good thing about these cream shadows is that they actually do stick quite well, so i'd probably apply my eyeshadow and they gently pat some of the glitter over the top. The glitter does come out quite thickly too - infact, when i first swatched them i had to dig through a layer of PURE GLITTER to get to the actual eyeshadow. Lurrvley. I think they would probably look nice underneath the lower lash line too, as more of a statement night-time makeup look. Here's the pink version of which i will most probably find myself buying next week anyway:

HOW LOVELY is the middle one?! EeEEeep :)

Personally, i quite like it. I've yet to see whether they last a long time as cream shadows often have a tendancy to crease and wear off quite easily. But i'm hoping the glitter helps it to stick a bit more. If you've also got a bit of a glitter-obsession..then get yourself to River Island and have a look at these palettes.. They also have numerous other glittery products for you to feast your eyes on..
(Hmm, i wonder how many times i've said the word 'glitter' in this post.. ?)


  1. What a pretty palette! :)

  2. Oh that's incredible! I've always used glitter eyeliner, but now I must try this shadow!!

    found the route

  3. I saw these in river island not long ago but i dont really like cream eyeshadows because of the creasing.
    I am also a sucker for glitter though and must admit i did consider buying them!

    Holli x

  4. i saw these today in river island! under the sparkly lights, which made them look even more amazing!

  5. Ooo I was so close to buying this today but decided not to as I remembered reading somewhere about the poor pigmentation :/ still gorgeous though! X

  6. I'm so glad you've done a post on this! I work at River Island and have been eyeing this up for weeks but wasn't too sure about it! I don't know if you saw the 12 shade palette, I think thats more neon kind of crazy shades but there's some beauts of colours in them :) xx

  7. i put this on my crimbo wish list babe :) - didn't have high hopes in terms of pigmentation but you're right, i reckon they'd look fab over other colours! can't say no to a bit of sparkle after all :) xxxxxx love your blog - following now!!

  8. I keep seeing these in River Island but wondered how pigmented they really were. I see what you mean about them not being too pigmented on their own but they would add great sparkle over a smokey eye.


  9. i had no idea about their availability in the UK either! these glitters are fantastic aslong as they don't go all over your face after applying!

    also, i just wanted to say that i came across your blog today and i think it's really nice! definitely going to be keeping up with your posts in the future!

    helen @ thelovecatsINC


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