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Monday 19 December 2011

Barry M - Instant Tan Spray Review

Aloha my little bloggy scoundrels :) 
As you all are aware, it's almost Christmas and that can only mean one thing.. Christmas outings/drinks/excessive food/nights on the tiles/general christmassy drunken-ness .. which also means, that there will be many drunken photos being taken and many new outfits to be worn. I had a bit of a panic momento last weekend when i realised i was off out for drinks in town and .....
I know.
I was at a complete loss as to what to do.
Being at work meant i couldn't exactly whack on some St. Tropez and be done, i had no choice but to opt for an instant tanning method. I normally use Rimmel's Sun Shimmer which does the job perfectly well, but it's beginning to run out, and i couldn't risk not buying a 'back-up' plan. So, i purchased my back-up plan, in the form of Barry M's Instant Tan. I figured i would give it a go, since i've been wanting to try it since it was launched, and it seemed like the perfect chance excuse to nab one..

It comes in your average spray can bottle. Which i like, because it usually means an even application - but also means it gets EVERYWHERE. Seriously, your legs will look beautifully spray tanned but your carpet will look like it's been tangoed. I would advise to probably do this in the shower or in the bath, and clean it immediately.. either that or cover your carpet in old towels.

This product very much reminds me of Sally Hansen's Airbrush legs. If you've ever tried this you will know that the spray comes out in more of a 'makeup' form rather than just a coloured mist. This is what i like about Barry M's Instant Tan. It's a fake tan, but also has a hint of coverage which makes your skin look almost flawless.


 After -
 (Yay for the claw hand!...)

The mist is supposed to be sprayed from 20cm, however, this just wasn't practical for me as i didn't want it to go everywhere (it was already on my carpet and i didn't really fancy the same effect on my walls). SO, i sprayed it a little closer and then used a self-tanning mitt to buff the colour in slightly which worked fine for me. As you can see by the photos, there is a noticeable difference in colour once applied. It does give skin a sort of 'airbrush' finish, and what i liked about this is the fact that the product is buildable, so if you did want a slightly darker finish then you can apply a second coat.

The only downside is the smell. Oh goodness, i do suggest you open a window or simply don't breathe or open your mouth until you get into a 'safe place'. I say this because i breathed some of it in and it tastes like hairspray (STRONG hairspray i might add)..and smells quite strongly too. But it's fine once it's on your skin! 

I also suggest you blend it quite quickly as it settles on the skin rather fast. Have a mitt handy to avoid patchiness. I also wouldn't recommend you wear white, and i also wouldn't recommend you spill any form of beverage down your legs either :) It will come off. And it will also tranfer to your bedsheets. As can be expected with all instant tans i suppose (although my Rimmel one doesn't do this quite as much).

I would buy this again (although this time i will take one from the back of the stand as i reckon someone had a cheeky little spray of the one i got..the little rascal..serves me right for being lazy) however i do prefer my Rimmel one as i just prefer the overall colour and the convienience of the application. I'd buy this again for the overall 'makeup' effect it has and the fact that it covers any flaws. 

Have you tried any of the Barry M Tanning products?


  1. This does look really similar to the Sally Hansen one - which I love (even though its too dark for me) so I may try this one out!! :-)

  2. Yesss definately give it a go :) If you buff it in quite well it goes quite a nice natural colour :) xx

  3. i've been looking for a fake tan for new years but i totally suck at fake tanning, might give this ago you make it sound so easy!

  4. Does it go streaky or messy in the rain? xxx

    1. Yess .. Most instant tans will do but this one is more of a makeup consistency so it's more blendable if it does run! :p


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