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Thursday 22 December 2011

Festive Nails: Blue & Silver Glitter

I've really started to get into the Christmas spirit this week (aside from the fact i've had a case of the sniffles - blegh). I've finished all my Christmas shopping, my fridge is stocked to the brim with festive alcohol beverages, my presents are all wrapped up and me and my mother have been making a Christmas playlist to listen to on the 25th (and yes we have been singing along to songs at the top of our voices and getting rather merry listening to a bit of Slade..Ooo yes).

The only thing that has the potential to ruin this festive mood of mine is work.
On Christmas Eve.
All it takes is a moody customer and BOOM - my good mood will be gone.
So, me and the girls have thought of a way to keep our spirits high and have decided we are all going to paint our nails in a Christmassy way. YAY for Christmas nails! (We also have the Michael Buble Christmas album playing so we have NO excuse not to feel slightly jolly).

I may change the colour scheme if it chips before Saturday but here's my Christmas Eve nails:

I decided to go for blue and silver simply because i've used my Barry M Red Glitter to death the past few weeks and fancied a bit of a change. Blue and Silver also happens to be my 'wrapping theme' this year ( sad does that make me sound? Surely some of you decide on a colour scheme for your wrapping up paper and bows?) :)

Barry M "Silver Glitter" & Barry M "Blue Glitter"

Is anyone else working Christmas Eve/Day this year? Will you also be getting the girls together for a festive-nail-painting-sesh? :)

Hope you're all having lovely weeks or fun and merry-ness :)

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  1. Lovely christmas nails :) I am just doing my now using the gold O.P.I nail polish I got in my joliebox. My mom is working christmas morning. So we are gonna wait till the afternoon to open our presents and such :)
    I hope christmas eve goes okay for you and you don't get a moody customer! :) xx


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