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Thursday 1 December 2011

HAUL: Recent Beauty Buys...

I must be really starting to annoy the sales assistants in Superdrug, either that or they all look at me, roll their eyes and mutter under their breaths "ohh she's in again...", because i've literally been in and out for the past week searching for my Sleek Eyebrow Kit that i so wanted very muchly. And it finally arrived back in stock!! Could not contain my excitement. It was one of those products that you put back and say to yourself 'i'll get it later..', only to go back at the end of the day and feel extreme amounts of sadness when you realise that it's gone. 

Anyway, i shan't ramble on.. i'll just whack in a few photos in of my recent Superdrug purchases... 
(whack in...? my choice of words is shocking sometimes)

Sleek Brow Kit in 'Light'
Review coming up soon! I've only used it twice so i want to give it another few days before i commit to any opinions..

Barry M Nail Polishes in "Navy", "Blue Glitter", and "Lilac Foil"
I actually got the Lilac Foil one absoloutely FREE. Made my day that did, i tells ya! At the moment, if you spend a certain amount (can't remember exactly what it is but i'm sure she said it was over £8?) then you get the lilac foil effect nail varnish free. I haven't tried their foil effects varnishes yet so i was rather excited to get my mitts on it..
Just a close up of the Blue Glitter nail varnish - yes, it deserves a photograph of it's own because it's so beautiful :) Look at the sparkly-ness of those glittery bits! OOF!

Barry M Lipgloss in "Red Glitter"
Didn't plan on buying this, but i saw it and just had to have it in my life. It looks lovely on it's own or over a red lippie. And it smells of cherries. And it glitters.

 MUA Blusher in "shade 01"
Beautiful colour. It's a really light pink with a little bit of shimmer to it (i'm preferring matte shades at the moment though, but i made an excuse for this). Reminds me of an Illamasqua blush (Katie) - one of their lighter shades, but obviously this is a much cheaper version for just one pound. 

 Herbal Essences Intensive Conditioner Hair Mask 
I love these intensive conditioners. My hair is looking a bit bedraggled just recently, due to the colder weather and probably due to the fact i've been abusing my curlers. So i thought i'd treat it to some herbal essence loving. I can hear the ends of my hair thanking me already....

And there you have it. My recent purchases :)
Superdrug are impressing me just recently with their deals and what-not... also until the 6th December they have extra points to be earnt on your beauty card. 

Go! GO NOW! TREAT YOURSELF! It's Christmas after all?


  1. the glittery blue barry m varnish looks soooo pretty! xxx

  2. I love the Barry M foil effects. I have the silver one and when it's on I keep getting distracted and just staring at my nails aha, so good for a freebie x

  3. Omg.i absolutely love Barry m it issoooo good. And I am so glad that someone else actually likes it too.
    Please take a look at ,my blog

  4. I really really want the sleek brow kit, heard so many good things about itt, the nail varnishs loook prettty xxx

  5. I just ordered the brow kit after reading good things, hoping it'll live up to my expectations :)

  6. I have the blue Barry M glitter polish and love it! I really want to try the sliver and gold ones out, might have to pop in sometime in the week to get a few!

  7. i love the red lipgloss! it's perfect for this time of the year(: xx


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