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Monday 1 December 2014

The Christmas Tag

It's no secret that I absolutely bloody love Christmas. Scrooge I certainly am not.  I'm one of those people who will burst into a verse of Slade at any given time...the type to adorn the comedy reindeer antlers and suggest a family game of Charades long after the golden caramel barrels have disappeared from the Roses Tin. I just love it all and I'm like such a big kid at this time of year. So when I was tagged by the lovely Aymie to do the Christmas Tag - of course, I got typing straight away. Any excuse for a festive chit-chat - and since we've all broken into our advent calendars this morning (let's face it, you're never to old), it seemed the perfect time to get a little bit festive...

What's your favourite Christmas movie/s?
My all-time favourite has to be 'The Greatest Store in the World'.  It's by no means a well-known classic (it was a mission and a half to track down the DVD) but if you're a fellow 90s child with a deep-seated love for S-Club-7 (they appear in the film), then you'll love it and I highly recommend you hunt it down. It's basically about a family who are made homeless just before Christmas and they attempt to hide-out and live in a big, London department store for the 'big day' without being found by the management. It's so cheesy in parts but it really does get across the real meaning of Christmas and the moment when the little girl gives Mr Whiskers a jelly bean just melts my heart (gold star to you if you know which bit I'm talking about).  

I'm also a fan of Miracle on 34th Street, Deck the Halls, and of course, Love Actually! I'm a bit strange with Christmas films, really. I don't go head over heels for Elf or The Grinch - I much prefer a good old classic or the ones that aren't as hyped... Got to love a dose of Home Alone though, haven't you?

Do you open presents on Christmas morning or Christmas evening?
Always on Christmas morning.  I sometimes wish we had the tradition of saving a select few for the evening and paced ourselves... but if there's presents to be unwrapped and gifts to be swapped, then we just go right on in! There's no time for being patient in my house!

Do you have a favourite Christmas memory?
I always remember getting so excited about writing Christmas cards for all my friends at primary school. I would take a great deal of time and effort choosing which picture best suited each person (it was a delicate operation) and I wrote them all out superly-duperly neat with my gold, glittery gel pens and, if i was feeling particularly creative, I drew illustrations of reindeers for extra effect (yep...)  They made such a big thing of Christmas at my school,  and there was a big post-box made to look like a chimney in the hall which you sneakily posted your cards in to between lessons.  At the end of the day, they'd all be sorted into classes and you received all your envelopes to open.  It was so exciting and we'd all rush into the school hall afterwards to watch christmas films on the projector (life before proper technology eh?!) I always feel so lucky that my school made such a big thing of Christmas - I don't think you really get that anymore but it really made that time of year so much more special.

What's your favourite festive food?
PIGS IN BLANKETS!!! Seriously - if you're next to me at the dinner table and there's a pig in a blanket on the edge of your plate - don't expect it to stay there.  I'd happily eat a whole bowl of them.  I love Christmas dinner as a whole though - I don't know why but it always tastes so much better than regular dinner even though there's not much difference aside from a bit of turkey and a brussel sprout or 2... is it just me?

What's been your favourite Christmas gift?
The Polly Pocket Dream World always stands out to me - there's many a photograph of me on Christmas Day lecturing family members on the ins and outs of why it was so bloomin' fantastic. But it was! I loved Polly Pockets as a child and I would sit and arrange all of the little compacts on my living room floor so they made up a 'city'...Polly Pockets = hours of fun. They beat the much anticipated Furbie by a mile.

What's your favourite Christmas scent?
Tinsel.  My Mum always thinks this is really weird but seriously, I could sit and sniff tinsel allllll day long. It just reminds me of Christmas... When I see it all lined up in shops I secretly have a bit of an urge to dive into it - why is it just so inviting?! I also have a festively-scented oil which I use in my bedroom and it just makes me feel all cosy and happy.  

Do you have a Christmas Eve tradition?
Sometimes, we all tottle off to the garden centre and look around the christmas baubles and decorations.  This sounds absolutely bonkers but if you're a fellow Christmas Eve garden-centerer you'll know exactly what I mean (we have a really nice one not too far from us who always make a massive deal of it all...) We all come home, have a little tipple or two, and sit down to watch Christmas films whilst trying our very best to resist breaking into the Roses tin...   Later on, I always like to have some 'me time' and I'll sit and watch Love Actually whilst wrapping the last of my family's presents after a lovely, Christmas-themed bath (Lush's Snow Fairy, anyone?!) and a mug of Spiced Winter Red tea.

What tops your tree?
Just your average bog standard star. Nothing spectacular but we always make sure that the tree is colour coordinated... it's a must in our house.

As a child, what was the one (crazy, extravagant) gift you wanted but never got?
I've spoken about this before in my 50 Random Facts About Me Tag, but I always asked for a donkey.  I just really quite fancied one and wasn't fooled by the scpiel about Santa not being able to fit one into his sleigh at all. In my mind, there was more than enough room for a donkey (it's smaller than a horse after all) and I felt so much disappointment when there wasn't a donkey-shaped present smack-bang in the middle of my living room come christmas morning. I'd soon forget about it when the Polly Pockets were unveiled though... Parents? You are forgiven.

What do you think is the best part of Christmas?
It goes without saying that family-time is the best part of Christmas - it really is.  I love that there's a certain magic in the air, everybody seems much happier in general and that it seems to bring people together.  If I'm honest though, I often love the build-up to Christmas more than the actual day itself. I love walking around Christmas markets in the freezing cold...I love festive hot chocolates and getting cosy at home with family and friends and I love all the Christmas songs and family films on TV.  I'm such a big kid when it comes to festivities... pass this girl the comedy santa hat!

Phew. That one was a long's wasn't it?! If you made it to the end - I applaud you.  I tag Liza, Rachel, Mel, Kayleigh and Leanne to do this post - but I also tag any of you reading - there's too many of you to mention! If you decide to go ahead and join in - do leave the link below as I'd love to have a nosey...

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas! 


  1. Nice one! That's pretty much blogmas all in one post, haha! It made a great post. :-) xx

  2. lovely post, i also love the smell of tinsel!

    Rachel // Style Soup

  3. Christmas is the best, just posted something about it myself xx.

  4. Lovely post. :)

  5. Love this post, I'm definitely going to do it. I'm SO pleased you mentioned 'The Greatest Store in the World', I remember watching it on TV a few years back and never finding out what it was, it's bugged me ever since! I feel your love for pigs in blankets, they're the best! x

    What Rachael Wrote

  6. I will definitely be doing this tag! And I will make sure to come back on here and link you to it :) I am so much a Christmas festive person, it's almost ridiculous. Like you, I'm the one suggesting the family play games - and I'm highly insistent on being the one to top the Christmas tree. I love this post :) puts me in the Christmas mood!

    Much love,
    Georgina x | miss petite

  7. Oh, I love this Christmas tag! I just wrote a post about my favorite Christmas traditions! Here's the link if you would like to read it :) xx

  8. Great post! The bit about writing Christmas cards for classmates in primary school made me smile. I used to love that!

    Ellie //

  9. Pigs in blankets were just the best invention. Whoever thought of that one deserves a medal.

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

  10. I love Christmas so much! It's always fun to read other people's Christmas fun things :)

    Watching for Pigs on the Wing

  11. Ooo that has me feeling all festive now! Mind if I do it too :)

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