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Thursday 11 December 2014

Glowy Winter Skin | Jane Iredale Blush, Bronzer & Highlighter

Jane Iredale is a brand I've become quite familiar with the past year.  Her 'Daytime Palette' fast became one my everyday staples (full post on that here) and I instantly fell in love with the amazing pigmentation and blendable, neutral shades.  Just recently, I've been using her 'Moonglow' bronzing compact along with the Purepressed Blush in 'Whisper'.  I must admit, I've been using these face products on and off over the summer, but it's only recently that I've really fallen in love with them.  It's around this time of year that I begin reaching for the glowy highlighters, subtle bronzers and brightening blush shades - anything to help combat dull, flat-looking winter skin - and these products seem to tick all the boxes for the perfect winter combination.   Firstly, I have to say how much I adore Jane Iredale packaging. It just feels so luxe. The brand is so simple and pretty - and the smooth rose gold accents make for a lovely addition to my dressing table - especially at this time of year.  

Jane Iredale / Quad Bronzer in 'Moonglow' / £29.48* - Link
Now, I have to say that I'm really not one for shimmery bronzing products.  However, there's something about this quad that I really do like and it's been a dream to use now that winter has well and truly arrived.  It's quite versatile as as you can swirl the shades together to create a mid-toned golden shade (see swatches below) or use them all individually depending on what you're after. There are 2 warmer toned powders which lean more gold, and 2 cooler tones which appear more like champagne/bronze sort of colours - each pair contains a lighter shade and a darker shade. 

Personally, I've preferred to use them on their own - the two lightest shades work really well as highlighting shades and I took to using the gold-toned one over summer. Now that winter is here, the paler, more cool-toned 'champagne' shade is my go-to favourite and I've been using this on the tops of my cheekbones for a subtle glow.  The two darker shades work well as bronzers, but instead of using them on their own, I find that applying my matte bronzer first and then layering a small amount of either one over the top (towards the tops of the cheekbones and up to the temples) works much better for a more natural appearance. It just helps to prevent my face from looking too 'flat' and gives a little bit of dimension.  I've also taken to using these 2 shades on my decolletage - it gives a beautiful subtle sheen to the skin and looks lovely if you've recently fake tanned.  It's not your average, everyday bronzer but its such a versatile little compact and I've really enjoyed using this - it will definitely come in very handy over the festive season and the fact that there's a good mix of warm and cool toned shades means it's a nice product to have in your collection year round.

Jane Iredale / PurePressed Blush in 'Whisper' / £15.53* - Link
Ahhh anyone who knows me knows that I'm like a magpie to a milk-bottle top when it comes to coral blushes! I use them throughout the year despite them being much more of a summer sort of shade simply because i find them much more brightening on the skin.  This one has a little bit of shimmer running through it but not so much that it's entirely noticeable (if you've used Nars 'Orgasm' you'll know what I mean) - it's just the right amount for providing a subtle, healthy glow.  The colour is simply stunning - a gorgeous coral peach which looks amazing on both tanned and pale skin.  The consistency is what makes this blush for me though - it's just so creamy and soft - even the tiniest tap of a brush provides so much pigmentation whilst remaining ultra blendable and soft.  It gives such a flawless finish to the skin and buffs in like a dream.  Although I enjoyed using it through summer, I have to say I much prefer it now that my skin is a little paler - it just gives it that much needed 'lift' and makes my complexion appear much healthier.

Swatches L-R // 'Whisper' Blush // 4 individual shades in 'Moonglow' // All shades mixed in 'Moonglow'

Overall, another impressive selection of products from Jane Iredale.  It's a brand I've really become quite fond of and one that I really wish I saw more of on blogs.  If you're looking for some lovely everyday 'neutral' products, the range is fantastic.  You can find Jane Iredale products on BeautyBay here, and also on AllBeauty. Jane Iredale's website also has some fab information on all product ranges.

Have you tried anything from Jane Iredale?


  1. These look so pretty - especially the blush! xx

  2. So many gorgeous shades, I'll have to give Jane Iredale a look! :)
    Maeve // Thrift O'Clock

  3. that blush looks stunning!

    Rachel // Style Soup

  4. Sunkisses in winter. Why not?

  5. That blush looks wonderful!!


  6. It's one of the 1st makeup brands I've used (beside Max Factor or Maybelline) I've used while starting using makeup 5 years back! - I just wonder why soooo many girl out - don't swear on the high end packaging and pigmentation and long-lasting! It's definitely one of the high end brand (with good price condition) and it's worth as much as Benefit Cosmetics or Urban Decay Eyeshadow or Even MAC!

    NIKA B.

  7. Oh wow those look amazing! I've never tried the brand, though. :)

    Watching for Pigs on the Wing

  8. The blush looks so pretty! Definitely the perfect colour for winter!
    Jodie // La Lune Song

  9. I've never tried this brand heard of it. These look gorgeous though x

  10. The blush is such a gorgeous shade! I love the shimmery sheen of it.

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

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  12. The blush looks so pretty! Love the shade. xx

    Colorful Closets

  13. I've never tried anything from Jane Iredale, but both of those products look beautiful!

    Beauty and Lifestyle Blog


  14. I've never tried this brand before but that bronzer looks beautiful! :)

    Life As Lissy

  15. Thes babies are sooooo goooorgeous!


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