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Thursday 12 December 2013

'The Perfect Selfie' Look | with 'World Duty Free'

Product Selection from World Duty Free*

Even at 23, I must hold my hands up and openly admit that I'm not opposed to a selfie or two - who says it's just for the young'uns?! I would bet my lipstick drawer that a large percentage of you reading this WILL snap a cheeky selfie over the next couple of weeks whilst adorning some form of Christmas attire (festive onesie, anyone?) If not, a massive pat on the back to you for refusing to hop on the over-sharing bandwagon!  When the lovely bunch at World Duty Free offered me the chance to take part in their 'Perfect Selfie' challenge, I thought I'd give it a whirl! They sent me a lovely little package full of goodies to create my perfect 'selfie' look and I swiftly got to work.  Since the festive season is well and truly in full swing, I thought I'd create a little party look. I went for smokey eyes and a bold red lip - something I don't often put together - but at Christmas, it's perfectly acceptable to break the 'eyes or lips' rule, right? Plus, red lips and a little bit of definiton around the eyes always photograph nicely!
To create my 'selfie' look, I first applied Benefit's Porefessional Primer - concentrating mainly on my t-zone to help mask any obvious pores.  I then applied the Estee Lauder Daywear all over the face using my buffing brush.  Usually, I'd wear foundation for a night out look but I was really pleasantly surprised with this.  I had a little bit of Clarins Liquid Bronze on at the time, and it allowed that lovely glow to show through without completely masking my face. I'm a massive fan of Estee Lauder and their products always seem to 'mesh' well with my skin - I was really impressed with how smooth it made my skin look for a lighter coverage product.   I applied the Elizabeth Arden '8 Hour Lip Balm' to prep my lips ready for lipstick (really loved this!), and applied a small amount of the Guerlain 'Terracotta' bronzer into the hollows of my cheekbones and around my jaw line to contour - as well as a light dusting on my forehead for an extra bit of bronze! To finish the subtle contouring effect I used YSL's infamous Touche Eclat around the under eye area and tops of the cheekbones, down the centre of the nose and a little in my cupid's bow to enhance my lip shape. I've never used Touche Eclat before - so I was really excited to be able to try this cult beauty fave! I then used Benefit's Brow Zings to enhance my eyebrows.  I have very light brows and often struggle to get brow products to look completely natural as I do like a bit of definition - especially around the arch.  Brow Zings made it a complete doddle and the wax really helped to keep them in place.

After completing my base, I moved on to the exciting bit - my eyes.  I used the Yves Saint Laurent 'Black Edition' Palette to create a soft, smokey look.  This really is such a beautiful palette - it's something I'd definitely take with me when travelling away from home - the large mirror and selection of brushes included make it a lovely compact - especially for the festive season as the colours are so wintery! They all compliment each other perfectly and I instantly fell in love! I used the brown shade all over the lid. It contains small flecks of gold without looking overly glittery so it's perfect for sweeping across the eyelids.  I then used the white colour in the very inner corners to open my peepers a little and give them that 'wide awake' look, and then blended a bit of the black shade into the crease and outer corner. Really simple and quick to create!  I then curled my lashes and applied a few coats of Benefit's 'They're Real'.  I actually have a full review of the mascara here if you wish to have a read up on it - it is without a doubt one of my favourite mascaras I've used. It really opens up the eyes and makes your lashes appear fuller without clumping - perfect! Of course, no look is complete without a dash of lippie! Bobbi Brown's 'Hollywood' is the most amazing pillarbox red shade. I adore it. It really does live up to it's name, that's for sure! It's such a striking red - and doesn't lean too blue or too orange.  If you're after a true red shade - I'd really recommend this one.  I'll definitely be treating myself to another shade from the range - it was a dream to apply, the pigmentation is amazing and it wasn't at all drying.  Et Voila - look complete.

Overall - an amazing little package from World Duty Free.  As a blogger of all things beauty, there's nothing more I love doing when I'm going abroad than having a mooch around the beauty bits - I always treat myself to a new product or two before I jet away! World Duty Free have some fabulous bargains - it's worth having a check on their site before you jet away - you can even select your airport/terminal for a more tailored selection!  There's also some exclusive palettes and beauty goodies on there (it's hard to find the YSL palette online at the moment) - there's nothing like owning something that's hard to get hold of - it just feels that little bit more spesh. Of course, I have lots more to say on these lovely goodies so if you're particularly interested in a specific review - let me know! 

Any of these products take your fancy? What would be in your perfect selfie kit?!


  1. You look gorgeous Beth! <3 love the lipstick xxx

    1. aw thanks beauty <3 YES the lipstick is my favourite bit too! (of course...) It's such a lovely red! x

  2. love the look you are so beautiful !!
    lots of love,

  3. Love this Beth - you're such a beaut :) aren't you a lucky ducky getting all of those amazing product too!! The YSL palette is dreamy :) xxx.

  4. Wow! Beth Simply Stunning! :D
    The pillarbox red lipstick is an amazing colour to wear, your lips look so defined in those selfie's :)
    The eyeshadow's are stunning colours & I would see why people would take this away on holiday - there's basically two looks that takes you from day to night, i love the colour of the blush & the pink, sparkly shade :)
    Plus can't beat They're Real Mascara, my mini tube is running out, so I hope Santa can hopefully get me this mascara for christmas ;) haha.


  5. Stunning YSL palette - another beauty, YSL just gets everything right! Xx

  6. Beautiful look, I love it! That YSL palette looks amazing xx

    Curls & Swirls Beauty Blog

  7. You look beautiful! That is a cracking mix of products :) xx

  8. You look absolutely amazing, you're so perfect Miss!!!!!
    This make-up seems incredible if I look anything like you after I'm in! xx

  9. Ahhh so beauts!!! That bobbi brown lippy, neeeeeeed!!!! You look absolutely flawless, what a great selection of products!
    Liza | Glambeautys | YouTube

  10. Love Benefits they're real mascara! great post hun xx

  11. You are so pretty! Xx

  12. Your not to old for a selfie! Also this look is stunning.x

  13. You look so good! I love the selection of products xxx

    Verity | Life of Verity

  14. You look so beautiful Beth :) I really want to try Benefit's Brow Zings, seems like a lovely product! xx

  15. You look STUNNING! Amazing Beth. And that YSL palette is gorgeous!
    Kallie @ But First Coffee

  16. Amazing! You look gorgeous! x

  17. Beautiful 'selfie', perfect if that! :)
    Lipstick shade suits you so well. I can never pull off such a colour.. shame..
    Love your necklace too!


  18. Stunning as always lovely lady! that Bobbi Brown lipstick looks incredible! xxxx

  19. You look stunning, the photos are all great :)


  20. Beautiful look, your selfie is amazing! x

    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD 

  21. You look amazing! Very pretty x

  22. That lipcolor - wow! Wish I had the skin tone to pull that crazy shade of classic red off. You certainly do!

  23. You look so stunning. Great pictures, they are always so clear and crisp! My eyes are watering just looking at all those gorgeous goodies!!

    Claudia xx | Beauty and the Chic

  24. You look beautiful Beth, your skin looks flawless!

    Beth | BethBlogsBeauty

  25. How do you edit your photos?


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