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Sunday 1 December 2013

Longer, Healthier Hair | Michael Van Clarke '3 More Inches' Range

If you've been reading my blog for some time, you'll know that I have a bit of a 'thing' for hair products! I always spend a little more on my hair care and conciously make an effort to update and switch my products depending on what my hair needs.  I'd heard of Michael Van Clarke after reading a few blog posts about it in the past, and I'd also clocked it in SpaceNK.  Having long hair already, I've always pondered over whether or not I really needed to invest in a range like this. '3 More Inches' is described as a 'unique formulation which naturally slows down the ageing process, allowing the hair to stay stronger and healthier during its lifetime, so it can grow naturally thicker, longer and more lustrous'.  The scientific ingredients and understanding behind the range both care for your hair as well as providing key nutrients it needs in order to grow stronger and healthier.  Unlike a lot of products on the market that claim to help hair grow, this range has a lot of science and research behind it - if you fancy reading more about it (I wouldn't be able to do it justice...) head over to their website here.  So, I've been putting a selection of products from the range to the test the past few weeks, and I thought it was about time I shared with you all my findings...

3 More Inches Pre-Wash Treatment | £29.00* for 500ml | Link 
This pre-wash treatment is HUUUGE. Honestly, I have long hair and it's going to take me a good while to get through all of this! You simply pump as much as you need from the bottle and coat your hair with it from root to tip prior to washing.  It recommends to leave it on for around an hour, so it's definitely not something you'd want to do if you were in a rush - but for those days where you feel like a bit of a pamper-sesh, it's a really nice little treatment to do.  It contains cashmere proteins and an amino acid blend to help slow the ageing process and providing essential nutrients for growing hair. It doesn't seem much when it's on the hair - but once you wash it out, it leaves your hair looking smooth and shiny - without being weighed down.  The only thing I wasn't too keen on is the smell - it doesn't have a strong scent but seems to have a very strange 'kick' to it that I personally wasn't too fussed on. This being said, I can't fault anything else about the treatment.  I love the big bottle - if you've tried treatments like this in the past and found you were getting through them like they were going out of fashion - then it's worth looking into this one.  Even the small bottle is bigger than my head... (almost)...

3 More Inches Shampoo | £17.00* for 250ml | Link
Out of the whole range, this is the one thing I wasn't too sure about.  I love the fact it contains ingredients to 'feed' the hair and keep it looking soft and shiny but it just didn't 'wow' me like I expected.  I think it's down to the fact that it didn't lather up as much as I'm used to.  Having long hair, I like a shampoo to get a good lather going on!  Of course, this is just a personal preference but there wasn't even a salon scent for me to enjoy whilst applying it.  However, what it did do was leave my hair feeling amazingly soft and lightweight.  I haven't tinted my hair since June (trying to get my hair in tip-top condition) and now that the winter months have well and truly drawn in, I've found my natural blonde-ness to be getting a little dull.  After using this, it seemed a great deal brighter and glossy - I was really surprised at the brightening effect it gave and it was a nice little pick-me-up.

 3 More Inches Conditioner | £17.00* for 250ml | Link
I much preferred the conditioner compared with the shampoo.  It isn't the richest conditioner on the market and it sinks into the hair really quickly rather than sitting on top of the hair - it feels strange at first and I felt like I had to apply more than I usually would but it washed out really well and left my hair feeling silky and easy to manage afterwards.  I really liked the fact it felt like it was doing something rather than just coating my hair in product.

3 More Inches Volumizing Mousse | £12.50* | Link
I loved this mousse right from the first try.  I always use mousse in my hair before blow-drying in order to add a little bit of texture, stop flyaways and too add some much needed volume!  I actually used quite a decent palm full of this (brave, I know...) and it didn't leave any crispy-ness whatsoever.  I'm able to apply a good amount without feeling weighed down - which is such a plus point for me. I usually find that I have to seriously ration myself with mousse and often apply less than I need in order to combat straw-hair! It gave my hair a lot of body and bounce, especially at the root, and left it feeling 'swishy' at the same time.  You can't beat a good bit of swish!

Overall, I've really enjoyed using this range - it's just a little different to what I imagined!  I expected more of a 'salon' scent' from the range that I just didn't get - it's not a big deal but I do like a bit of a 'professional' smell if I'm spending a bit on my hair care. Little gripe out of the way, 3 More Inches is definitely one of, if not the best hair growth range I've seen on the market - it's just got a little more substance and fact behind it - the scientific aspect sets is aside from other products that claim to do the same thing.  Of course, I haven't seen any noticeable growth yet, but my hair does feel stronger and smoother, and I've noticed less split-ends and flyaways.  I can imagine with a few more months use, I might manage to get my hair past that 'awkward' stage it seems to be in right now.   If you're really, really conscious about growing you hair, I recommend looking into this range - it's not the cheapest but if you're serious about growing longer hair and want to use products like these, then I'd definitely give them a shot! The Pre-Wash treatment is especially good, and I'd recommend maybe trying this first as you can still use it with your regular shampoo and conditioner at the same time until you decide to take the plunge with the whole range! It's worth mentioning that you can buy a 'travel trio pack' of mini products for £24.50 (link) if you want to try them out before you invest in full sized bottles. You can view the rest of the range from 3 More Inches here.

Have you tried the Michael Van Clarke '3 More Inches' Range? What did you think? Is this something you'd consider trying?


  1. Lovely post - I'd love to see a tutorial about how you use your haircare products as I've always been a little afraid of mousse.

    Jazzie x

    1. Oo I shall have to do one! I have a couple of tutorials on my hairstyles but nothing about how i blow-dry it etc. Will have a think about doing one :) xx

  2. Love the look of this range, it sounds gorgeous! x

    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD 

    1. its such a nice range - pricey, but if you're serious about it I think its worth it x

  3. Oh I'm really tempted by the treatment.. I'm desperately trying to grow my hair. In fact, it was your blog that got me into Moroccan Oil haha! My hair has grown a lot since then, but I want it to be boobie length and at the moment it's about an inch away haha! I may ask for this treatment for Christmas xx

  4. This sounds really interesting! But thankfully I don't need any help growing my hair! It grows very quickly! Im lucky but have to pay to get it cut too often!

  5. This stuff is like liquid gold for me! My hair fell out and this stuff really is a great repairer! I completely agree on the scent it's almost dull but not good or bad?! You want something smelling fab! Xx

  6. Oh it's great they do a mini pack, I'm really weird about smells so would need to smell it first haha.
    Liza | Glambeautys | YouTube

  7. I love anything that promises to give me longer hair!


  8. Wish we could see your hair, I love it! Also, could you do a post on your top hair products?

  9. These products look amazing! x

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