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Thursday 5 December 2013

Another Elf Haul | Cosmetics & Brushes...

When life gives you lemons (or in my case, a shed load of uni work complete with looming deadlines), it's only natural to want to treat yourself.  I found myself snooping around the Elf website quicker than you can say 'retail therapy' and grabbed some new bits and bobs. With Christmas around the corner (as well as my car's MOT - fabulous timing!) I've really had to watch where the pennies are tottling off to this month, so I decided to pick up some 'essentials' online. Elf have been doing quite a few deals and discounts just recently which, annoyingly so, I always seem to miss, but I still picked up my fair share of cosmetic goodness for little over £15 - you can't grumble at that!  I thought I'd share with you the things that I decided to add to my basket this time around... There's a couple of little gems in there!

Complete Coverage Concealer in 'Light' | £3.75 | Link
My holy grail concealer has to be my Estee Lauder Double Wear - but for days when I'm not going far from the house or just want a little light coverage under my eyes, I usually opt for a slightly cheaper option. I wanted to try something new this time around and specifically wanted a little palette or duo which contained a peach/pink toned concealer to target dark circles (because I've got plenty of those just recently...thanks coursework!).  This one is perfect - it contains four shades, 2 slightly more yellow toned and two which lean slightly pink. I was pleasantly surprised with this.  I have to admit I wasn't expecting a great deal but I'm amazed at how pigmented and creamy they all are.  I've only worn it a couple of times but for a budget palette it really does do the job and although it isn't the heaviest coverage ever, it gets rid of dark circles in an instant.  I have to top up once or twice through the day but it didn't crease or look cakey on me whatsoever.  For under £4 - it's a mahoosive thumbs up from me!

Mineral Eye Brightener | £3.50 | Link
I've been wanting a powder for the under eye area for a while now but sadly, I don't currently have the funds to shed out for Bare Minerals 'Well Rested' (currently one on my wish list!).  I thought this might do the job as it promises to 'diminish the appearance of dark circles' and 'brighten and revitalise' any areas that need a bit of a perk up! It also contains green tea, chamomile and vitamins C+E to 'nourish, tighten and refresh'.  I can't say I'm blown away by it yet but I reckon it's partly to do with the packaging.  I might have to take the little 'shaker' lid thingymajiggy off and apply it straight from the pot as it's extremely hard to dispense a decent amount.  It does seem to brighten the under-eye area but I shall reserve judgement on this until I've tried it a little more...
Lipstick in 'Fearless' | £1.50 | Link 
After previously trying Elf's Mineral lipsticks, I thought I'd try the standard line of them.  I quite liked the look of 'Fearless' - a bright cherry red shade with a hint of raspberry pink.  I hate the packaging - it's really awkward to twist up (maybe I just have a dodgy one?) but I guess for £1.50 - I can't expect gold encrusted tubing now, can i? Gripe aside, the formula is actually pretty good.  It's really nicely pigmented, fairly creamy and easy to apply.  It's nothing amazing, but it's a lovely little addition to my 'red lipstick' collection and I'd definitely buy another shade.  For £1.50 - it's the perfect way to try out a colour without commitment of buying a higher end version.

Studio Matte Shadow in 'Chestnut' | £3.75 | Link
I've been after a warm, matte brown eyeshadow for a while now to use for blending and subtle smokey eye looks.  I've never tried Elf's eye shadows so I thought it was about time I popped one into my basket.  'Chestnut' is a gorgeous mid-toned matte brown shade and looks lovely blended into the crease of the eyelid for some added definition.  It isn't the smoothest powder ever, but for less than a fiver it does the job and I love this little pot. It even comes with a handy little brush!

Small Tapered Brush | £3.75 | Link
As most of you will probably know by now, I'm quite partial to some contouring here and there! My Real Techniques Contour brush gets it's fair share of use, so I thought I'd pick up something similar.  This one is lovely and soft, and has a slightly tapered end so it's easier to be more precise in all those nooks, crannies and crevices! I find it gives a more subtle finish than the Real Techniques version, as it doesn't pick up as much product.  This makes it fabulous for contouring as I can build it up and there's no danger of going a bit 'OTT'.  It's perfect for cheekbones and even for a dab of blush now and again.  

Contour Brush | £3.75 | Link
I needed some more eye brushes as I'm getting a little fed up of having to clean mine so often.  I picked up this little contour brush for use in the crease of the eye and it's the perfect shape and size.  I really like my blending brush from Elf (featured in my last haul) so I figured I'd get some use out of this one too. Always handy to have a selection of contouring/blending brushes - especially for the festive season when the smokey eyes come out to play!

Eyeshadow Brush (left) | £1.50 | Link  // Defining Eye Brush (right) | £1.50 | Link
Every girl needs a standard eye shadow brush! I use my Urban Decay ones daily but fancied another one so I have a few lying around for when I'm getting a bit more creative with my eye shadows.  I actually find I tend to prefer the 'standard' Elf brushes compared to the Studio line - I think they pick up a little more product! 

All hail the awkward arm! No elf haul is complete without a few swatches on one's arm, is it?! ;).  It was really difficult to photograph this post - I can't believe how dull the light has been this week! Any other fellow bloggers having the same kerfuffle?! Even with a bit of lighting and amping up the ISO on my camera, I just can't get a bright photo to save my life.  Roll on summer is all I can say... Anyway, as you can see, the pigmentation of the concealer palette is really spot on - it has to be my favourite buy along with the brushes.  If you're thinking of expanding your brush collection but can't afford high-end specials, it's worth looking at the selection available on the Elf website. They're really worth the money and I'd particularly recommend their eyeshadow brushes if you want a cheap addition for everyday use.  You can find Elf's selection of cosmetics and tools on their website here.

Have you tried and loved anything from Elf just recently?


  1. It's not just your lipstick, I bought 3 recently and they're all really hard to twist up! They're quite good though for £1.50 :).
    The concealer palette looks really good! Annoyed I didn't see that when I bought stuff recently lol. Great haul post :D xxx

    -Sarah Speaks

    1. ahh it must be all them then! haha - i struggled no end! But the actual lipstick isn't bad for the price! Oh noess - definitely add one to your basket next time you pick some stuff up :) It's well worth it! xx

  2. i want a small tapered brush and the contour brush, might have to get them:) also the concealer palette looks amazing :)

    check out my blog, if you have the time,

  3. I looooooove the look of the concealer palette, I didn't order this in my last haul a few days ago but I wish I had done now! Great haul :)
    Simply-Abbi xx

  4. ELF brushes are so amazing - especially for the price, I always buy them when they have 50% off so the normal line brushes end up being 75p - baaargaaaain! Definitely added the concealer palette to my wishlist x

  5. OMG i love that lipstick! and i totally agree the brushes are amazing! i cant believe i missed this 50% off

  6. I do love elf, I recently went to the shop in Cardiff and it was so nice to have a proper swatch and look around.

  7. I haven't bought anything from Elf in ages but I've got my peepers set on the eye brightener!


  8. wow! wish they sold elf in Sydney! xx
    Pearl | Pearluxe Beauty&Lifestyle

  9. That is some hefty swatching haha! I've gotta say I haven't tried any of their products yet but ill definitely get round to it after reading this post! Xx

  10. I know the feeling of missing the sales, I just don't have the money for that stuff lately! I do love elf brushes. It's a shame you think the lipstick is eh, because it's such a lovely shade.

  11. I might pick up the eye brightener. that looks promising. I really like elf brushes. they are pretty for the price they are at. I always buy makeup as my study break lol

  12. This all looks gorgeous for such amazing price points too! I may be indulging myself soon... Xxx

  13. I've never tried anything from elf, I really need to get on with it! Great haul :)


  14. Love the look of the lipstick, the colour is gorgeous! x

    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD 

  15. Wow, these products look amazing! I will definitely be checking out the website. x

  16. How do you get your swatches so neat? I rarely swatch as I just look like I'm dirty :')

    Amazing photography as per!

    Danniella Josephine xxx

  17. wow and you do these awesome photos even when the light outside is bad?? XD
    I envy you, tremendously XD

  18. That lipstick shade is a beaut, I keep getting more orangey undertoned ones at the moment, very disappointing. £1.50 you can't go wrong!

    Em x

    Pretty Peach - beauty. fashion. lifestyle. musings.

  19. Ooh I often find myself wandering over to ELF's site every now and again and picking up a few bits and bobs. I'm building up quite a stash of their products and although some are a bit of a miss, they're so cheap so it doesn't hurt to try! I don't think you have a dodgy lipstick cos I have one from that line too and the swivel of it is a bit stiff and awkward too, they're a bit naff. However, I do like the look of that concealer palette! xxxx

  20. I love ELF! Glad I've found your blog, new follower :)

    Alice | Beauty by Alicee | YouTube

  21. I've never tried anything from Elf but it's so cheap I guess it would be rude not to give it a go soon! The concealer palette looks amazing :)


  22. A cheap version of under eye makeup I'm in. I pick up things in boots and then realize when I get to the till I'm going to have to avoid paying my rent to pay for these. And lipstick for £1;50, my god. And I like cherry red because I think it goes with the freckles, other shades make my skin look even whiter, like I'm actual casper. You write in a really lovely way :)


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