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Monday 2 March 2015

Barbara Daly Velvet Touch Bronzer | A New Contouring Favourite

Oh hello there! Long time no see. I know everybody rolls their eyes when a blogger apologises for being away for a while but I simply had to address the elephant in the room - because let's face it - it's a big'un! I haven't blogged in over a month now - which, considering i haven't gone as much as a week without it since I began a few years back, is quite a big deal for me (it feels like even longer since my January posts were scheduled since Christmas) I just wasn't feeling entirely chipper about blogging in general and I needed some time away from the interwebs (in all honesty, i still don't feel quite up to spending as much time on Twitter so on a little side note, I do apologise if my feed is in a bit of a 'tumbleweed' state for a while)  I also started my new job right at the beginning of January which was a big shake up to the ol' routine - it's going very well and I really do love it, but I must admit I totally underestimated just quite how much it would impact me - a new job is a big thing isn't it? It's taken me a few weeks to settle in and generally just feel a bit more relaxed with my new little venture in life.  Couple this with the fact I've recently met a very nice young man (i think somebody needs to re-assess this post) I just felt that I owed it to myself to have some time away to enjoy life without the pressure of keeping up my blogging schedule.  It's amazing how much your life can change within a matter of weeks. I can honestly say I really do feel the happiest I have done in quite some time and with that, I think it's finally time I got my blogger hat back on.  It's been getting rather dusty... 

I thought I'd kick things off with one of my new found favourites - Barbara Daly's Velvet Touch Bronzer in 'Natural Bronze'.  If you've been reading my blog for a while then you'll know I'm a complete contouring junkie.  I always enjoy experimenting with sculpting products and when I caught a glimpse of this shade, I knew I had to have it in my collection.  The shade 'Natural Bronze' leans quite cool - with a slight reddish/brick hue and a subtle greyish undertone.  I've recently hit pan on my beloved Benefit 'Hoola' and I have to say, this makes for a fab replacement and I've been reaching for it every day since I bought it.  It sculpts the face amazingly well without dulling the complexion thanks to the slight touch of warmth.  It really does carve out the shape of the cheekbones and gives incredible dimension to the face.  

The Velvet Touch bronzer definitely lives up to its name - it's so incredibly easy to blend and so soft to the touch (honestly, I was amazed at how creamy and smooth the texture is) - even the slightest tap of a brush picks up so much pigment.  I enjoy using it with a small, soft bristled tapered contouring brush (the RT Contour Brush also works very well with it) - I apply starting at the top of the cheekbones before blending inwards along my natural contour line towards the centre of the face - taking care not to be too heavy handed (you do have to be careful not to pick up too much product).  I also dust a little around the sides of my forehead and along my jawline - it creates an instant naturally-sculpted look.  The texture of the powder really is perfect - it gives a beautifully soft, airbrushed finish to the skin.

The packaging is quite large - although it's a good one for travelling with as it contains a large mirror as well as a small, flat brush contained underneath the pan.  Usually, I don't like using the brushes that come in compacts as I find them a bit naff, but this one is perfectly shaped and actually comes in quite handy for on the go.  

Overall, this is an amazing bronzer to have in your collection and I'm so glad I stumbled upon it.  It's incredibly versatile as it's great for contouring/sculpting but also works well as an all over bronzer (i can imagine it will be amazing in summer!)  Because the pan is so large it would also work well for dusting over the d├ęcolletage as it's easy enough to pick up enough product.  Shade wise - this could look muddy on some skin tones and because it's so pigmented, you do have to be quite careful, but personally - i love it! The pigmentation is incredible and the buttery texture blends like a dream. For the price, it's better than some high-end bronzers I've tried in the past and totally worth every penny.   Sadly, I can't find a link online but you can find Barbara Daly products in Tesco stores - priced at £6.00. Bargainous! 

Have you tried any Barbara Daly products? I'd love some more recommendations!


  1. I was looking for a new bronzer that has to be creamy (I don't like powdery ones) but my skin type is quite fair and the result I am looking for is a natural glow. Do you know if this one will be good for me or if there are different shadows? x :)

    1. Hi there :) It's a powder bronzer but the texture is very, very soft. It's quite deep in colour so you may find it's quite muddy or dark -they do another shade which may be slightly lighter though so its worth a look :) If not, i really recommend the Seventeen instant Glow bronzers (there's a few mentions of it on my blog)- they're amazing drugstore bronzers and its a little more subtle - i think it comes in about 3 shades.

      Hope that helps! :) xx

  2. It looks gorgeous! Great review


  3. I love your blog! Your pictures are so beautifully taken :) - Em xoxo

  4. Pretty good review! I would love to try it.

    la vie en white  ||  twitter  ||  instagram

  5. Glad you're back blogging again, I love reading your posts!! As a contouring junkie also, I feel I need this in my life! Definitely getting it when I'm next in Tesco! xxx

  6. The bronzer looks gorgeous!

  7. Absolute bargain price and I love that it's big enough to be able to get my brush round properly! Sounds great for when I have a little tan already xxx

  8. So glad things are working out for you :) I really need to try these tesco products but my local tesco doesn't have one of these makeup stands :(

    Leanne |

  9. £6?! I was expecting it to say £30 at the bottom, it looks way more higher end than it is! But it is a lovely shade so will need to have a peek the next time I'm near a tesco. It looks a really similar colour to the Bourjois bronzer so it's up my street x

    Through New Eyes x

  10. For £6 that looks amazing! I'm still yet to try anything for BD, I really should!
    Mary-Ann xx
    Angel Flicks

  11. It's my first read on your blog but I'm glad you've decided to post again. This product looks great.

  12. I really thought this was a higher end product, but what a steal. Even better as the colour is stunning!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

  13. Welcome back lovely! I've really missed reading your posts :) this bronzer sounds fab, can't believe you can pick it up at tesco - what a bargain! Xx

  14. This bronzer looks awesome I have to go out and try one

  15. Looks so expensive! can't believe it! I think you've found a real gem <3 oh & welcome back! ^^

  16. Its good to have you back. Barbara Daly is a brand I have been loving too, their products are always great value & the quality is always reliable. This contour looks like a good one, I am not great at doing it but I love the effect & results. I need to practise a little more

  17. I'm so glad your back and your new job is going well :)

    That bronzer sounds lovely, think I may have to go and buy it!

    Jess xx

  18. Great post!

    I'm new blogger. Check out my blog!

  19. 2nd time posting this comment crikey lol. So glad you're back beaut, I was upset that people had bullied you & tried to tarnish your reputation, but frankly, those of us who have been loyal readers since day 1 never paid attention to it, cause it's just lies lies & more lies. I have your back babe! And congrats on the new man :-) <3 <3 hope he treats you well!


  20. This bronzer looks super gorgeous! I want it lol ♡♡ New Follower ♡♡

  21. looks amazing :)

  22. This powder bronzer looks amazing and I need a new one!


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