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Sunday 15 March 2015

Monthly Favourites | February

Crikey - it feels like forever since I've put together a monthly favourites post and I'm even slightly late on the bandwagon with this one...but better late than never, as they say! Although I've been away from blogging for a little while, I've still been your typical blogger testing and trying everything within reach - you can take the girl away from the blog, but you certainly can't take the blogger out of the girl! I've been in my new job about 2 months now and I've definitely seen a bit of a change in the ol' routine.  My focus has mainly been on getting out of the door as quick as possible of a morning so I've been reaching for products which are quick and easy to use.  February saw me fall in love with a couple of past favourites and, as usual, I seem to have gone a little bit blush mad! Here's what I've been loving the past month...

Mac Blush in 'Harmony' // Full Post // £18.00 // Link
I forgot how much I adore this blush! A cult beauty blogger fave, this colour enhances the cheekbones and helps to sculpt the face in just a quick sweep.  Although I'm a big contouring fan, I just haven't got the time of a morning to concentrate on it but this blush makes it so quick and easy to achieve a naturally sculpted look in an instant.  I dust the colour onto my cheekbones and up towards my temples and it instantly makes my face look more defined.  The matte finish is perfect as it gives a smooth, natural look, and the muted rose tones it has to it means that it provides a slight touch of warmth to the face too.  It's somewhat like a hybrid of a blush, bronzer and contour all in one and it's a must-have in my makeup collection. I swear by it! It also featured in my Autumn blush post here.

Nyx Cream Blush in 'Natural' // £5.50 // Link
Ever since I used Benefit's 'Majorette' blush, I've become quite addicted to cream formulas. I love this Nyx offering because it's very creamy and gives the skin a gorgeous, dewy glow.  The pink colour is really flattering at this time of year and awakens dull skin - something I've really been struggling with just recently as I've been burning the candle at both ends! It does have a slightly sticky consistency but it works so well and is super easy to blend - I've taken to using it with a stippling brush, applying it over my foundation before setting with powder.  It really does last through the day and what's more - I've even taken to dabbing a little bit onto my lips to finish off the look.  

Benefit Blush in 'Rockateur' // Full Post // £23.50* // Link
I've already spoken about this blush in quite some depth on my blog - I have a full review and it also featured in my Autumn Blush feature here.  I've been layering this on top of the Nyx cream blush in order to get a longer-lasting colour and the two work so well together.  It brightens up the face thanks to the subtle shimmer and instantly makes you appear much more fresh faced and healthy. I'd class it as a seashell pink sort of shade - it's a beauty!

Bobbi Brown Eyeshadow in 'Toast' // £17.50 // Link
A new favourite of mine, this eyeshadow is perfect for using in the crease or for blending out darker shadows.  It provides the perfect base for a smokey eye and is also the perfect daytime colour when worn on it's own. I'll often wear this for work blended through the crease with a touch of highlight in the inner corner and I'm sorted for the day. It brings a touch of warmth to the eye area and also looks beautiful when blended into a mid-brown shade - it's so versatile.  I have a full review coming soon so I won't say too much, but i really do love this shadow - Bobbi Brown has really impressed me with this one! 

Ted Baker Makeup Bag // Similar Here
This baby pink and a rose gold Ted Baker Makeup Bag has been a firm favourite of mine the past couple of months.  I adore Ted Baker goodies and I was lucky enough to be gifted this for Christmas after spying it in House of Fraser.  As I've been away from home quite a bit recently, it's come in so handy for keeping my essentials all together.  It's big enough to contain everything I'll need but small enough that it doesn't take over my handbag or suitcase. It's so easy to wipe clean if I get any mucky finger prints over it and it still looks as good as new despite the fact I've used it so much.  The rose gold bow is so adorable and I love the milky pink shade - its so girly and it's always a nice one to pull out of your handbag when you're in need of a touch-up.

Benefit // Lolli Tint // Full Review // £24.50* // Link
I'm constantly on the lookout for products which will last me throughout my day at work without the need for touch-ups.  Lolli-tint has become quite the 'go to' the past couple of months.  It's a gorgeous lilac-pink shade which looks a bit scary when swatched but sheers out to a gorgeous petal-pink flush. I've been using it with a stippling brush and applying it onto my cheeks, but I've mostly been enjoying it as a lip stain.  It really does last all day and any touch-ups I need are always very minimal. I'm really wanting to get 'Lolli Balm' to go alongside it as I do find my lips can get a bit dry when I've applied this, but it's such a good layering product if you want to apply a gloss or lipstick on top.  

Barry M Nail Paint in 'Red-Black' // £2.99 // Link
Yes, we might be well on our way to spring but I'm still addicted to vampy shades when it comes to nails at the moment. I've had so many compliments on this shade just recently - it's a gorgeous deep burgundy. You can't go far wrong with Barry M nail paints in my opinion! 

Oriflame // E-Collagen Eye Cream // £10.95 // Link
I received this product in a beauty box quite some time ago and I've really enjoyed using it.  It's targeted towards wrinkles and smoothing out the eye area - not something I would have opted for had I chosen it myself but I heard that starting out in your 20's is the way forward?! I just find it really moisturising and refreshing to apply thanks to the cooling roller-ball application and it's so nice to apply of a morning.  It gives my under-eyes a dose of moisture at the same time as helping me to feel more awake and bright-eyed.  Dark circles have always been the main issue for me and although i haven't noticed a great deal of difference just yet, it certainly does help to awaken the eye area of a morning as well as prepping my skin nicely for a touch of makeup.  It's so gentle and soothing and it's one of the nicest eye creams I've tried so far.

Swatches L-R // Benefit 'Rockateur' // Nyx 'Natural' // Mac 'Harmony' // Bobbi Brown 'Toast' // Benefit 'Lolli Tint'

Have you tried and loved any of these products featured too? 


  1. Mac harmony looks so pretty! Great favorites!

  2. The makeup bag is beautiful! I really want one haha!

    Elizabeth -

  3. Oooh that bobbi brown eyeshadow looks lovely! this is the first post Ive read of yours and im definitely going to follow your blog! im a blogger too makeup you could check out my posts? xoxo

  4. I am absolutely loving this! Ted Baker make up bags are gorgeous I really want one and a laptop case to match, and I have been wearing Mac blush a lot lately just felt like a change, but rockateur is lovely to wear too xxx

    Blonde Of Carbs

  5. That Ted Baker bag is gorgeous! And the Barry M shade looks awesome too--I've never tried that line, does the nail polish apply well?


  6. Such a gorgeous post! Love the Ted Baker bag

    Jenna |

  7. In love with the MAC & Bobbi Brown Swatches! x
    Emma | Emmys Blog

  8. Rockateur is definitely my favourite blusher from Benefit :) xx

    Magpie Jasmine

  9. I love the Ted Baker make up bags, they are so classic.


  10. Lovely post!

  11. I always meant to pick up Rockateur when it first came out - I can't believe it's still not made its way into my collection! It looks such a gorgeous shade! And I love the look of Harmony too!

  12. I was planning to get a cream blush! Nyx seems nice and natural! Thanks! Hope we follow each other back! :)

  13. I really want to try out the Rockateur blush, the colour is stunning! Lovely post xx

    Beauty Girl

  14. Rockateur is one of my favourite cheek products. It always looks so pretty & gives the cheeks a beautiful healthy glow. I love it

  15. The Bobbi Brown shadow looks lovely, they always do such natural shades.

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

  16. Rockateur sounds great! Can't believe I haven't tried this one yet!

    She Likes to Shop

  17. Love that Ted Baker makeup bag! So cute


  18. I love NYX Cream Blush in Glow.

  19. Yassss! Toast eyeshadow is definitely one of my go to products, I am obsessed with it

  20. Gotta love face product.

  21. That makeup bag is so cute!

  22. I love the look of the barry m nail polish!

    Sophie x | SophiesMakeupBlog

  23. Gorgeous post! Your pictures are amazing lovely

    Latest Post: NUXE Reve De Miel Review
    ❤ The Jewel Beauty || A friendly beauty & lifestyle blog ❤

  24. Some of these are my favourites too - Harmony pairs so well with blushes :)

    Erin | Erin and Katherine Talk Beauty

  25. Benefit do some amazing blushers. Their shades are gorgeous x

  26. Great favourites - I love MAC Harmony too! x

  27. Great choices! :)
    xo, Lauren-lee

  28. Great things!

    Would you check out my new blog :)

  29. Ted Baker is my current obsession, everything is just so pretty and the material used, especially in the makeup bag, is also extremely practical.

    Ooh La Luce | Beauty, Life, Fashion

  30. I love the look of that Nyx blush, I'm a sucker for pink shades and that Ted Baker bag is to die for! Where do you buy your Nyx products if you don't mind me asking? I've wanted to try a few bits but I'm never sure about colours as you have to order online! xx

    Lipgloss & Lashes

  31. I recently got Benefits Rockateur blush- I love it, such a wearable but pretty colour :) B x

  32. I somehow missed this post and a monthly is always my fav! Makes me want to buy some blushes now and I know what your saying about finding make up that lasts throughout the whole day

    Leanne x

  33. So many pretty things! Love that Ted Baker bag!


  34. I really want the Ted Baker makeup bag it's so so pretty, and I also have Mac Harmony and it used to be my daily staple for contouring, it's a lovely shade :) x

    Gemma Louise | Just Little Things


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