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Tuesday 18 November 2014

My Current Hair Product Favourites

Oh hello there! Long time no see... (well, it's been a week but for me - in blogging time - that's an absolute eternity) It's not that I haven't wanted to blog - more that I haven't been able to access the interwebs properly since my laptop finally croaked it. It's been a long time coming but stupid me had only backed up my uni work - I have all the important 'work-related' stuff on external hard-drives but I never really thought about the sentimental things that I'd miss if they were gone.  Every cloud has a silver lining though as I've now used this mishap as an excuse to upgrade to a Macbook Pro... I've also learnt my lesson and promised myself I'll be much more organised (and less lazy when it comes to backing up my files) from now on.  It just so happens that I now have a tonne of blog photographs that I need to re-take (for once, i had them all sorted for the month of November and cleared out my memory card just before my laptop died - typical) - amongst the ones that I lost, I had a batch that I'd taken for my October favourites, but since I seem to have missed that boat now, I've decided to type up a few generic ones instead. The majority of the products featured were all hair-related anyway so it seemed silly not to group them all together and create some sort of hair-themed post! Without any further rambling, here's my newest additions to the hair product cupboard and why I think they're the bees knees...

The Mousse // Percy & Reed | Abundantly Bouncy Volumising Mousse | £12.00* | Link
I received this in one of my Love Me Beauty boxes (post here) and it's fast become my favourite mousse. So much so, it's blown any others I've previously used out of the water.  It's much more creamy in consistency than your average mousse and comes out a little more runny as opposed to foamy. However, it doesn't compromise on volume and adds so much body to my hair - after I've dried it, it feels so weightless and bouncy. I love that it seems much more moisturising too - I'm never left with crispy hair even if I do go a little bit overboard and my hair looks glossy and polished despite having product in it. I also love the packaging and design - always a nice little bonus!

The Heat Protection Spray // Neal & Wolf | Heat Guard | £7.61 | Link
I love the scent of Neal & Wolf products so I always spend a little more on their heat protection spray. For me, it's such a necessity and although they all essentially do the same thing, nothing compares to the lovely, musky scent that Neal & Wolf's version leaves my hair with.  It just smells so expensive and luxurious. It leaves my hair feeling silky smooth and I've noticed that the ends feel much softer to the touch since I've been using this - definitely worth the extra bit of money for me and I love that the salon-like scent lingers for a while afterwards.

The Shine Spray // Neal & Wolf | Glow Super Shine Spray | £8.08 | Link
I've never really used shine sprays before but due to my love affair with Neal & Wolf, I decided to give their version a go. Just a few spritzes after styling and my hair looks glossy, smoothed and polished without looking greasy.  It's a nice addition to my collection, especially through winter when my hair can have a tendency become a little dull.  I wouldn't say it makes masses of difference but for me, it has the added bonus of the signature Neal & Wolf scent! It kind of doubles up as a subtle hair perfume for me - I'm left with glossy hair that smells salon-fresh and doesn't feel weighed down. It's a nice little treat if you're a fan of the brand like me...

The Shampoo // Lush | 'BIG' Seal Salt Shampoo | £12.25 | Link
I've recently done a full review of this shampoo here.  I mentioned that it didn't lather too well on me, but since I've used it again I have too eat my words - I'm not sure whether I just didn't use enough water but I bloomin' love it! It smells so fresh and delicious, and the sea salt really does seem to help lift the hair.  For me, it's more of a cleansing shampoo with volumising benefits as opposed to an 'every day' product, as it really does leave the hair squeaky clean and removes build-up. I love the unique texture too - it's actually quite relaxing to massage this in to the scalp and once dry, my hair is left feeling (and smelling) super fresh.

The Deep Conditioner // Lush | 'American Cream' | £4.50 (100g)  | Link
Ok - so Lush don't market this as a deep conditioner as such but that's what I've been using it as.  It's incredibly moisturising and even though it doesn't have an overly thick consistency, it really does work itself in to the hair and you only need a small amount. My hair always feels incredibly soft after using this and always appears much more healthy. It completely revives my hair if it's feeling a bit worse for wear and injects some much needed moisture into the mid-lengths and ends.  It also smells incredible. Honestly, if you love 'creamy' scents you'll absolutely adore this because it's good enough to eat - it lingers on the hair for ages afterwards too. I have a full review here.

The Hair Oil // Shu Uemura | Essence Absolue Oil | Travel Size - £12.00 (Full - £29.60) | Link
This is not a recent discovery for me but I have to include it - it's been my holy grail favourite since I first discovered it over a year ago now and I kid you not, no other hair oil compares. Not even close.  I recently had to use my Moroccan Oil instead when I went away recently and I really did realise just how good the Shu Uemura version is. I missed it so much.  I'm surprised that it's not more well known on blogs because seriously - once you've used one drop of this you'll never want to use anything else. It's so moisturising and my hair never feels weighed down or greasy when I've used it - it's perfect for using on dry hair too and I often run a drop through to kill frizz or add some more moisture to the ends (it also revives hair extensions extremely well). It instantly polishes off your style.  I owe so much to this oil - i truly believe that it's made my hair grow considerably and it's looked and felt so healthy since I switched to using this. I recently picked up the travel size (shown in the photographs) which is sadly a limited edition.  If you've been wanting to try it for a while but didn't want to pay the full whack I urge you to pick one up. I'm so tempted to stock-up on some more to keep by me for when I go on holiday next year because I really can't live without it. It's completely transformed my hair.  I really hope they make the smaller size a permanent thing - it's fab to pop in your handbag for on the go! I have a full review here. 

The Daily Conditioner // Dove | Pure Care Dry Oil Conditioner |  £5.99 £2.97 | Link
I picked up a few bottles of this on a whim for just over £2 each. It's become my new go-to daily conditioner and I love it.  It's so moisturising and smells beautiful. I get through conditioner extremely quickly and a bottle of this lasts me quite a while because the consistency is rather thick.  I love the fact that it's tailored towards dry hair and contains oil - the moisturising benefits are instant.  My hair is left feeling silky smooth and easy to manage - I've found it styles really well after use too as it doesn't leave it feeling 'fluffy'.  Really recommend! 

What are your current hair favourites? Have you tried any of the products featured?


  1. My hair is is such crappy condition atm, I really need to get my hands on a deep conditioner! Also, mouse that leaves your hair feeling crispy-like is the worst! Great post :)


  2. What a lovely selection of products! So intrigued to give the Lush conditioner a try...I have only ever used their bath bombs etc so it would be nice to try out their other lines! Also, I love using Dove hair product, I always find they leave my hair so soft and shiny :D

    Sophia Meola | A Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog


  3. Often people don't think the hair needs treat as well - but it does xx.

  4. I have actually not tried any of these products!
    My current favorites are definitely Redken Satinwear 02 and Redken Two-Smooth 03.
    Interested in trying Dove hair products.. I imagine they must smell amazing..:) xx

  5. I really want to try the Lush Big shampoo it sounds grreat and the mousse sounds lovely too x

    The Beauty Trove

  6. I tried the lush shampoo a while back and loved it. This has reminded me to purchase another tub x

  7. I need to pick up some more Dove hair products, they never seem to disappoint!

  8. I LOVE neal and wolf, haven't repurchased for a while and need to try some more lush hair bits and pieces they sound lovely xxx


  9. Very nice review, love the products!


    Diary Of A Mua

  10. I'm feeling like a trip to Lush actually. I'm always like that at this time of the year. ♡

  11. Lovely post! Would love to try out some hair products from Lush one day! :)

    Colorful Closets

  12. One thing I have never tried from Lush is their Shampoo the sea salt shampoo sounds great although I hope it won't leave my hair feeling tatty like it does when I go to the beach lol. Great post xox

  13. I absolutely love hair care! I have long hair (past my waist) and caring for it is so important. I've been wanting to do a hair care routine for a while now and I may just have to! :)

    Watching for Pigs on the Wing

  14. Your hair always looks gorgeous, so I am definitely looking into a few of these! Especially the Shu Uemera oil, I am using the Agave Healing Oil Oil Treatment and have loved it for over a year! :)


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