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Thursday 4 September 2014

Monthly Favourites | August

Erm...where did summer go?! We aren't even a week in to September yet but I'm already swapping my corals and pastels for berry shades and autumnal tones... and dare I say it, but the heating has most certainly been switched on the past couple of days. I've definitely found a few new faveys recently, although to be honest, not much has changed since my June Favourites post (here). I'm still loving my Jane Iredale palette (I don't know how I ever lived without it), and I don't think a day has gone by that I haven't had a quick swish of Benefit's Hoola bronzer either. I'm still utterly obsessed with my Mac lip liner and my Tanya Burr 'Chic' lipgloss remains a full-time resident in my handbag. However, being a beauty obsessive, there's always room for more, right?! So without any more rambling, I'll introduce you to last month's favourites...

Loreal Infallible 2-Step Longwear Lipstick 24 Hour Colour in 'Pink Spice' 
Crikey - what a mouthful! I've been after a lip stain for a while now as I don't actually own a lot of long-wearing lip products. I'm currently on placement for a while and as much as I love my lippie, it's not exactly professional to top it up at my desk every hour.  This lip stain does the job perfectly and lasts all day - it fades very gradually and doesn't flake or chip off which is what I've found with other stain products I've used. The colour is right up my street - a chic, pink toned brown that reminds me a little bit of 'Clueless' (the film from the 90's - I bloomin' love the whole 90s trends right now!)  I tend to apply some of the clear balm first and then let that sink in whilst I do my makeup, and then I'll apply a bit of my Mac 'Spice' lip pencil (which is a perfect match!) before finishing with the stain. It's very easy to apply and goes on like a lip gloss.  The glossy finish does wear off after half an hour or so and it can be a little drying, however, it's so easy to carry around with you and I simply apply some more of the balm every so often to keep any dryness at bay.  I've used this when I've been out for drinks and when I've been on some serious shopping trips and each time it hasn't let me down. If you're after a long-wearing fuss free lip colour for work or nights out, I really recommend these.

Ofra | Eyeshadow in 'Bliss'*
I received this little beauty in lasts month's LoveMeBeauty box (post here) and I've fallen head over heels in love with it.Honestly, it has to be one of the best singular eye shadows I've used for a long time and I'm definitely going to check out the rest of the Ofra collection. It's so buttery soft and creamy, whilst being ultra blendable and smooth to apply.  It has just the right amount of shimmer and I've taken to using it as an inner-corner colour to brighten up my eyes or all over the lid for a quick wash of colour. It lasts amazingly well even without a primer and there's a little mirror concealed underneath the pan. I cannot explain my love for it! 

Stargazer Blush in 'Shade 8'
I won't say too much about this as I featured it already in last month's 'Summer Saviours' post (you can read that here) but It's still my favourite blush to use right now, despite the weather being slightly less lovely than it was last month! Although it looks absolutely terrifying in the pan, it's so easy to apply and is super blendable (providing you don't go too heavy handed!) and it's also one of those colours that instantly awakens your complexion.  I can imagine I will start to phase this out this month now that the weather is turning colder and my summer tan is long gone, but I'm going to milk it for all it's worth - I love orange tones and I shall get away with it for as long as I can...

Seventeen | Instant Glow Bronzer in 'Medium Bronze' | £4.49
Again, I won't say too much about this as I wrote a little review about it in my latest beauty haul here. It's honestly the best drugstore bronzer I think I've ever used and for the price, it's absolutely amazing. I'm so tempted to pick up the cream version too!  It's definitely best for overall bronzing as opposed to contouring as it's quite warm in tone (definitely not orange though), but the matte finish means it works well for subtle definition anyway.  It's such a lovely bronzer and I'm definitely going to repurchase as soon as I hit pan. Well done Seventeen *seal clap*

Lord & Berry Lipstick in 'Brick Lip'
I actually received this in one of my LoveMeBeauty boxes last year (post here) and hadn't really used it much - up until now.  I've only recently discovered my love for brown hues and spicy pinks/brick hues so I had a little root around in my lipstick drawer and found this little gem.  It's been a firm favourite of mine all month and I'm totally in love with it - from the shade, sleek packaging and the formula of the lipstick.  It's so pigmented and smooth to apply and lasts pretty amazingly too - I'd liken the formula to Mac's amplified formulas.  I have to say I really do like Lord & Berry - they have a lovely selection of products.

Origins Peace of Mind Sensory Therapy Balm
I have to admit, when my parents bought me some of this for Christmas I was rather sceptical. I've tried so many things for anxiety in the past and never expect miracles anymore but this has to be the best thing I've tried so far - hands down!  It's essentially a minty scented balm that you simply pump onto the skin (i tend to use it on my pulse points, particularly my wrists) and inhale when you're feeling a little wobbly.  I've been using it a lot recently as I've been travelling around for job interviews and meetings - it takes the edge of the nerves and seems to help keep panic attacks at bay.  It's quite discreet so it's easy to keep in your handbag and use when you're on the go.  If you're feeling a bit worried or anxious about anything, it's well worth picking some of this up. You only need the tiniest bit and the minty scent really does work wonders at kicking panic attacks up the bum! I don't know what it is - but it just works instantly!

Jimmy Choo Perfume
I love Jimmy Choo perfumes. I've recently made a repurchase of my favourite 'Flash London Club' (post here) which I was sent a while back.  When that one ran out, I turned back to the orignal scent and rediscovered my love for it.  It's such a glamorous, girly scent and I like it because it isn't too sweet or too spicy - it's perfect for day or night and it's so sophisticated.  I love the fact that it lasts so well too - I can literally spray it a couple of times before dashing out of a morning and it's still lingering when I get home.  If you're after a good, long wearing perfume, I really recommend having a look at the Jimmy Choo scents.  How gorgeous is the bottle too?! Definitely one to pop on your dressing table! It's a beauty!

Swatches L-R | Stargazer Blush | Seventeen Bronzer | Ofra Eyeshadows | Lord & Berry 'Brick' | Loreal 'Pink Spice |

What have you been loving this month? Do any of my favourites tickle your fancy!?


  1. The Jimmy Choo fragrance is one of my favourites, its such a lovely scent and really does last all day x

  2. I love that Jimmy Choo perfume! A firm favourite of mine. I’m also a big fan of Seventeen products. You should try the doll’d up mascara it’s my staple mascara!

  3. Wow the colour of the stargazer blush is amazing ! I'm still in denial that summer is practically over

  4. I love orange-pumpkin coloured blushes! I am so scared to try them though as i don't know how they are going to look on me but it looks amazing!!
    Love that perfume btw. One of my favourites :)

  5. That Jimmy Choo perfume is my favourite!! and.. 17 bronzers are fab, I love the pigmentation and used the shimmer one myself this summer :)

  6. Love that Loreal and Lord & Berry lipsticks/stains! Such a beautiful colour, going to have to look at them! x

    tmzn loves x

  7. I love the look of Brick Lip, so pretty!
    Maddy, xo // UNSTITCHEDD

  8. The blush colour is so pretty :)

    Great favourites~ hope you have a great day! ♥


    X x X x X

  9. I have that L'Oreal Infallible 2-Step lip color in Pink Spice as well, and I love the color, but I couldn't figure out how to wear it - it faded kind of strangely on me. I had been applying it stain first, then balm, and I think that was the issue haha.

    I'll have to try it balm > lip pencil > stain and see if I like it more! x

    Melissa | M is for Melissa

  10. The Loreal lipstick looks lovely! Great color for fall :)

  11. I really want to try the jimmy choo fragrance the bottle is gorgeous too and the loreal lipstick looks amazzzingggg xxx

    Blonde of carbs

  12. I love the sound of the Ofra eyeshadows! The Origins sensory therapy also sounds perfect! x


  13. In love with the Ofra eyeshadow shade, so gorgeous!
    xprincessjas | x

  14. Have been wanting to try the original Jimmy Choo perfume for so long! Might have to be a cheeky duty free purchase when I go on holiday later this year! xx

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