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Tuesday 16 September 2014

Chill* Ed Blonde Shampoo & Conditioner | Beat the Brassiness!

I've been a blonde for the majority of my life (aside from the one time I dyed my hair black on a whim and spent the next few months helplessly trying to get it back to a form of decent blonde - a task and a half I'm sure some of you will be aware of and also one of my life's greatest mishaps).  Ever since said dye mishap, I try to stay away from colouring my hair and all I'll do is tint it or use a lightening spray on the roots now and again. Whilst this means that my hair is pretty low maintenance, it also means that pesky yellow tones often show through and make my hair look rather brassy.  I find that ever since I've gone 'natural', the darker blonde seems to hold on to brassiness much easier than it did when my hair was highlighted and bleached. This is why I'm never without a purple shampoo.  It's pretty much a key part of my hair-care routine and I always make sure I have some handy - especially at this time of year as my hair tends to get a little duller.  As well as knocking out brassy tones, I also think a purple shampoo can really brighten and lift your hair colour - it keeps it looking fresh and bright.  Enter the Chill* 'Ed Blonde' Shampoo and Conditioner duo...

Chill* Ed Blonde Shampoo | £9.99* | Link
Containing grape seed oil, proteins and violet pigments, this shampoo is said to knock out bassy tones whilst richly moisturising the hair, and is suitable for use on coloured or natural blonde. Firstly, I was really impressed with the colour of this shampoo. If you've never used a purple shampoo before it's pretty scary to say the least, but the pigment and shade of it is exactly what I look for and as scary as it seems, it successfully takes away the brassiness.  I've tried slightly lighter ones in the past and I've found I've had to use them a few times before noticing any difference, which is all well and good, but sometimes you just want a quick fix! And that's exactly what Chill Ed Blonde gives you.  I noticed a difference straight from the first wash - and it's something I tend to use every now and again whenever I think my hair needs it rather than every time I wash my hair.

It doesn't lather extremely well, (which is something I've noticed with other purple shampoos in the past - i think it's a purple shampoo thing?) so I did have to work the product in quite a bit before I felt like I'd given it a good clean, but it worked well nonetheless (just bare that in mind if you like a good bit of lather!) Also, the smell of the product is lovely.  In my opinion, it has one of those gorgeous 'salon' smells to it which lingers ever so slightly on the hair once you've washed and dried it.  I personally like this - I'm always a happy chappy when my hair smells and looks salon fresh!  As for knocking out yellow tones, it did so straight away from first wash - without leaving my hair with that 'lilac' tone.  If your hair is naturally blonde like mine and you've always thought purple shampoo is for bleached hair - think again! I always use purple shampoos despite my blonde being quite dark and it works a treat!

Chill* Ed Blonde Conditioner | £9.99* | Link
I must admit, despite my love of purple shampoos I've never invested in a matching conditioner.  If my hair ever gets brassy, it's usually in the top sections and I've never really thought I'd benefit from a matching conditioner. However, it is undoubtedly nice to have a set - especially when you like the scent of a shampoo and want to keep it going when it comes to your conditioner.  This one is quite creamy in consistency and I've found it to be really moisturising - which is great if your hair is feeling a bit parched! It 'rebalances moisture in your hair and closes the cuticle to leave it super soft and shiny'.  Again, it contains grape seed oil and violet pigments to continue the treatment through to the ends of your hair and gives that extra little 'kick' in knocking out brassy tones.  I actually really like this conditioner - it's well worth investing in to use as a second-step to the shampoo. It leaves my hair feeling soft, shiny and manageable.

Overall, a fabulous option if you're after a new purple duo to kick out the brassiness in your blonde! I used to struggle to find them but it's great to see different brands popping up offering different versions - this is definitely a great contender.  It's worth mentioning that the packaging is also really lovely - it's girly, easy to use and looks nice on your shower shelf (the metallic finish also pleases me...its so pretty!) You can find the Blonde range by Chill* on the website here along with other products for coloured hair.

Have you tried anything from the Chill* range?


  1. I always get brassy tones in my hair as well! This sounds amazing :) xx
    Dream In Pink

  2. Oh never heard of this, I've been using the fudge blonde hair shampoo but this one likes like one to try! Xx


  3. I love the conditioner it's so nice, but I didn't get on well with the shampoo it left my hair really dry, not sure if that was just me xxx

    Blonde of carbs

  4. I have a friend who has naturally blonde hair, who has recently dyed it black and hates it! She is struggling to get back to blonde! I will have to recommend these. Hope everything is going well with you lovely.

  5. I should use a conditioner for blonde hair as i've bleached the ends of my hair (naughty I know) and I have to treat it better as I straighten it! :/

    Beauty Soup || UK Beauty Blog

  6. Lovely post, I have copper hair and have always been curious as to how using toning shampoo or conditioner would turn out for me. My undertone is mostly golden so it might make for a cool ashy tone, or it could go horribly wrong, haha!

  7. This looks really nice! I've been a blonde for most of my life too! As I've gotten older it's getting darker :( have you tried the LUSH daddy-o shampoo?! It's so nice and I can see a huge difference after using it and all natural products :) on my blog I put a little review about the lush products I use and that one is on there if you wanna check it out! :)


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