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Friday 28 February 2014

A Little Bit of... The 'TMI' Tag

Howdy folks. So, it's no secret that I've been struggling to keep up with my usual blog schedule at the moment. Uni work has had to take priority over most things in my life the past couple of months and as a result, I've had to spend less time typing my life away on Bird's Words.  However, I had a few spare moments the other day and quite fancied branching out from my usual beauty related jibberish. I don't often share a great deal of my life on my blog - I rarely dip my toe into more personal posts unless I really do have something useful to say, but after seeing the 'TMI Tag' pop up on blogs and after the lovely Laura-Beth tagged me to do it, I decided to give it a go.  Let's face it - we all like talking about ourselves and we all enjoy being complete nosey parkers in other people's lives, right? I haven't answered every single question - I feel as if I've answered a few of them in past 'get to know me' typed posts and some of them just seemed a little pointless or weren't overly relevant to me so I've just selected a few of the more 'meaty' ones (I also ramble on quite a bit - I'm definitely not your one word answer type so 50 questions in one post would equal quite an essay that would rival the likes of my dissertation...) If you want to do the TMI tag in full then it's easy to google and come across (or hop on over to Laura-Beth's blog who tagged me - she's a beaut!)  But, if like me, you're a fellow chit-chatter-er, then feel free to just answer the ones I've chosen. Who makes the rules, eh?! It's ok to pick n' choose! I tag all of my fellow bloggers...

Have you got any tattoos?
Nope. I'm far too indecisive to get one and I'm so fickle when it comes to things like that.  I know for a fact I'd get it and regret where I'd got it or what I'd had done.  If I had one though, it would probably be bird-inspired or have something to do with a family member - I'd want it to have a meaning behind it and I'd want it to be fairly small.

Here's an interesting fact about me - I have none! I never saw the point in getting my ears pierced because I almost always wear my hair down and it's rather difficult to spot my ears amongst my mass of hair. I reckon it would annoy me having them in. I'm stuck without them done now because I'd look a right twerp going to get them done aged 23 wouldn't I?! 

How tall are you/How much do you weigh?
Funnily enough, I actually get asked this quite a bit through email! I believe I'm 5"4/3ish but I could be wrong.  I'm quite the little elf really...  And as for how much I weigh.  I haven't got the foggiest.  I never weigh myself as quite frankly, I'm just not bothered.  As long as I feel healthy and I think I'm alright then I couldn't care less what a set of scales say to me.

Have you ever been in love?
Oh how I hate this question. Because you always think you are until you look back and realise it was probably a case of the rose-tinted spectacles don't you? I've had 2 long term relationships but I'd say I truly loved only one of those people.  I was quite young(ish) and the time and I didn't really appreciate it like I would do now.  Love is hard to find.

Have you ever had a terrible breakup?
I wouldn't say a terrible breakup, no.  We all have to go through the whole Bridget Jones 'woe is me I'll never find another man again' stage don't we?  I'd say my last breakup was pretty crappy to be honest - but if we're being totally honest here I was probably more upset about leaving the cat behind...

Something you miss?
At the moment, I'm seriously missing having some routine in my life! I'm really struggling with sleep and I'm often tossing and turning until 5 or 6 in the morning... I've put it down to the fact that I just have no routine in my life now that I'm in my final year of uni.  I actually miss the 9-5 of being at work.

Zodiac Sign?
Leo. Yep - that's right. The stubborn one ;) I have to say, if you google Leo characteristics, I'm SO spot on it's unreal - it actually amazes me how close the descriptions are. There must be some truth to the whole star sign thing...

Quality you look for in a partner?
Oh flippin'eck where do I start?! I guess all the typical things - well dressed, well groomed, someone who quite clearly looks after themselves.  The main thing is having someone who's on my level and who I can be 'Beth' around without having to feel like I have to impress them all the time.  Someone with a bit of banter, as they say! I won't lie and say looks don't matter, but if I can't have a lark around and a giggle with someone then they're off the cards. I think somebody trustworthy is important too - after all, you can have the looks, the personality and everything in between but if you can't trust them as far as you can throw them, what's the point in that?!

Turn off?
I'm not drawn to 'plodders' - those who just plod along in life and are happy just cruising along... I much prefer the 'grab the bull by the horns' type.  I also hate arrogance, bossiness, cockiness and 'typical lad' types - NO NO NO. Get away.  You know the ones - the little sleazeball creatures out in town on a Saturday night, prowling the tiles looking for this weekend's bit of prey (since when did this post turn into a David Attenborough spesh?!) If i meet someone and I can tell straight away they're even slightly 'like that' - no matter how many boxes they tick, it's a case of sling yer hook. 

Favourite Quote?
'Everything will be ok in the end. If it's not ok, it's not the end'.  I've had quite a few tough times the past few years and this has always been at the back of my mind. Everything always turns out alright in the end no matter how long it takes. I also like 'Don't compare your beginning to someone else's middle'. I often feel as if I'm a step behind some of my friends who are all settled down in jobs and are either engaged or getting very close to being married off (even though we're all around the age of 23-25...apparently that's old now?!).  I'm hoping I'll find my dream job after I finish uni, and as for being left on the shelf? Well, I'm seriously hoping I'm not still fishing around in the singles pond when I'm getting towards the edge of my twenties *shudders*

What are your fears?
At the moment - I'm terrified of not being able to find a job after I finish uni.  I'm the type of person who won't take a job for the sake of it, and after being in a job i hated for 5 years, I'm not taking any chances. I hate uncertainty.  I'm definitely not one of these 'happy go lucky' types - I like some stability and I like to know I'm all good in life. I've been worrying no end about everything the past month or so and this has to top the list.

Favourite Show?
Oh it has to be Prison Break doesn't it?! I could watch it over and over and over again and I can guarantee I'll still be watching it with baited breath as if I'd never seen it in my life. I'll also openly admit I bloody love TOWIE. I love all that sort of crap. I'm also partial to a bit of 'Don't Tell the Bride' - I'm addicted to it and I get ever so excited when a new series comes on.  Did you see the one where he wanted her to jump out of a plane before she said 'I do'?! Goodness me, I'd have a fit!

Favourite Bands?
Err... One Direction? ;) I jest... I jest... Obviously I'm far too old to be a 1D fan... *cough* I quite like The 1975 at the minute, though!

Favourite Flavour of sweet...
I love those little jelly strawberries you find in Pick n' Mix sections. The really chewy ones that nobody else ever seems to pick out. You're missing out, by the way.

Favourite Song?
There's far too many to mention.  I have a playlist on my iPod full of all the songs that remind me of one of the best holiday's I've ever had in my life - I can't reel them all off but if I'm ever a bit glum, I'll pop it on and I'm instantly reminded of good times with my friends. I also love Snow Patrols 'Just Say Yes' and Justin Timberlake's 'Mirrors'. 

Do you have a crush?
Oh yes. Who doesn't?I have to say I'm not one of these people who's tempted with a load of celebrities - I hardly ever have 'crushes' (i hate that word...) on people I can't have. That's just setting yourself up for disappointment isn't it?! I prefer focusing my attention on people much closer to home. I like an actual challenge.

The last song you sang?
I've just been in the car and was singing along to a bit of Whitney's 'I Wanna Dance With Somebody' on Gem106... I don't mess about when I'm in the car on my own... You's can't beat a bit of Gem106 at full whack when you fancy a sing-along!

Where do you go when you're sad?
Sometimes I'll go for a drive in my car and I'll park up somewhere quiet and have a little cry.  I hate people seeing me cry or knowing I'm upset so I try and hold off the water-works until I'm on my own. I can hide the fact I'm feeling upset very, very well - I'm one of those people who bottles everything up and pretends they're happy til the point where I sometimes even forget I'm feeling sad.

A place you want to visit...
I love to travel (although I hate flying) but I can't think of a specific place that I have an overwhelming urge to visit.  I've always fancied the Maldives or Hawaii for some reason.  And I'd love to go to Santorini and Skopelos in Greece.  I really want to pretend I'm Sophie from Mamma Mia and go about my daily life singing Abba songs in my flip-flops with my hair in beachy waves... I have a lifetime goal to visit all of the Greek islands. But we shall see how that one goes.

The last sport you played...
I shan't lie. It was probably back in the day at school.  I was always the one who got picked last for teams and 'PE day' always put me in a horrible mood.  I've knocked over high jumps, twisted my arm rather badly attempting to get over a vaulting horse, hit myself in the face with a rounders bat and I've given myself a black eye and a swollen cheek from running into a log.  Yep. You couldn't make it up really could you? I'll stick to writing essays and putting on lipgloss in class, thanks!

Favourite Colour?
As much as I do like a dash of pink (i'm such a girly girl), believe it or not, my favourite colour is blue. Let's get specific here though - it ain't just any old blue! I love the really bright 'summer ocean' typed blues... the ones that instantly remind you of being on holiday in sunnier climes!

Have you ever been in a physical fight?
Nope. I'm just not the type of person to get myself into situations like that.  I'm sure we've all had a few sharp words now and again - i certainly have - but I've never, ever thrown a punch in anyone's direction.  To be honest, I'd be daft if I did - I'm such a weakling. I struggle to win a thumb war.

The reason you started blogging?
I cut my full-time hours at my place of work and had a lot more spare time on my hands - I found myself getting so bored on all my days off and wanted something worthwhile to get my mitts into! There's only so many times you can watch repeats of Friends on Comedy Central, ya know! I'd been reading blogs for about a year and really wanted to start my own. 

The meaning behind your blog name?
I explain more in my FAQ! But it basically derived from my nickname amongst my group of friends (Bird) - hence 'Bird's Words'. To be honest, I often wonder about my blog name - it doesn't sound very beauty-related at all does it?!  Anyone who arrives here expecting reviews about various species of bird is gonna be disappointed to say the least... Sorry, if that's what you were after. Maybe try National Geographic...

The last time you were insulted?
I can't remember to be honest! I shall tell you a story about a little girl I spoke to at work though because I will forever remember it. She was plaiting my hair whilst we were waiting for her mum and we were talking about Disney Princesses.  She said 'but your hair is like a princesses'. I thought 'oh how lovely'. But then she continued and said 'It's a bit orange though'. Kids don't hold back at all do they? I'd recently had my hair stripped from black to light brown and in all honesty, it was a little on the brassy side. I spent the rest of the day catching glimpses of my ruined barnet in all of the shop mirrors and asking my colleagues if it really was 'that bad'.  Bless that little girl, she wasn't half lovely but she really did kill me off that day. I have nothing against orange hair, by the way! But it looked bloomin' awful on me and it was clearly obvious I'd had a dye-mishap. When your work shirt is a dashing shade of bright red and your shop lights have the power to blind you with their brightness - orange probably isn't the best way to go.

And there we have it.  My take on the 'TMI' tag. If there's something in here I've missed that you would really like to know the answer to then fire away, but I tried to pick the more interesting ones of the bunch! From now on, I vow to post more random little tag posts like this... It's good to throw one into the mix now and again after all.  

If you've done the TMI tag over on your blog, do let me know and I shall hop on over and have a stalk...


  1. I really enjoyed reading this post! Prison Break is by far my favourite TV programme ever, as well as Breaking Bad! I love 'don't compare your beginning to someone else's middle' as it's so easy to compare yourself to other people when they're just at a different stage in their lives. It doesn't necessarily mean that's what you have to be doing. Lovely post Beth x

    Life of a Trainee Journalist

  2. Love this I loved Prison Break too amazing we have just finished re-watching series one, all my answers will be boring as I'm married with a baby x

    Catherines Loves

  3. Try not to sweat it about the job searching! Unless you can do something now to increase your chances there's no good in worrying about the future. Harder said then done but good luck!! xxx

    Verity | Life of Verity

  4. Loved this post, it was so nice finding out a bit more about you! x

    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD


P.S. I don't want this to be spammy but I am also hosting a £50 Giveaway at the moment if you wanted to enter here

  5. Love this tag, The story with the little girl was so cute !

    Distant Dreamer

  6. Your hair looks amazing in that picture, so jealous! xx

  7. Loved reading your answers, I did this on my blog a while ago ) Im so true to my zodiac too! <3

  8. Oooohhhhhh love this! Going to do it now :) love your blog Beth, massive inspiration <3 Sending fellow English love from far-away Melbourne! xxx


  9. Loved this post and the quote "Everything will be okay in the end, if it's not okay it's not the end" That's helped me too! x

  10. This was a great read, thank you! Also, go get your ears pierced girl! Haha. You won't look like a twerp, I promise :)

    Sharlotte || UK Beauty Blog

  11. haha Beth you always make me chuckle! Little kids definitely don't hold back do they?!

  12. "It's a bit orange though" that cracked me up! Loved this post :)

  13. You have inspired me do this tag too! I love finding out a little more about the people I follow.
    I love the story of the little girl who told you your hair was a little bit orange. I love children's honesty!

  14. This was so lovely to read - I actually really do feel like I know you a bit better after reading it! I'm pretty similar - I rarely add anything personal to my posts, and sometimes I think maybe I should. As a teacher I'm forever hearing the funny little idioms kids come up with - they're hilarious!x

    lillies and lipbalm

  15. I always love hearing about bloggers' personal lives, great post!

    Love Emma xx


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