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Friday 22 June 2012

St Tropez Skin Illuminator

St Tropez Skin Illuminator in 'Gold'

My summer holiday is calling my name and I've been stocking up on all things sunshine related the past couple of weeks, as well as writing lists on what i need to take. Personally, i'm a massive tan-fan and love anything tan related, and one thing that i'll be popping into my suitcase is the St Tropez Illuminator in Gold - a staple in my summer beauty regime. It works more or less the same as any highlighting product and when applied gives a shimmery, holiday glow to the skin - as well as complimenting your tan. The product is for use all over the body and claims to give the skin a flawless, polished finish. It applies like a cream/lotion and sinks in very easily to the skin - you don't need a great deal to get a good bit of coverage and it applies smoothly and effortlessly. I tend to apply this to my cheekbones, my collarbone and 'boobage' area - basically anywhere that would naturally catch the light. I also use this down the centre of my legs - applied in a subtle line down the centre to give a lengthening, slimming effect and also to give the skin a dewy, flawless finish.

The product is available in three shades: Gold, Rose and Violet. Personally, i have quite yellow-ish undertones to the skin so the gold suits me perfectly - i also find that the gold tone sets off a deeper tan (i've heard that the 'violet' shade is a good all-rounder so if you aren't sure of what undertones your skin has then opt for this one). Overall, i'm really loving this product this summer and if you're after a good quality product to help set off your summer holiday tan and help keep your skin dewy and healthy-looking then i'd recommend looking into these. It's become a must-have in my bathroom cabinet and looks amazing when used alongside the St Tropez tanning mousse. 


  1. ooo this looks great! love the nail polish too btw! thanks for the comment sunshine!

    hugs! <3

    1. OO thanks! Its very bright isnt it :) Thats ok hope you had a fab holiday :) xx

  2. Might have to give this a try, so glad you done a swatch!! Might try the violet 1 to be safe, great post this will defo be going in my suitcase in a few weeks :)

    Natalie xxx

  3. Omg I need to try this! It looks so gorgeous :) you arent good for my spending ban misses! haha xx

  4. Saw this at Sephora and debated on getting it, Im totally going to have to go back :) x


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