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Friday 20 April 2012

New Lipstick Treats

1. BeautyUK - Sunset / 2. Rimmel - 206 Nude Pink

One of my biggest weaknesses is lipsticks. If ever i'm in the mood for treating myself then i'll buy one - i just think they can transform your look in an instant and can add to any outfit or makeup look. So, on a recent trip to Superdrug i found myself at the till with my arms overflowing with new beauty treats, including a couple of new additions to my collection...

BeautyUK - 'Sunset': I've been loving orangey reds ever since i bought Topshop's Rio Rio (seen here), but have been wanting something a bit more coral toned for summertime so i thought I'd give this a go. It's a beautiful colour and looks amazing with a bit of a tan, but the only thing i dislike about BeautyUK lipsticks is that they tend to be very drying (you can read a more in depth review of them here).

Rimmel - 'Nude Pink': I've repurchased this over and over again. It's such a lovely everyday lipstick and it's one i tend to go for when i'm having one of those indecisive days and want a more natural looking, muted lip colour. It's a beautiful nude shade, with a slight shimmer and undertones of orangey coral and pink. I really recommend the Rimmel lipsticks for more neutral tones - they have a really good selection of colours, apply really nicely and they don't break the bank!

What's your favourite 'everyday' lipstick that you find yourself reaching for at the moment? I'm always up for new lipsticky suggestions!


  1. rimmel is my faaavorite! loves that color!
    def. a repurchase for me as well!


    1. me too!! Theyre so affordable and are great for everyday colours :) I couldnt live without my Nude Pink in my makeup bag! :) xxx

  2. Sunset looks gorgeous, I've been looking for a nice bright pink for summer :)

    Frances xx

  3. Wow those are gorgeous! I really like the look of sunset.

    My fave everyday lipstick is Estee Lauder Signature. It's a lovely shade, almost natural looking but just a little extra pop of a perfect pink.

    xo, Haylee

  4. 'Sunset' looks perfect, but I can't be doing with dry lips at the moment! Viva Glam Nicki has ruined mine the past couple of days ;( x

  5. I really really really want that pink one! Must have :)


  6. these colours look gorgeous!
    i recently bought a chanel lipstick that i am in love with atm its the rouge allure velvet in l'exquise, its a bit pricey but definitely worth it!!
    mantenso xx

  7. That BeautyUk Sunset is amazing! Must go and try that for myself, you have great taste in lipsticks!

    Lucy Loves To Blog

  8. these lipsticks look lovely,
    will have to look out for these :) xx

  9. Such pretty colours you've chosen, they must really suit you ! xx

  10. I'm really getting into lipstick at the mo! My fave is 17 Lasting Fix in "Hot Chilli" :D xxx


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